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Strange Comments from Eugene, Oregon (UPDATE: From Deb Frisch’s IP Address)

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[IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have established that the comments discussed in this thread, and shown in the screenshots below, came from Frisch’s IP address. I e-mailed her for an explanation of the comments, and the header on the return e-mail shows it came from IP address — the same Qwest IP address from Eugene, Oregon that was used to leave the despicable comments below. — Patterico]

[IMPORTANT UPDATE x2: Frisch has essentially admitted making some of the comments, in a comment she tried to leave on my site. Details here. (If you’re unfamiliar with this story, the recent background is here, and a fuller background is here.)]

A comment on Ace’s site tonight:

[LANGUAGE WARNING: I’m placing the rest in the extended entry]

[Extended entry]

The comment at Ace’s read:

Do you think Jeff sux Satchel’s dick or just plays with it?

That was posted by a “Satchel” with an e-mail address of: satchel@proteinwisdom.cum

And it was left from IP address It’s a Qwest IP address. If you plug it into this location finder, you come up with Eugene, Oregon.

That’s where Deb Frisch lives.

[UPDATE: And, as I point out in the update above, the comment is from Deb Frisch’s IP address.]

Ace has redacted the comment, but here’s a screenshot:

Ace Screenshot Cropped.JPG

Similar comments were published on Jeff Goldstein’s site, in this thread. The comments used this e-mail address: cunt@proteinwisdom.cum.

They were left from the same Qwest IP address as the comment on Ace’s: — again, tracing back to Frisch’s new hometown of Eugene, Oregon. [UPDATE: Again, this is Frisch’s IP address.]

Here is a screenshot:

PW Screenshot Cropped.JPG

and another:

Frisch PW screencap cropped.JPG

Frisch previously left comments on my site, Ace’s site, and Jeff’s site using a slightly different Qwest IP address that traced back to Eugene, Oregon. That previous Frisch IP address was Qwest IP address, which also traces to Eugene, Oregon.

I long ago deleted the content of the comment she left on my site, under the moniker “WW” (“Word Warrior”); it’s still linked here. I preserved the original text in a Notepad file.

Ace confirms that Frisch previously posted comments under her own name on his site, under that same Qwest IP address. And Jeff tells me she had previously used two Qwest IP’s on his site. One was the same as was left on my site: The other was That is also a Qwest IP address that traces to Eugene, Oregon, the city where Frisch lives.

What do you folks suggest Jeff do? He currently appears to be shutting the site down until this is settled. I advise against that; I would ban her and ignore her. But, failing that, what other options does he have? (Please don’t suggest anything violent. I don’t want to head down that road.)

P.S. Yes, I’m sick of this. We’re all damn sick and tired of it. And arguably I’m playing into her hands by saying anything about it. Yet it has to stop. I think Jeff has been trying to ignore her, and it hasn’t worked, has it?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is covering this; thanks to her for helping to shine the light on this disgusting nonsense.

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  1. I suggest he ban her from his site as Stephen Bainbridge did when she was harassing him. Of course that won’t stop her from posting on other sites. I agree that he shouldn’t discontinue his site because of this. He should take action against her quietly with the information collected as of now.

    Bill B (1600b6)

  2. Some notoriety, get caught in a Dr. Demented screen shot!

    Excuse my ignorance, but aren’t you the Prosecutor Man? What would you do if one of your constituents brought a complaint like Jeff’s to your office? What laws apply?

    Dr. D is obviously suffering from deeply rooted anger and in need of intense counseling. She also appears to be either off some needed meds or a drunk and appears to be crying out to be stopped with her taunting and continual escalation.

    Legal issues aside, the woman is disgusting. Is she sociopathic or just out and out evil? It is hard to believe that she could sink any lower and yet this round of posts shows a low so vile it is hard to comprehend.

    Can’t you call your Eugene, OR counterpart and at least put a bug in their ear. I don’t think she needs to go to jail, but an involuntary hold at a mental facility would do the trick.

    Sara (Squiggler) (47b627)

  3. I have to agree with Sara. How much provocation is necessary before law enforcement gets involved and makes her do a perp walk and mandatory psych evaluation? Hasn’t that point been reached yet?

    Robert (8542ed)

  4. If her IP changes, she can post, and it appears that she has a dynamic IP.

    Dr. Derangement needs a new jacket, something with nice long sleeves, and some time away from the computer.

    Pablo (08e1e8)

  5. She gets drunk and starts in on this towards the end of every week now, or at least that’s what I think is going on. Sara is right, she has serious anger issues, but I think what’s driving it out is she’s binge drinking. I noticed last time this started she got rolling on a Thursday evening, same thing this time around.

    What laws apply here Patterico, if any? I haven’t pointed at this before but contrary to what folks were saying from what I could tell she never made an explicit threat, or if she did I didn’t see it. Its really just a couple of steps up from routine trolling from what I can tell. I’m not sure there’s even an implicit threat in what she’s saying.

    Its the kid and wife part that makes it turn our stomachs. If she was just doing this to Jeff we’d be laughing about it. Same thing with Seixon, at least for me. What makes that one beyond the pale is them calling his parents.

    I mean, yes she’s stalking him on his site and others, but is that against the law?

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  6. Patterico

    Email Qwest’s Abuse Department @ and email all proof of Deb Frisch doing this especially the previous incident.

    They will take action if the evidence is compelling enough and will cancel her service.

    Kaitian (a6c3e0)

  7. I’m with Dwilkers. I think she honestly doesn’t remember the saliva stuff, and that’s why she thinks the comments were altered.

    Dan Collins (1b3398)

  8. Just want to chime in with the others in asking, “What legal action can he take for this harassment?”

    Also Kaitian is right, report the abuse to the ISP, usually against the TOS to post things like that.

    Taking down his site would definitely be the wrong move, that is probably one of the things she wants, so she can feel like the winner.

    Inquiring (869043)

  9. If Jeff adds ten words to his blacklist, Deb will be effectively muzzled.

    u da

    Jeff may want to make a decision whether to ban all of Eugene Oregon from visiting his blog for awhile. I’m not sure what percentage of his traffic comes from Eugene, but it’s going to be lower than the percentage of hassle.


    BumperStickerist (002671)

  10. Litigation. Seriously.

    There are causes of action here. Starting with intentional infliction of emotional distress. The clearly mentally-ill woman has crossed a line and is arguably prosecutable under a dozen federal statutes.

    If a civil case could get past summary judgment, a weeping Mrs. Goldstein and a picture of Satchel … along with the verbatim text of Frisch’s comments … would convince any jury on Earth. I don’t know the impact on Jeff’s family, but there maybe real provable damages here.

    Sue the mental moonbat. Truth is that it probably wouldn’t get far; being a vulgar pedophiliac on the Internet isn’t likely enough.

    But it might be. And the publicity would haunt her forever.

    Hire a lawyer, Mr. Goldstein, if you’re listening. I suspect you could find a conservative to do it pro bono. Hell, you could probably find a liberal to do it for free. The only thing worse than being a victim of this pedophilia-obsessed stalker would have to be being associated with her.

    I actually feel sorry for liberals at the moment. Imagine being tarred with the Frischian brush.

    Professor Blather (d93a57)

  11. Not at all sure how the law aplies here, but if she were doing this type of thing physically instead of on the internet, one option would be to seek a court order preventing her from seeking contact or otherwise communicating. Can that same type of court order be directed towards electronic harassment and communications? Would it be binding across state lines?

    It seems to me this area of law is one that needs to be explored as internet communications becomes more and more a norm.

