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More on Waterboarding

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A Stuart Buck correspondent has thoughtful comments on waterboarding. A big part of his point is that we do it to our own soldiers.

That Must Have Been Good Vodka They Offered Him, Because I’m Pretty Sure He’s a Gin and Tonic Guy . . .

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Did Sen. Tedward “Melonhead” Kennedy attempt to collaborate with the Soviets during the Cold War, with the goal of unseating an American president? It sure looks that way. (Thanks to Christoph.)

Lance on the King of Sock Puppets

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A Second Hand Conjecture has an excellent post about arguments made in bad faith. In other words, arguments made by Rick Ellensburg, aka Glenn Greenwald.

The Return of Greg Packer — Yet Again!

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Greg Packer of Huntington, N.Y. is the ubiquitous man on the street. He has achieved a certain level of fame for persistently worming his way into Big Media stories of all types, from sporting events to the Pope’s death. A 2004 article in Editor & Publisher revealed Packer’s amazing ability to fool almost every media organization in existence into thinking he’s just an average Joe on the street, as opposed to what he is: a blatant seeker of the limelight. That article also documented Packer’s cheerfully casual approach to the truth:

While Packer says “honesty is very important to me,” he does admit that about 5% of the time, “I’m making stuff up to get in the paper.”

With Packer having been revealed in the media’s top trade publication as a dishonest attention-seeker, you’d think he wouldn’t be making any more appearances in Big Media.

But not everyone got the memo.

Packer’s latest appearance is in this article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the Cardinals beating the Mets:

Greg Packer of Huntington, N.Y., stepped forward to offer grudging congratulations after the Cardinals took the lead late in the game.

“It looks like you guys are going there,” Packer said. “I just can’t believe what I saw. Heartbreaking for us.”

But don’t cry for Greg Packer, Argentina. His heartbreak over his beloved Mets’ loss is mostly likely mitigated by his making it into the paper yet again. As he told Editor & Publisher in 2004:

“I do not think members of the press are pansies, but there are times when I go home and laugh because I can’t believe that I made the newspaper pages again,” Packer says.

Previous Packer sightings here.

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