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Clint Taylor’s Hezbollah Exclusive

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Clint Taylor has today’s “Vent with Michelle Malkin,” with an exclusive look at Hezbollah’s operations in Latin America.

3 Responses to “Clint Taylor’s Hezbollah Exclusive”

  1. […] Part Two of Clint Taylor’s video report on jihad in Latin America is here. I told you about Part One here. […]

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  2. […] Pipe bombs found outside the U.S. embassy in Venezuela may be connected with Hezbollah, potentially corroborating Clint Taylor’s earlier reports of that terror group’s Latin American operations. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Clint Taylor Was Right About the Hezbollah Presence in Venezuela (421107)

  3. There is no Hezbollah in South America. There is no Taliban in Malaysia. And there is no Al Quaeda in Iraq.


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