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  12. It’s speech. It’s not action; it’s speech. I don’t think anything can be done by law enforcement altho clearly I don’t know as much about it as Patterice.

    It seems to me the remedy is to avert your eyes.

    Anything else reminds me too much of the liberal sites that ban you for a different opinion.

    Keep a record, delete the post and move on.

    Jane (5a66ce)

  13. Speech is an action. It’s an act of communication. It has an effect on the person(s) to whom it is directed and it has an effect on those who witness. If it is harassing and/or threatening speech and it is deliberately sought out, especially after the victim has warned them off, then that speech has, IMO, crossed a line into potentially criminal territory.

    I’m all for free speech, but if some joker gets in my face with a bunch of objectionable crap and keeps coming back after I shoo him away, then action comes next. Tire tools are not always the best remedy, although verbal assault is frequently aimed at provoking the victim into somesort of response that would place them in legal jeopardy, rather than the attacker. Hence my thought of a restraining order. Without legal recourse, the victim of an assault has limited options – walk away and leave the field to the victor, or escalate and find away to victory without consideration of the law.

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  14. But Bumperstickerist–

    I like saying “paste” at Jeff’s site. Now I’m going to have to say “p*ste”?

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  15. I don’t know why Goldstein should be forced to plunk down several thousand bucks (minimally) to hire a lawyer to get her to cut the crap.

    I wonder if her significant other knows what’s going on. Like the Leopold thing, it strikes me what we have here is someone that needs help. Where are the people in her life that care about her? Someone close to her has to know what’s going on here, if not about the internet posting then certainly they know about her being disturbed, or a raging binge drunk. This is getting real old. She needs to be in treatment.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  16. I agree with the binge drinking theory. The simplest course would be to contact the Qwest people. This seems akin to spamming and is close enough to porn to get her off Qwest.

    Mike K (416363)

  17. I don’t think shutting down the site will stop her from doing this sort of thing. It will just change the target. She needs a bigger slap on the wrist than that. Prosecution if it’s possible, and litigation doesn’t seem out of line. Is a restraining order possible? Banning Eugene is also a possibility. Definitely report her to her ISP. This kind or problem needs to be faced straight on and not just pushed on to others by letting her move on to other sites. She needs to be shown that this is completely beyond the pale, and that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

    HD Wanderer (dc60da)

  18. Turn off comments. Jeff has great site, no need to deny us that. Half the fun is the comments, but no need to throw the baby out with the bath. Half a loaf, all that sort of thing.

    Getting Jeff off the air might be the goal her goal, but she or someone else from Eugene, OR, has expanded the sphere of operation to other conservative sites. Expanding terror operation, as it were. Furthermore, if Jeff shuts down, who will be next?

    If this is what the blogosphere is coming to, we are in deep, deep doggie-doo.

    Scott (412f3f)

  19. One straitjacket, one padded cell, one pervert.

    nk (d5dd10)

  20. It does seem as though a goodly portion of the blogosphere has gone literally insane.

    I mean, if you simply review a few of the threads here at Patterico’s, we see:

    One blogger getting death threats and his family harassed, and this by folks who are regularly being quoted in the MSM.

    Another blogger who apparently is a NYT-best seller engaging in sock puppetry in order to show how brilliant he is.

    A third blogger insisting that her 15 minutes of fame aren’t up yet, dagnabit, and commenting on multiple other people’s sites in order to try and retain some of that fame (and in the process, confirming that she’s a loon).

    Is it the temperature? Is there something in the water? [In both Brazil and Eugene Oregon? I think not—Ed.] Or has part of the blogosphere simply decided that the basic rules of civil intercourse don’t apply to them?

    Lurking Observer (ea88e8)

  21. Patterico. I forgot to mention this. Since she’s a “Professor”, she might be trying to get a job at the University of Oregon in the Psychology Department although it’s ironic with her being a lunatic.

    I suggest the same approach be done to her again regarding her job at ASU just so she gets the damn idea to lay off Jeff.

    Kaitian (a6c3e0)

  22. We’ve all descended into firewatching. This is way beyond politics. Whether she’s drunk or not, the last batch took her ranting to another level, and is the fare of porn and snuff sites. We all agree that law enforcement should be involved. My understanding is that they are.

    I think everyone should stop and think. It’s clear to me that the only sensible thing to do is to remove this from the public domain, from just about no matter what angle you want to think about it. Of course we shouldn’t visit her site, but we also shouldn’t be seeing updates on these sites, we shouldn’t be commenting on it, and we definitely should not be e-mailing her.

    I don’t want to preach, I’m here commenting too, and I’ve followed the story. But I do think it’s time to walk the walk and shut it down.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  23. Ban her. Get everyone on the blogroll (conservative and liberal) to ban her. Yes, she can squawk on her own site, but we won’t go there.


    goddessoftheclassroom (7080b4)

  24. First off, Goldstein ought to contact Qwest to have them take care of her for violating Qwest’s rules against harassment, etc.

    Second, Goldstein should hire a lawyer to sue the crap out of Fritch and anyone and everyone who has enabled her or hired her during her tirades.

    PCD (f0ba66)

  25. Deb left a rather inane comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago (“israel is the biggest thug”) using the, her own name and url link. Now I see it confirmed it was her.

    Ban the [w]itch and ignore whatever insanities she spews on her site.

    And yes, JeffG should create a papertrail with the authorities both in CO and OR.

    I think her return to Eugene to live in a Unibomber-style cabin has sent her permanently over the edge. She needs a lockdown psyche ward.

    Darleen (03346c)

  26. A “WW” has recently been trolling through the MilBlogs site:

    Most notably this thread.

    Just sayin’

    Army Lawyer (498217)

  27. I think someone needs to talk to her in person. Find out if she’s getting drunk and doing this, needs serious mental help NOW, or she just thinks it’s funny.

    If law enforcement won’t do that much, I think Jeff should hire a private dectective to find out what she’s up to. Is she working, looking for a job, etc.

    I have a feeling she thinks this is a fun game and the sight of someone at her door might just slow her down. Maybe not, but it’s worth a try. If the FBI called Charles over comments at LGF, you’d think they’d go to Eugene (and maybe chat with her ex in Arizona) to see how far she’s planning on taking it.

    All Jeff has to do is say he’s taking action that will cost money and there will be a long line of us at the tip jar.

    MamaAJ (4046a3)

  28. […] 1. Seixon receives intimidating e-mails from someone who may or may not be former CIA operative Larry Johnson, then gets an anonymous phone call threatening him with death from someone who may or may not be Jason Leopold. 2. A commenter whose gateway just happens to be the same as Dr. Demento’s leaves new comments accusing Goldstein of molesting his son, leading Jeff to shut down his site until this is settled “[o]nce and for all.” 3. Ace accuses Paul from Wizbang of being disingenuous about l’affaire Greenwald in the comments to Paul’s latest post, to which Paul responds by deleting Ace’s comments en masse for what he claims is Ace’s own good. Whereupon Ace writes his own post threatening to turn Paul, a la Frisch, into an Internet verb. Whereupon Paul promptly quits blogging. […]

    Hot Air » Blog Archive » Blogageddon: Goldstein vs. Frisch, Ace vs. Paul from Wizbang (d4224a)

  29. Jeff is a pretty bright guy, I’m sure he knows what to do for the most part.

    If it were me, I’d collect all the evidence in pdf with a simple introduction of what transpired and a conclusion with a summary of the obvious concerns. I’d then contact Qwest’s abuse departments and the local in Eugene as well as Federal authorities. I would hope law enforcement would appreciate the seriousness of the situation considering the age of the targets and further appreciate such reporting when it’s organized and well documented.

