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Lefty Blogger Outs Senator As Gay

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Outing specialist Mike Rogers has “outed” Senator Larry Craig as a closet homosexual.

And he promises more to come.

The Democrats want to make this an election about gay sex.

And people say the Republicans deserve to lose?

UPDATE: Craig denies the allegations.

UPDATE x2: I truly believe this sort of tactic is going to create a backlash. At least I hope it will. It should.

UPDATE x3: Daily Kos already has a diary on this that is linked on the front page. It has 680 comments as of 6:23 p.m. Pacific.

UPDATE x4: The Kos diary has a poll: “Do you agree with outing Gay Republicans?” It’s currently running 2032 “yes” (70%) to 848 “no” (29%).

UPDATE x5: The folks at Democratic Underground struggle to reconcile their delight at the news with their discomfort at the obvious thuggishness of the outing. They quickly find it’s easy to do, and any discomfort is quickly brushed aside.

UPDATE x6: Captain Ed weighs in:

People wonder why we don’t attract a wider range of qualified candidates for public office. Michael Rogers sets himself up as Exhibit #1. The personal and degrading attacks convince many people to skip the trouble, and the people who do dare to run for office usually wind up experiencing the ruination of their reputations in one form or other. It comes from all sides to some degree, but this ghastly mudslinging really marks a new low.

Will Democrats denounce this sleaze with the same ferocity? Somehow, I doubt it.

The Hatemonger’s Quarterly

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Via a “Heh” from See Dubya, I stumbled across a blog I hadn’t seen before: The Hatemonger’s Quarterly.

See Dubya’s link takes you to an amusing post about the blogger’s reaction to a stupid piece of hate mail. But if you browse through this guy’s blog, you’ll see a lot of entertaining writing. He uses a lot of “extra” quotation marks, which is done in an “ironic” sort of way that I find curiously “diverting.”

Sure, he takes about 15,000 words to clear his throat, as in this post which, summed up, says: “Hey, lookit! Turns out Chris Wallace is a Demmycrat!” But it’s an entertaining 15,000 words (okay, maybe not quite that many).

So today’s blog recommendation is The Hatemonger’s Quarterly. Good stuff.

You Read the Most Interesting Things Sometimes in the Business Section

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I missed this the other day. It’s a claim that the New York Times editorial page is liberal:

Gail Collins, the first woman to run the editorial page of The New York Times, is stepping down Jan. 1 and will be succeeded by Andrew Rosenthal, the deputy editor of the page. . . .

The Times editorial page has long been regarded as one of the most liberal within the mainstream media, and the change at the top is expected to continue that outlook.

Okay, nothing too earth-shattering there.

What is interesting, however, is the source of that claim: the New York Times itself — in an article in the Business section.

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