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Bloggers on Vacation

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Interesting article about how bloggers handle going on vacation. Apparently most choose guest bloggers and suffer lower traffic.

For what it’s worth, my traffic went up this week as Justin Levine got a link from the National Review Media Blog, among other places.

P.S. Yes, I’m enjoying my vacation — but it’s kinda rainy today. So we didn’t do much.

8 Responses to “Bloggers on Vacation”

  1. I should get a guest blogger. I might break 20 hits in a day.


    Stop blogging on your vacation. You should not even be looking at this thing.

    Kelly (798372)

  2. I confess to dismay when I discovered that my readership increased significantly while I was away and not blogging.

    It occurred to me that if I did not blog at all . . . I might become the Chauncy Gardener of the Blogosphere.

    Worth a try . . . no?

    Everyman (ef7eb1)

  3. Well, while I write about 80% of the articles on my site, the one which generated (by far) the most reader comments was written by someone else!

    Jeff Goldstein is looking for a guest blogger or three when he goes on vacation. Someone wrote in a comment volunteering for the job, signing it Deborah Frisch, PhD.

    I wonder who would do such a thing? 🙂

    Dana (a90377)

  4. Patterico:

    If I can serious-up for a moment, what we do when we travel is we write a number of “timeless” posts — that is, posts that are not dependent upon current events and can be posted at any time — in the weeks before leaving, and we “schedule” them to appear, one or two a day, during the time we’re absent.

    But that’s just a backup. We also always take a laptop with us and make sure our hotel room has high-speed internet. Then we write maybe one or two posts a day, depending on what we can manage, that are topical. That plus the scheduled posts keep the output up to more or less the normal level (2-4 posts daily).

    I would love to have a guest blogger; but I don’t know anybody that (a) I trust, (b) will actually write posts, and (c) doesn’t already have his own blog and is thus unavailable for guest blogging!


    Dafydd (6e94cd)

  5. Weekend Wingnut Roundup…

    It’s a long weekend, but you know the wingnuts are out there trying to think up the next talking point: Ace of Spades – Richard Armitage should be charged with perjury because he didn’t tell Bob Woodward he was the…

    AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude (72c8fd)

  6. Andrew Sullivan’s blog improved tremendously while he was on vacation taking drugs in Amsterdam. And I clicked over there today thinking Sullivan wouldn’t be back till tomorrow, but he’s back.

    He’s not apologized for the conspiracy theories he “aired” before skipping away. But he does say we’re approaching armageddon and the USA is not a free country.

    And he says Lee Siegel deserved to be fired for sock puppetry (which I agree with) yet he remains oddly silent about his pal Glenn Greenwald, who was guilty of the exact same thing.

    LoafingOaf (71415b)

  7. What is the Bermudan version of the mojito or of the mai-tai? (Please don’t tell me pink gin.)

    nk (4d4a9d)

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