    Dario (97f133)

  30. I wonder if her significant other knows what’s going on.

    She got dumped during the aftermath of the first brouhaha, which I’m sure is contributing to her, um, depression.

    CraigC (9cd021)

  31. […] Behold, our brave new world. It appears that über-troll D3b Fr1sch has blown another seal over at Jeff Goldstein’s place, in comments. […]

    Neptunus Lex » The evolving word of cyber-crime (f67377)

  32. Given her sexual proclivities, I doubt that.

    CraigC (9cd021)

  33. Craig–yeah, but what if it was a baby seal?

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  34. Frisch Still Not On Medication…

    Patterico has more on Deb Frisch’s continued “give peace a chance” liberal rants. Folks, this is what the left uses instead of logic.
    Warning: graphic language
    (hat tip: X_LA_Native)


    Gulf Coast Pundit (31a5b1)

  35. The IP ranges for Qwest in Eugene are determinable. Block them all. Send a note to Qwest’s Abuse folks why you are doing it. If, say, 47 bloggers sent such a notice they might do something about Deb.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  36. Jeff could keep the comments section open and ask the cooperation of a few trusted friends and associates to help him moderate. It would only take 3-4 folks who are on the web all the time and able to check and if necessary delete ahole Deb’s comments. She’ll get frustrated and give up.

    If he closes the comments section I think Deb sort of wins a round in all this.

    PC14 (98b75e)

  37. Let’s check the black letter law on the situation.

    It would appear that La Frisch has skated quite closely to the edge of ORS 166.065 (1)(a) and (1)(c), “Harassment”. If she has a “magic girlfriend involved, then ORS 166.065 (2) as well. Both are defined as class ‘B’ misdemeanor in Oregon (~~~$500 fine, 60 days in jail, blablabla).

    She may also be in violation of ORS 163.732, “Stalking,” which is a class A misdemeanor (6 months in jail) but can be kicked up to class C felony if the person has a prior.

    The Oregon cyberstalking laws were tightened down in 2005 for just such a series of events.

    The next step is to contact the District Attorney’s office for Lane County, Oregon.

    JD (94b0da)

  38. I agree with Professor Blather, above. It seems to me that there’s a halfway-to-decent IIED claim, here, and probably violations of civil harassment laws worthy of a restraining order.

    Whatever this woman’s malfunction is, she’s crossed the line between the playground vulgarity that’s de rigeur on Jeff’s site, and the truly obscene and creepy. It’s time to play hardball, because I don’t think she’ll understand anything else.

    BC (7ea8e6)

  39. Now Ace’s site is down. DOS?

    Paulitics (2900fc)

  40. Army Lawyer,

    It really is Deb Frisch. Please try to gather the evidence such as the IP address used to post that and forward it to Jeff Goldstein.

    Kaitian (a6c3e0)

  41. “The IP ranges for Qwest in Eugene are determinable. Block them all. Send a note to Qwest’s Abuse folks why you are doing it. If, say, 47 bloggers sent such a notice they might do something about Deb”

    Unfortuantly, I’m on Qwest and you’re suggesting that I’d be blocked from the site. She’s on a dynamic IP address which it changes. Qwest who I contacted said if they gather the evidence, they can determine to cut off her access to the internet if the evidence is strongly compelling.

    Kaitian (a6c3e0)

  42. Unless there’s an update I missed, as far as it appears right now it’s only an IP address in Eugene, Oregon – population 146,000. Of course the suggestive combination of geography, history, and sick content gets you reasonable suspicion. But it’s still a long way from probable cause (again, unless I missed something). There’s still a chance someone else local decided to go trolling, which unfortunately is a different kind of sickness: jumping in after things died down and worsening the content just to get a kick from watching all hell break loose.

    Sarge6 (23a266)

  43. Sarge6,

    Frisch was a professor at the University of Oregon which is in Eugene back in the early 90’s before moving onto UA until she got fired (She says “resigned”).

    Now, WW, satchel, etc are all obviously Deb Frisch. There is no doubt of this. A local deciding to pass off as Deb Frisch from a town where Frisch lives currently is frankly impossible.

    Kaitian (a6c3e0)

  44. JD, looking at the Oregon statues it seems as if she has definately violated the Stalking law and likely the harrassment law, they are pretty clearly defined. Of course I am not a lawyer but I’d convict if I were on a jury.

    Taleena (f5d1a5)

  45. Ace’s site still down. Strange.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  46. ArmyLawyer,

    WW is most likely Willysnout, a sad, angry little man from Seattle who has been trolling Milblogs for a year or two.

    Before the milblogs, he trolled travel sites and who knows what else.

    He’s a nutcase, but not the same nutcase.

    Tink (8319bf)

  47. Correction:

    I goofed, Frisch is also using WW (“word warrior”) so it depends on the comment as to which nutcase is posting.


    Tink (8319bf)

  48. Probably not, Tink. “WW” stands for “word warrior”, which is how deb has taken to styling herself these days.

    Phil Smith (7d963d)

  49. I shoulda refreshed, I guess.

    Phil Smith (7d963d)

  50. Army Lawyer, I read the linked comments. If – and only if – the IP address matches up, it would not surprise me if WW is Deb Frisch.

    She was probably sober at the time. The sexual innuendo and general creepiness are at a much lower level than, well, say last night at Ace’s or Protein Wisdom.

    Jeff Goldstein needs to explore every legal option he can find.

    Dianna (5f6ad4)

  51. Ever notice how assholes become “word warriors” to explain their inexplicable behavior?
    The First ammendment made her do it.

    Patrap (3ef2c9)

  52. Sarge6–

    You missed Darleen’s post (#25, above):

    “Deb left a rather inane comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago (”israel is the biggest thug”) using the, her own name and url link. Now I see it confirmed it was her.”

    Federal Dog (9afd6c)

  53. Ace is down at 15:19 eastern.

    Question for the legal scholars: What is the definition of “uttering menaces”?

    It sounds like one of those ‘malicious mopery’ or ‘conspiracy to lurk’ antique-type things, but I wonder if there isn’t something useful in there, applicable to the current sutuation.

    heldmyw (a999cd)

  54. Is it me or are there some eerie parallels between Fisch & Cindy Sheehan? Both seem addicted to publicity/attention & both seem to be doing more & more to garner the attention – both good & bad. At first I was willing to write both off as individuals who were just plain crazy, but the behavior seems both more & more demonstrable & directed daily. I’m not sure if this is only a left side of the political spectrum thing as well – those a$$es that protest the military funerals seem to fall into the same category as well.

    I respect Jeff’s decision & will miss his daily postings, but in truth he is doing what a husband & father should… taking care of his own, first & foremost. This isn’t a victory for Fisch or her ilk & maybe it is ultimately an inevitability & the price we all may have to pay for using technologies that allow the broad spectrum of humanity to interact w/ each other. But I for one am proud to see Jeff doing what his principles – ones, I believe most of us share – dictate. Nope, this isn’t a victory for Deb, but for us, Jeff & our beliefs. The simple fact that Jeff hasn’t taken the path of least resistance or passed this loon off onto someone else or the fact that we as a community, have bonded together & offered support to him shows this to be true.

    For me the lasting effects of 9/11 were not that the fact we were attacked, but the examples of those brave individuals that rushed into harm’s way to help those in need, because they were in need & it was the right thing to do. That day, we showed the world that no mater the circumstances, as citizens we would do what is right… no matter the costs. I’m not suggesting that this is the equivalent of 9/11, it isn’t. Besides, those that attacked us then were at least somewhat honest about their intentions & who they were – Deb & Cindy strike me more like cheap opportunists feeding off of an unexpected trough. I am suggesting that Jeff’s & our reaction to this attack signify & show the world & the rest of the blogsphere the things that truly unite us: decency, accountability & integrity.

