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Power Struggle at LAT

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Kevin Roderick has the latest on the power struggle at the L.A. Times:

NPR’s David Folkenflik came up with a good piece this afternoon for “All Things Considered” that fleshed out some of the internal corporate struggle going on at the Los Angeles Times. He reported that editor Dean Baquet and publisher Jeff Johnson have been under Tribune pressure to raise profits at the paper 7% a year, and were hit with new demands recently from Chicago to slash $10 million from the budget before the end of this year and to whack the news staff to about 800 from 930. If true, that would help explain why Baquet and Johnson publicly resisted.

Go to Kevin’s site for the links and more commentary.

5 Responses to “Power Struggle at LAT”

  1. […] P.S. The sentence is wrong anyway. The petitions don’t “need to be printed only in English” — they “need only be printed in English.” There is certainly no requirement that petitions be printed in English only. As Mickey Kaus might say: a round of layoffs for the copy editors! (I’m just kidding; this is serious business nowadays.) […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Pregerson Slapped Down Again (421107)

  2. I disagree that the sentence is wrong, except in a strictly legal fashion. The wording “need to be printed only in English” seems to follow the liberal spin that the courts, the power structure, nay, the very being of our nation, is designed to discriminate against the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, the uneducated, and the illegal.

    I would bet a small amount of money at insignificant odds that the wording by the paper was intentional, and easily explained away if challenged. It fits nicely with the rest of the sentence: “…even when some voters are not proficient in the language…” Remember, this is the LATimes.

    Anyone care to take that bet?

    Scott (412f3f)

  3. LA Observed blog notes that the Times is hemmorhaging print readers, and advertisers are backing away. None of these folks, whether at the Times or at the Tribune–nor the “big time citizens of LA” who have asked the Tribune to spare the Times get it. The Times is simply a lousy newspaper that’s allowed its editorial prejudices to invade their news columns. Until they clean up their act in that regard, there’s nothing but trouble ahead down on Spring Street and on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

    Mike Myers (f8ce82)

  4. Ditto to #3. I don’t think the Times will be able to stop the bleeding until they acknowledge and correct the editorial biases that pervade their news coverage.

    Since I doubt that day will ever come, the Times will keep sinking.

    Laura (71415b)

  5. Is the SMELL A TIMES losing readers?

    krazy kagu (31c771)

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