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Gang of 14 Deal Still Costing the GOP

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We are getting screwed on judges.

It’s looking bad for Haynes, who is probably not going to make it out of committee — even though the controversy over the torture memo ignores the facts. You can thank John McCain and Lindsey Graham — especially Graham.

Boyle, who was nominated in 2001, can’t seem to get a vote, even though his supposed ethical problem — oversights in conflicts checks — is overblown, and has been shared to a much greater extent by Justice Ginsburg. And she is far from the only one — by a longshot.

Myers has been filibustered since July 2004.

Jonathan Adler says Republicans have lost the chance to make judges a real issue in the upcoming elections, which is a terrible oversight. Sean Rushton says the GOP ignores the issue of judicial nominations at its peril.

But the Gang of 14 deal was great . . . right? We’re all still “chillin'” . . . right?

Meanwhile, the White House isn’t doing its job on the nominations front. That doesn’t help either.

3 Responses to “Gang of 14 Deal Still Costing the GOP”

  1. Whew, I really would like to comment on the Haynes imbroglio, but considering who was testifying, I can’t.

    Army Lawyer (6853dd)

  2. Just a quick note about Judge Boyle. He was appointed by President Reagan in 1984, and was nominated to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals by the first President Bush in 1991. The current president renominated him ten years later. Boyle has been waiting fifteen years for a vote on the floor of the Senate, but hasn’t even gotten a cloture vote, much less an up-or-down vote.

    It’s mind-boggling.

    Andrew (e55dd1)

  3. Hugh Hewitt said that the Gang deal was gud and thet’s all us dum unsophsistergated consevratifs neeed to know.

    SmokeVanThorn (210276)

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