    Maybe I’m just sad to see someone, a total stranger really, I read & laugh w/ daily have to be reduced to such measures by someone so unworthy of the energy being spent to counteract her actions. But at least I can say that I am proud of Jeff’s & our response; something I doubt the other side can barely fathom, much less appreciate. Maybe I am making a mountain of a molehill & should be chided for my fervor, but a good man is being punished solely for providing a space for any & all to express themselves & has received contempt & attacks on his family for doing so. Regardless, I am proud of Jeff & of you who choose to support & defend him.



    PMain (a7de6c)

  55. # 43 Kaitian:

    I saw Round One when it happened in early July so I know the full background. I certainly think she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt then. And I’m also in the reasonable suspicion camp now. So Jeff absolutely needs to take this seriously. But the evidence now wouldn’t get an arrest or even provide a reasonable basis for filing a civil suit against her.

    I know that blog-swarms have given us
    “distributed intelligence,” “An Army of Davids,” “Rathergate,” etc. Heck, one nailed Frisch the first time around. But nothing says a blog-swarm can’t also turn out to be a classic misdirected torch-carrying mob. It certainly is not impossible that someone just as sick – if not sicker – would copycat on a whole new level just to laugh at what happens. And a rush to judgment would play right into that person’s hands. That’s my basic point.

    #52 Federal Dog:

    I believe #25 is referring to an IP address connected with the first round, not this round. So it’s still a geographic suggestion.

    Sarge6 (23a266)

  56. #55 Sarge6

    I do not see that stated in post #25. If I am reading the post correctly, beyond the question of geographic location, we have an IP address match and Deborah Frisch signing some (but not all) posts from that address.

    Federal Dog (9afd6c)

  57. Deb’s own posts on her own site state that she has donned the superhero garb of Word Warrior. I don’t think that’s in doubt. As for specific statements that may be evidentiary, those have to have their IPs checked.

    Dan Collins (12f8ac)

  58. Charge her with tortious interference with business and seek an immediate tro.

    clarice (c49871)

  59. Sarge

    Deb commented on my blog on 7/12/06. I knew it traced back to OR where she was ‘summering’ during the school break and working on her cabin. The IP matches the comment deb left as WW here on Patterico’s site on 7/15.

    Darleen (03346c)

  60. Assuming that this is the lovely Dr Frisch (and the comments at least sound like her, as well as being from where we believe her to now reside), this is one off-her-rocker lady, as in Andrea Yates off-her-rocker.

    After everything that happened to her in her first foray into this junk, you’d think that someone smart enough to earn a PhD would have figured out that maybe this wasn’t a wise course of action. That she’d continue, supposedly anonymously but surely with at least an jnkling she’d get nailed again, demonstrates a lack of rationality that crosses the line into being just plain nuts.

    Dr Frisch needs help, serious help, and a major intervention. Right now, she’s at the anonymous and not-so-anonymous verbal threat stage. If this continues to fester, she might just decide to drive to Colorado and deliver her complaints to Mr Goldstein in person.

    If nothing is done, it’s quite possible that nothing will happen, and the lovely Dr Frisch will sink into obscurity. But it’s also possible that we’ll be reading a headline in The Washington Times (and a page A24 story in the L A Times) about how a former professor was arrested for the assault on a popular conservative blogger.

    After every Columbine or other weird and fatal incident, we always read stories asking, “Why didn’t somebody notice? Why didn’t somebody do something, before it got to this stage.” Well, again assuming that this is Dr Frisch, we’ve got a whole lot of people who have noticed that something is seriously wrong with this lady.

    Sarge noted that:

    But the evidence now wouldn’t get an arrest or even provide a reasonable basis for filing a civil suit against her.

    That is probably true — but it might be sufficient to get a mental health or social services intervention, and that’s what Dr Frisch needs.

    Even Mr Goldstein would probably prefer that than an arrest.

    Dana (3e4784)

  61. Blogageddon (USA)…

    Se pensate che il caldo estivo faccia uscire di senno solo (alcuni) blogger italiani, provate a dare un’occhiata a cosa sta succedendo nella blogosfera a stelle e strisce. Un buon punto di partenza è questo post di Hot Air.

    Round-Up: Patterico’s …

    The Right Nation (59ce3a)

  62. # 56 & 59 A Eugene, Oregon address she used to post here on Patterico, and at Ace, PW, and Darleen’s Place in Round 1. It’s Frisch. A Eugene, Oregon address used to post on PW and Ace in Round 2. Very very suggestive. But there’s still a real forensic gap that has to be closed to get to Frisch.

    Guys, I’m very much with you in spirit on this. Here’s why I’m agnostic. The first set of comments were creepy. But this second set is an order of magnitude worse. So either Frisch is bottoming out, or a new bad actor decided to shake things up. The prudent thing is to allow for the second possibility until Jeff or someone else nails it down.

    [See the UPDATE at the top of the post. It’s now established that it’s her IP address. — Patterico]

    Sarge6 (23a266)

  63. I agree with Dana #60. It is hard to have any compassion for someone who writes such disgusting and vile crap … at the same time that my mind is rejecting and despising her, it is wondering how anyone could be so twisted and what could have made her so. Her hate of men seems to go way beyond the standard militant lesbian remarks over into hints of childhood abuse in her own life. She reminds me, in some respects, of how my daughter-in-law gets when she consumes alcohol. She was badly abused, both sexually and physically, by her father and older brothers. 99% of the time she is a loving, caring person, but one drink and all her pent up rage and mistrust of anyone comes out in full force. A very Jekel & Hyde kind of scenario that is dangerous for her and for anyone around her. I’ve learned from my experience with my d-i-l that when one sees the world through the prism of childhood abuse, everyone is suspect and every slight becomes proof of the underlying ulterior motives of everyone who crosses the person’s path.

    There probably isn’t much any of us can do to help Deb Frisch, unless it would be to track down someone close to her who could get her help, if there is anyone left in her life she hasn’t alienated. The lefty supporters aren’t doing her any good. She is looking for a way to find some self-esteem, but building up her massively inappropriate behavior is cruel.

    Jeff needs to do what he thinks best for his own sanity and the protection of his family and especially his child. Shutting his blog down seems extreme since he has a comment system that sends email notifications to anyone else in the thread as soon as a comment is posted. It seems that with that type of system, he could have his own “Army of Davids” watching his back. Perhpas he needs to go to a system where all comments must be approved before they get posted. That way, he could avoid having to ban anyone, or having to ban an entire block of IPs or an entire domain such as IQwest.

    One thing that is clear, however, is that this problem isn’t going to go away, whether it is Deb Frisch or someone else. There are too many nutcases with computers, too many highly intelligent Type-As ready to do word battle, and apparently too many people with too much time on their hands. Mostly though, it is all of us forgetting sometimes that there are real people, with real lives, and with real feelings on the other side of our computer screens. My Aunt used to say, “never write anything you wouldn’t want your Mother to read,” and I’ll take that one step further, “never say anything to someone you wouldn’t want said to your own Mother (or wife, or daugher, etc.)

    Sara (Squiggler) (47b627)

  64. Sara,

    You mean, like, “let’s make love”?

