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Treacher on Coercive Interrogation — Now That Really *Is* Torture!

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Jim Treacher has ugly details about abusive American interrogation practices. It’s worse than you ever thought possible . . . especially the “Chomsky.”

7 Responses to “Treacher on Coercive Interrogation — Now That Really *Is* Torture!”

  1. If you want video of some of the techniques(warning, content may be shocking to parents of college students…):

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  2. Would it be tourture to have them listen to AL GORE or BILL CLINTON or maybe HILLARY CLINTON and her flying monkeys

    krazy kagu (557722)

  3. The “abusive American interrogation techniques” coinage is discreetly anachronous. Violating the international prohibition against sending persons to countries where they face a serious risk of torture seems a more pervasive and urgent ugliness.

    I take it Patterico gives Bush the benefit of the doubt that keeping GTMO open is meant to avoid such transfers.

    Captured VietCong were granted full Geneva Convention protections even as an ex parte terrorist cell. In Vietnam, American commanders abdicated responsibility for POW treatment by turning virtually all captives over to the care of the South Vietnamese government, which made little pretense of following the Geneva Convention.

    steve (edba57)

  4. Some more cruelties…

    1. Prisoner is locked in a room with a comic book fanboy, who then engages the detainee in a long winded rant about the egregious errors regarding a location that appears twice in the ten year run of a minor title, ten years apart.

    2. Prisoner must reconcile the various versions of GNS theory as written by Ron Edwards.

    3. Prisoner must explain, in twenty-five words or less, the attack-of-opportunity rules in D&D 3.0

    4. Prisoner must talk Ann Althouse into playing with a cat.

    Obviously, the last should be reserved for extremely intransigent cases.

    Alan Kellogg (0d4336)

  5. I think we have a constitutional crisis here. Where does their First Amendment Rights to spew this stuff leave off and my Eighth Amendment rights banning cruel and unusual punishment kick in?

    Lew Clark (238c09)

  6. BY the by, did you notice that Hugo Chavez wants to torture the UN?

    David (e2d608)

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