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Reason Not to Live in Britain #72

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 12:22 am

Brits are content to give up sex if they can live to be 100.

Me, I’ll just die at 99.

8 Responses to “Reason Not to Live in Britain #72”

  1. Like, why would you even want to live to 100 under those conditions?

    Me, I already know when I’m going to die. When I reached 39, I simply put everything in reverse; I’m now only 25. When I hit zero again, I’ll know that I’m done.

    Dana (3e4784)

  2. Could I give up sex until, say 95 and then live to a hundred?

    tyree (0ceee8)

  3. Well, once you hit 60 you begin to see the wisdom in the proposition. Looks like a win/win situation to me.

    Black Jack (507b6e)

  4. Well, if the choice between sex with senior-citizen British women or living to be a hundred I think I’d be with the program. If the choice was between sex with senior-citizen British women or a CIA coercive interrogation, it would be a tough call…

    Doc Rampage (4a07eb)

  5. Becuase the crinimals in england can commit any crime they want and not get punished becuase the british parlament are abunch of wussies

    krazy kagu (91408b)

  6. How about if I stop when I just need glasses?

    triticale (fb7792)

  7. That was a very, very legible post, Mr.Kagu…
    Although I’m not sure why “crinimals” have any relevance the topic at hand.

    Leviticus (43095b)

  8. this country is run by idiots for idiots. everythink is tax tax and more tax . there dog shit on the streets they only enforce laws when it suits them everyone has there own agender there ilegal imigrants killing peole and walking free everyone grasses people for not having car tax and benefit fraud no one cares about people here not even the elderly theres to many tree hugging people here poor drug addict or alky but if you are one of those inbettween people they dont want to help you 15 pound a day for drink everyones dream this country is going to hell in a basket the inviroment i think we will die from some sort of virus or a terorist atack first tony blair has done nothink for this country but to its knees they want england to be like the usa i have lived over there when this is suppose to be a socialist society not democratic you get better choices in the states like doing things online thats were the uk needs to move with the times they say they want to save money saves on paper work but that would make to much sense wouldnt it the nhs is very bad i could think of two things to change that and inprove it

    crystal (d5e4ad)

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