    Dan Collins (12f8ac)

  65. Time Out For A Commercial Interruption:

    I just spent a little time over at the Glenn Greenwald residence, giving his “work” a chance, doing some minifisking, and a having a little back and forth with The Legend Himself. I gotta tell ya, if that’s the best the left can bring to the party, we’re going to keep both Houses in November. Putting on my Most Objective Possible Shoes, I swear, the guy is a second stringer.

    We have a much, much deeper bench.

    Sorry, carry on…

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  66. The logs of Frisch’s ISP will provide all the evidence required. If the police can obtain those logs, there will be a direct, provable link to whoever posted those comments.

    Evil Pundit (13f668)

  67. Evil:

    Not necessarily. Depending upon your internet service provider, there can be a “batch” IP address that could go to any of thousands of people. AOL, as the biggest example, does that.

    Dana (3e4784)

  68. Whoa, this is still going on??

    If I were Jeff I’d make sure to save evidence of everything (which I think he’s doing), go to the police so they can start a file and advise him, contact all ISPs and hosts etc. where Frisch has online accounts, contact an attorney for further guidance, send Frisch a very clear, simple, unambiguous, and formal cease and desist letter/email telling her she must stop the harassment and never contact or communicate with him again (if he hasn’t done this already).

    And here is a possibly applicable Colorado law relating to online harassment:

    #18-9-111, section 4.b.II:
    Harassment – stalking. (1) A person commits harassment if, with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, he or she:

    (e)Initiates communication with a person, anonymously or otherwise by telephone, computer, computer network, or computer system in a manner intended to harass or threaten bodily injury or property damage, or makes any comment, request, suggestion, or proposal by telephone, computer, computer network, or computer system that is obscene

    LoafingOaf (a90377)

  69. Dana, I’m pretty sure that most ISPs would have internal logs that would show which user was connected through which batch IP to which external site at a particular time.

    Thus, knowing that the suspect was, say, communicating with the IP address of Jeff’s blog at 10:15, 10:17, and 10:19, the ISP should be able to establish which of its users was posting those messages.

    Of course, this does depend on how detailed their logs are, and how long they keep them. Jeff should ask for the logs ASAP in case they are only kept for a short time.

    Evil Pundit (13f668)

  70. Dr. Debs comments are detestable, but remember this all started by Jeff’s unprovoked ad hominums. Let us not forget that when he’s not trying to portrait himself as super-smart, he does have a potty mouth.

    Brick Ellensburg (3f9c1c)

  71. that a super-intelligeny point Brick, I wonder, are you a best selling author by chance.

    Tommy Ellers (3f9c1c)

  72. and, deb, if you’re reading this the BIGGEST problem that you have is that you’re not clever.

    Terms like ‘phuque’, ‘anklebiter’ written overandoverand overandover again, that whole ‘cockula’ thing (which you didn’t invent, btw) just make you seem, well, like a dumbass.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Hope you’re more honest with your therapist than you’ve been on the web.



    BumperStickerist (002671)

  73. It’s a super-duper-intelligent point Tommy, I’ll bet he’s even read by Senators.

    Ellisum (3f9c1c)

  74. Tommy, Brick and Ellisum, all make points that indicate what a meteoric rise they would have – if they were bloggers.

    Ryan (3f9c1c)

  75. From “Clarice” above:

    Charge her with tortious interference with business and seek an immediate tro

    Now that is a clever theory. If Goldstein’s blog is in fact his business – and based on his traffic and advertising I’d wager he treats it as a business – that might be a pretty workable legal theory. Maybe the best I’ve heard yet.

    Perhaps her ISP should be named as a defendant if they fail to act? Maybe that might get their attention? She may be judgment proof – but they ain’t.

    Nice thinking, Clarice.

    Professor Blather (c798eb)

  76. to recap – after wallowing thru such stupidity we finally come across super-important comments.

    In Summation – Patterico has yet to condemn Misha or anyone else on the right whose antics are super-much worse than this nobody Deb Frisch, whose marginally over the top rhetoric pales in comparison to the volumes and volumes of death threats and hate speech issued daily by the right.

    [To recap: you must gets your facts from Greenwald, because they are demonstrably false. — Patterico]

    Wilson (3f9c1c)

  77. To recap – I love how you write, Wilson. Would you like to pet my pillars?

    Not Glenn (c798eb)

  78. I’ll bet he is a super-blogger.

    David (2a2981)

  79. I love how you guys keep talking about Glenn Greenwald.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  80. Dr. Debs comments are detestable, but remember this all started by Jeff’s unprovoked ad hominums. Let us not forget that when he’s not trying to portrait himself as super-smart, he does have a potty mouth.


    Ummmmmm, if you’re about to go down the ‘cockslap’ route, you’d have to concede Kevin K.’s ‘I’m here to troll Jeff as a chickenhawk pussy’ initiating comment – which most people would concede as ‘provocation’ Kevin’s pussified reaction at the time and the Left’s general horror thereafter, along with their repetition into meme is – well – funny.

    The other routes you’d care to go down – sexual innuendo, personal attack, ad hominem – have been paved by the Left courtesy of TBogg, ODubs, Atrios, and Amanda.

    Curiously, there are more references to ‘cock’ over at SadlyNo then there are by Jeff on ProteinWisdom. Go Figure.

    Also, if you bothered to notice it, which you clearly don’t, the Left’s fascination with the ‘Gannon/Guckert’ penis had something to do with the incidence of ‘cock’ over at PW. Particulary in the formation ‘GAY PORN COCK OF LIES’ et cetera.

    But … clearly … you know of what you think you heard from somebody who posted once about how bad and mean Jeff is because you read something on SadlyNo but didn’t click the links and that Jeff must be a paste-eater because a guy named ‘Atrios’ said he was and everybody on the Left demonstrated their independent streak by repeating that

    … or some other low wattage shit you think you read, let alone understood.


    You’re a dope.


    Anything relating to anal probing of a canine would need to include Jeff’s original caveat – that he’d be worried about his dog being anally probed by the lefty commenter. And, it’s not like Jeff’s concerns are unwarranted. I mean, jeeesh, have you *looked* at the people lined up against Jeff.

    BumperStickerist (002671)

  81. Gotta Know…

    I knew Glenn Greenwald. I worked with Glenn Greenwald. And you, sir, are no Glenn Greenwald.

    Truthout, dawg.

    Jason Leopold (2900fc)

  82. Patrick,
    I’m curious. I just took a peek at Debs site and she has a thread titled “censorship” where she goes on about her side of the PW melee and so forth, and how she’s going to file suit. The curious part to me is, is it wise to publically announce your intentions when so much is already, to some extent, publically known?

    I dunno, I just know when playing poker I never show my cards..

    Boss429 (c39aeb)

  83. Uhm…How bout Rick Ellensburg?

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  84. #64 Dan, point taken. ::wink::

    I just don’t get this whole problem. I live in So. Calif. and I happen to live next door to the neighbor from hell. He is so well known that a resident 3 blocks away, who I happened to run into at the dog walking park, told me he was so sorry I have to live next to this guy. One day, two people in my backyard commented about this guy and one called him a “dick” while the other said, “nah, just your garden-variety a$$hole.” He overheard this remark and called the cops. They came to the door and informed us that it is illegal to call someone an a$$hole because they are fighting words and that he could arrest the speaker for saying that about the a$$hole. No free speech because it is considered hate speech designed to cause a fight. Apparently calling some little weeney a dick isn’t illegal nor considered “fighting words,” but a$$hole is. Who knew?

    What Frisch has said is far worse than a private conversation, on private property, between two people that just happened to be overheard. Why aren’t there “hate speech” laws covering internet postings? Seems everyone just about posts a disclaimer to the effect that hate speech isn’t allowed.

