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If Nothing Else, We Could Photoshop O.J. with Impunity . . .

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Fred Goldman is taking legal action to gain control of O.J. Simpson’s right of publicity. I have no idea whether there is any legal merit to his action, but it sure would be nice to see O.J. punished in some small way for butchering two people. His lawyer, Yale Galanter, says that O.J. has no money. But Galanter is the same guy who said, after O.J. Simpson was ticketed for driving a boat in a protected manatee zone, “This guy just can’t catch a break.”

3 Responses to “If Nothing Else, We Could Photoshop O.J. with Impunity . . .”

  1. OJ has his considerable SF 49ers pension which, under Florida law, he recieves every penny of ($25,000/month) without having to pay reparations as per the California civil suit he lost($33.5 million in damages) to the survivors of his victims.

    Speller (120ab2)

  2. What do you think about O.J. telling FOX How He Would Have Killed Slain Wife Nicole?

    Whoa, it’s almost like he did it or something. Since O.J. says he didn’t do it then this isn’t very sensitive to the parents of his slain wife whom he vowed to tirelessly spend his life and fortune to hunt for her killer and it’s a very good example to his children, is it?

    Is it normal for a man who has been accused of murdering a woman to hold interviews like this? Can anything be done to protect the children?

    Christoph (9824e6)

  3. *it’s not a very good example for his children

    Christoph (9824e6)

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