    I am the last one to want more laws since I think we have far too many now and we are all far too sensitive about stupid p.c. stuff, but this is about a child and a parent’s relationship to his child and falls in a much different category … at least in my mind. I think the goal should be finding a way to get her on a psych hold and get her help rather than trying to come up with some legal statute that would hold up to prosecution.

    Sara (Squiggler) (47b627)

  85. BTW, no need for anyone to soil themselves by visiting Deb’s site. go to this one

    it’s keeping somewhat up to date and visiting it deny’s Deb a hit on her site meter

    Boss429 (c39aeb)

  86. Gotta Know,

    I knew Rick Ellensburg. I worked with Rick Ellensburg. And you, sir, are no Rick Ellensburg.

    I am.

    Glenn Greenwald (2900fc)

  87. Dr. Debs comments are detestable, but remember this all started by Jeff’s unprovoked ad hominums. Let us not forget that when he’s not trying to portrait himself as super-smart, he does have a potty mouth.

    Ace’s Axiom:
    Liberals will say anything to justify their behavior.

    Way to go idiot.

    The Ace (8d7f7b)

  88. This woman (!? – sorry, my mistake) is still at it?

    She can’t get a life??

    Nothing better – to – do – I guess.

    Daniel (1d2a3d)

  89. They can’t make you talk, Glenn, and remember, we’ll always have each other.

    Ellis, Ellison, Ellenburg, Ellie, Elwald (f41eca)

  90. E, E, E, E, and E,

    I feel like… like… we’re almost one with each other.

    Glenn Greenwald & Associates (2900fc)

  91. And Ellis – your super super-handsome

    Glenn (3f9c1c)

  92. Oops…

    It’s Glenn that’s super super-handsome

    Ellis (3f9c1c)

  93. I love how you say he’s super-handsome.

    Elfred Glenwald (f41eca)

  94. Aw, but you’re more better super-important.

    GG (2900fc)

  95. You two get a room.

    Norm Coleman's father (2900fc)

  96. Check out Gavan de Becker ‘The Gift of Fear’ (advice for dealing with potentially dangerous loons). Just cut off publicity and responses. Ban from site, no replies to her, no public responses, no rewards to her for engaging, just leave it. NO threats or lawsuits or in-person visits.

    And yes, do the ISP thing.

    ChrisPer (db2330)

  97. I know someone with this IP address:

    Andrew (08ba2c)

  98. EVERYONE: See the update at the very top of the post.

    It’s Frisch’s IP address.

    I knew it would be.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  99. I initially did an update that I would do a new post on this, but there’s no point. All the info is in the update.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  100. I have blocked her IPs from my site. You, Ace, PW, Xlrq, Allah, etc. should do the same. It’s not hard. I’ve had to do this on a previous occasion when I was being seriously trolled/minorly stalked on my blog. Seems to me, it’s a fairly routine issue to have to ban/block offensive people. It happens.

    I’m glad to help if any blogger doesn’t know how to do this.

    The Commissar (fb9de1)

  101. […] Don’t miss the IMPORTANT UPDATE at the top of this morning’s post about those disgusting comments regarding Jeff Goldstein’s family. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Disgusting Comments About Child Molestation Confirmed from Deb Frisch’s IP Address (421107)

  102. Dr. Demented is back and more vile than ever …….

    You can read all about at Patterico’s site, but be warned, it is really ugly this time. The woman is obviously very sick. And, I’m not only disgusted, but mad that one of my favorite bloggers has himself become so disgusted, he has quit blogging. Is …

    Squiggler (72c8fd)

  103. I feel this man’s pain as I am being insulted and I have been sent vile, nasty emails from Larry Johnson, the x-cia guy who has been on chrissie matthews hardball and other loon shows.
    I have sent my info to a very confident Web-Site
    host who I hope will be able to expose him for what he really is. I just can’t believe he was in government — God help us all cuz he ain’t the only moonbat there.

    Drewsmom (605903)

  104. Some of the satirical sock puppetry provided by bains.

    NOT-Ellis / Wilson / Ryan / Tommy / Brick / Ellisum (3f9c1c)

  105. Up until that last comment Bains, I thought you were super-duper-handsome…

    bainses (3f9c1c)

  106. Drewsmom, The site “Seixon” has a long ongoing battle going on with Johnson. Info is currently being gathered and has already been reported to the CIA and will be going to FBI and ppolice.

    Rooster (aa1065)

  107. Do tell.

    That sounds very exciting, indeed.

    ****** (993e1a)

  108. The first step is to notify Qwest that the person(s) at the listed IP’s is violating the terms of service for internet access.

    Here’s the pertinent section,

    Inappropriate Content. Users shall not use the Qwest Network and Services to transmit, distribute or store material that is inappropriate, as reasonably determined by Qwest, or material that is obscene (including child pornography), defamatory, libelous, threatening, abusive, hateful, or excessively violent.

    A nice flood of emails to Qwest legal should do the trick.


    MaaddMaaxx (451c08)

  109. It’s interesting to see that the ****** troll here seems to be related to the ****** troll at Seixon’s blog.

    Evil Pundit (13f668)

  110. […] UPDATE the Second: If you want a few more details, go read this post. Just don’t have any firearms nearby when you do. She’s a rabid dog, and you do know what you do with rabid dogs, don’t you? I know I do. Good for her that I’m not Jeff. Posted by Emperor Darth Misha I @ 4:18 pm | […]

    Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Blog Archive » Demented Debbie Frisch Update (UPDATED twice) (502642)

  111. “I e-mailed her for an explanation of the comments, and the header on the return e-mail shows it came from IP address — the same Qwest IP address from Eugene, Oregon that was used to leave the despicable comments below.”

    Got-DAMN she is stupid. And she has a PhD?! What did she do to get it, eat the person who had it last?

    David Ross (a8b31a)

  112. Re the truly tangential question of whether Frisch is trolling at Milblogs:

    As none of her comments were of the sort contained on Patterico’s site and as I don’t have the access to the IP address (Greyhawk probably does, it’s his site, I just post there on occassion)– I’m not going to go poking around for “WW’s” IP addy.

    Army Lawyer (6853dd)

  113. So…

    what did she say in the e-mail Patterico? Can you characterize it for us?

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  114. I did something stupid, I fed the trolls at chez Greenwald, not just Ellis, Ellison, Ellenburg, Ellie, and Elwald, but the whole frigging menagerie. For some reason the commenters keep insisting that it’s not a lefty blog, so I said, in a moment of brilliant clarity, c’mon, it’s a lefty blog. The response: It’s a lefty blog only if Glenn says it is.

    I thought that summed up things pretty well.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  115. The Commissar notes:

    I have blocked her IPs from my site. You, Ace, PW, Xlrq, Allah, etc. should do the same. It’s not hard. I’ve had to do this on a previous occasion when I was being seriously trolled/minorly stalked on my blog. Seems to me, it’s a fairly routine issue to have to ban/block offensive people. It happens.

    I’m glad to help if any blogger doesn’t know how to do this.

    Well, my site is so small potatoes that the lovely Dr Frisch has not noticed or visited it yet, so I guess I don’t have to bother. If only I could get the guys who keep wanting to link to ringtones and porno sites to pay as much attention to my site as Dr Frisch.

    Dana (3e4784)

  116. ok – so I’m blond – “ephu” I finally got after kind of grasping the idiom – can someone help me with “baw” ?

    cluelessbutpretty (c57339)

  117. Jeffie baw = Jeffie boy

    Paulitics (2900fc)

  118. oh – thanks Paul – as in like “baw oh baw but I need to get my roots done soon” …

    cluelessbutpretty (c57339)

  119. ruts = roots


    Paulitics (2900fc)

  120. There are three “Deborah Frisch” entries for the Eugene, Oregon area on . One entry for “Frisch Jeffrey A & Jodee H. (Parents? This person may not be able to support herself.)” Just how anonymous does this person think the Internet is, anyway?

    Ali Mamoud al-Haqtui (67d746)

  121. Ban from site, no replies to her, no public responses, no rewards to her for engaging, just leave it.

    There was one troll whom I not only had to ban from my site, but block from sending me e-mails. Fortunately I have multiple server-side options to do this.

    However, there was another troll who used an anonymous web service who could switch IPs whenever he wanted. I only had IP-banning capability at that time and I had to ban whole subnets associated with the anonymous service before I made enough of a crimp in his access to fend him off.

    Dr. Demento obviously doesn’t know as much about the intertubes as my more persistent troll, so what I did with the other one might have sufficed, had Jeff done it the first time she claimed she wanted to be banned.

    Sometimes Napoleon’s advice doesn’t apply. Sometimes you do need to give the enemy what he (thinks he) wants.

    McGehee (5664e1)

  122. What do you folks suggest Jeff do? He currently appears to be shutting the site down until this is settled. I advise against that; I would ban her and ignore her. But, failing that, what other options does he have? (Please don’t suggest anything violent. I don’t want to head down that road.)
    Yikes, Ace. By writing a dissertation about IP addresses and saying how you sure don’t want to head down the violent path, you are planting the idea in rightwing nutcases heads. By bringing up the issue of threatening violence, you are threatening me. I’m gonna sue your fucking ass too, fuck face. I’m calling the sheriff right not to tell them about your threatening death or injury to me in this post.

    Where do you live, sissy boy? Or aren’t you “out of the closet” in terms of your real identity or physical location.

    My name’s Deb, I live in eugene, oregon.

    who are you? where do you live, hombre?

    You ain’t an ace of spades – you’re a fucking two of clubs.

    Boy am I gonna make a lot of money when I sue Pajamas Media. You’re a phony warrior for inciting wingnuts to further violence against me.

    But I reckon the pissants who read your blog aren’t gonna try to off me. That’s what I need to talk to a lawyer about – the legacy I’ll leave for Satchel and the Cunt on the web if I die violently.

    Time to take the threat of humiliating and mocking Jeff’s wife and child up a couple of notches so you fuck face phony warriors can hear me.

    Here’s what I’ve got so far:

    It’s a good thing the Count and Cunt (the count without the O!) didn’t have a girl – they would have named her Snatchel.


    I haven’t written any porno story with Jeff, the cunt and Snatchel, yet. Porn’s not my thing. You keep pushing me, Ace, you and the other wingnuts, I’m gonna write a bedtime story bout the goldstein family of denver colorado.

    you ain’t doing the baw no favor by pissing me off like this.

    The longer this goes on, the more time I have to think of jokes I can’t resist telling about the Goldstein family in Denver, Colorado.

    The more you threaten me to people interested in the use of IP addresses to prove the identity of ostensibly anonymous bloggers, the more damages I can collect from PM due to the physical threat angle, no matter how tiny it is.

    This is great. I’m gonna sue Pajamas Media and shut the whole fetid swamp down!

    Sorry. I got a bit hot under the collar there, Ace.



    WW (dadeaa)

  123. […] Deb Frisch tried to leave the following comment on my site. It was caught by the spam filter. (Recent background on her here, older background here.) It was left under the same IP address as the recent comments from her IP address on Jeff Goldstein’s and Ace’s site: It was left under the moniker “WW” (”Word Warrior”) with Frisch’s correct e-mail and URL. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » A Comment from Deb Frisch (421107)

  124. Uh….Deb. Are you still drinking? your WW post at 9:46 IN THE MORNING makes me think you’be been pulling an all-nighter of 12 ounce arm curls. If that’s all you were doing.

    It’s no wonder your partner left you. Heck if I dated you I’d probably have committed suicide by now.

    CP (71415b)

  125. Holy schnikies!!!

    That is by far the most threatening, blackmail filled thing she has written yet and definately shows just how far off the reservation she has traveled. Threatening to write kiddie porn? Making direct terrorist threats agains Jeff’s wife and kid? Blackmailing people using threats of the legal system? Claiming all this legal knowledge when she has yet to even talk to any legal people? Blaming a group of bloggers and threatening to shut them down?

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has made the SLIGHTEST threat towards her on ANY blog and yet she is so freakin delusional that she thinks they have. I hate to break it to Miss Coocoo-for-coacoapuffs, but NO ONE would want that to happen to ANYONE! What the hell makes her think she would be worth the time? All anyone has suggested is that Jeff protect his family IN HIS HOME! Sorry Poorfessor, you just ain’t that important you delusional psychopath.

    The incredible amount of damage you are doing to yourself is beyond even my professional comprehension and I have seen a buttload of loony tunes at work. Like I said in an earlier post ot PW: You are like a serial killer daring the cops to get you. You have a desire to become a martyr for a cause and people that have abandoned and forsaken you for being batshit crazy and making them look bad. You remind me also of “Holy Grail” when the dirt-farmer kept screaming “Come see the violence inheriting the system…HELP HELP I’M BEING REPRESSED!!”

    You wanted people to ban you and they didn’t. That didn’t work so you have groen ever increasingly obscene and deranged as the days have gone on. It maddened you even further when your site meter numbers plummeted and peole on all blogs stopped talking about you, so you crawled out from under your rock to stir it up again. Unfortunately for you, not even Michelle is bothering with you as you are old news, and more imprtant things are going on in the world other than a washed-up has been left-wing Liberal loon with no job having a public melt-down on-line. You stated on your site that you were broke and without health care, abandoned by friends and family and were going to work on “plan B”. This is your big plan? To hope to sue people for money over a problem and crisis of your own making and then sabotage tha same plan by continuing to post threatening and sexual things about a woman and her son?

    Strong work. Good plan all the way around. If you are going to be paranoid about any kind of “Right-Wing nutjob” banging on your door, it should be that of the Eugene police department, being as how cops are decidedly right-wing conservatives, coming to take you away to that long needed vacation away from computers at the local jail, awaiting your trip to Oregon State Hospital. That will be the only Right-Wing people ever coming to visit you EVER.

    Hosedragger (c26d4a)

  126. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has made the SLIGHTEST threat towards her on ANY blog

    Except herself, via sockpuppet.

    McGehee (5664e1)

  127. Wow! I didn’t realize this shit was still going on. I thought it was a dead deal. Honestly you guys, I think you should ban her and move on. There is nothing else you can do with people who have lost it. She has no purpose in life, so chooses to harass others.

    Angie (1ebcf2)

  128. I wouldn’t waste the cost of a bullet on this filthy person.

    But, I’d burn her CPU and all her electronics!

    Heh, then she’d truly be all alone.

    You can run, Deb, but you can’t hide….

    Danielle (ed457c)

  129. “yes she’s stalking him on his site and others, but is that against the law?”

    Yes, Frisch’s cyberstalking is Federal crime (and in some caes, state crime). Especially in this case, since Frisch continues stalking and threating a young child (a very sick & serious crime in and of itself) *after crossing state lines*.

    I think everyone wants to see her get treatment for her severe mental illness. I expect that will be big part of any plea bargan Frisch will try to cop.


    Norman De Plum (feaa0c)

  130. Paranoid Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia (SKITS-oh-FREEN-ee-uh)—one of the most damaging of all mental disorders—causes its victims to lose touch with reality. They often begin to hear, see, or feel things that aren’t really there (hallucinations) or become convinced of things that simply aren’t true (delusions). In the paranoid form of this disorder, they develop delusions of persecution or personal grandeur. The first signs of paranoid schizophrenia usually surface between the ages of 15 and 34. There is no cure, but the disorder can be controlled with medications. Severe attacks may require hospitalization….


    Schizophrenia usually develops gradually, although onset can be sudden. Friends and family often notice the first changes before the victim does. Among the signs are:

    * Confusion
    * Inability to make decisions
    * Hallucinations
    * Changes in eating or sleeping habits, energy level, or weight
    * Delusions
    * Nervousness
    * Strange statements or behavior
    * Withdrawal from friends, work, or school
    * Neglect of personal hygiene
    * Anger
    * Indifference to the opinions of others
    * A tendency to argue
    * A conviction that you are better than others, or that people are out to get you

    IANAD, and of course, diagnosing via internet is not recommended. More here. I think she really needs help. She’s exhibiting more than a few of those symptoms.

    Brian O'Connell (ef47b0)

  131. This is just to much. The unhindghed frindge plays like this but the rest have to play nice. Well you can fight fire with fire. Many may see this as dirty tricks but it is still above her level. What needs to be done is expose her. Pribnt out contact info on her … home address, phone number, work number. Inidate her new employer with complaints. Do a flyer campaign in her new neighborhood. Place flyers everywhere with her picture and the staements she has made. Basically make her life a living hell.

    I deem this the same as when you get that evening soliciting phone call that interrupts dinner and you use a little air horn on them to get the message across not to call anymore.

    [I disagree with both suggestions. — Patterico]

    Chris (db6433)

  132. 131 – no. She is begging for someone to take her down, so she can escalate, again. Where does she have left. This is a sickness, not an agenda, at this point. Have some pity.

    22 – We should watch this. We should not look away. We should do what we can, which is very very little. But ignoring it is pretending it isn’t happening, and it could happen to any of us.

    mdhatter (660b65)

  133. […] So apparently, Deb Frisch has been leaving more disgusting and vile comments about Jeff Goldstein’s family over at other peoples’ blogs, which naturally means that it’s time to send Jeff some more money. Michelle Malkin laughably compares the whole ordeal to the Kitty Genovese murder: […]

    Sadly, No! » All the Way to the Bank (d83a19)

  134. Kitty Genovese Blog Syndrome…

    It seems that the utterly crazy leftist Deborah Frisch’s been antagonizing Jeff Goldstein again, and he now feels that legal action should be taken against her. At the same time, he’s also thinking of shutting down his own blog. Patterico’s got some…

    Tel-Chai Nation (59ce3a)

  135. Just sick. Sick and horrible, and as a mother I feel for him and his family.

    MamaDuck (8d3019)

  136. […] I have to say that I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t made it back to Jeff’s site for a while to see how things are progressing (see my original post & subsequent update if you don’t know what I’m talking about). As I finally made it back there this afternoon, I was so sad to see that this issue isn’t over for him and his family. He has an update on how things stand now and could really use all the support and encouragement you can give (comment and e-mail-wise as well as monetary). I think it is every parent’s worst nightmare to have threats made against your little one and I’m glad he’s taking steps against Deborah Frisch, but I can’t imagine the impact that this one crazy person has made on his life, sadly. Patterico’s Pontifications has screenshots and other info of some of the (x-rated) comments she has made (don’t click with children around). Michelle Malkin reminds us all not to forget about Jeff as well. Related posts: […]

    Jeff Goldstein’s nightmare isn’t over…-- Lil Duck Duck (afad56)

  137. What do you folks suggest Jeff do?

    [Idiot comment deleted; user banned. — P]

    Phoenician in a time of Romans (fb5268)

  138. [Idiot comment deleted; user banned. — P]

    Comment by Phoenician in a time of Romans

    One of Jeff’s marginally more lucid trolls paid a visit here, I see. Congratulations, P!

    The Sanity Inspector (ef5d4d)

  139. Perhaps she intends to hire Lionel Hutz as a lawyer.
    I can’t imagine anyone better taking her case.


    NickM (d8da01)

  140. She’s still at it. She left a note on my blog in which she poses as Navy SEAL and blogger Matthew Heidt of Froggy Ruminations. It reads as a suicide note, in which she, posing as Heidt, says the memories of Heidt’s fallen comrades have been dishnoured by Heidt’s actions.

    Creepy and vile.

    Steve Janke (ff2849)

  141. […] For those of you just tuning in, Deb made a name for herself in the rightosphere by making altogether disturbing, one might say John Mark Karr-esque comments about Goldstein’s family. Within hours of Goldstein having publicized her identity being called out by Goldstein’s readers, Frisch resigned from a Univ. of Ariz. teaching job, thereby pre-empting a probable termination. The story got some press play in the Tucson Citizen, Eugene Register-Guard and Inside Higher Ed. Goldstein sought and obtained a restraining order against her, and that might have been the end of it. […]

    L’Affaire GoldFrisch III: We All Knew This Was Coming at Blog P.I. (beta) (c73bc9)

  142. For those who want to join a community devoted to keeping an eye on this matter, visit:

    Minteh (2c1d36)

  143. You guys need to get a grip of reality and maybe take up a new hobby that doesnt involve obsessing over peoples lives. Sad [expletive deleted by management]s.

    glove (5f2941)

  144. my name is terry wagar I’m e-mailing you because I’m at a loss as to what i can do about a very dangerous murder conspiracy against me and others, for over 2 and a half years I’ve suffered from this conspiracy, it began { as best as i can tell,} when my wife joan wagar started having a affair with a co-worker named eric carlson, there affair started around April of 2005, i had reason to believe they was trying to kill me back then but i wasnt sure at the time, I’m very very sure now! there is a very interesting fact about eric that joan tried to hide from me and my daughters, he is almost identical in appearance to me! my wife nicknamed him doubleclick, when i learned of my wifes affair i also learned of that nickname and asked joan “why do you call him doubleclick ” she said ” oh thats what everyone calls him at work,” ever since my wife joan insisted her affair was over, it never ended, year and a half all kinds of odd things was happening i started getting very sick from time to time, i suspected she was poisoning me but was not sure at the time, i am now! in early 2006 around Feb or mar i went to the hospital asking to be tested because my wife was talking in her sleep saying she was poisoning me, i went to OHSU and signed in, they informed me that its unlikely that they will find anything but they took my vitals and i waited in the lobby, i waited 4 and a half hours and they never called me back to be checked, and no officers came to question me about my concerns. so i went home, i could tell no one there cared. this is just too long to explain so i will try to get to the point, on march 26th of 2007 at 5;55 am i put a audio recorder in joans purse because i heard my wife whispering to someone in her bedroom, { i slept on the couch, our marriage was falling apart.} i heard what sounded like a guy whispering back, so i put my recorder in her purse expecting to finally catch joan in the act and laid down pretending to still be asleep, ten minutes later my wife left for work, what i caught on there was a lot more than i expected, i caught a murder conspiracy! i didn’t know it right away because the audio i got is like 17 hours long, when i heard on it she was with eric two days later i left her and moved in with my oldest daughter shawna, i spent the next week and a half on and off trying to listen to this audio, it didn’t take long to figure out i was being framed for something by my wife and her lover, and they had help! lots of help, i learned i was under INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI and these INVESTIGATORS were good friends with joan and eric and they all met up at our apartment that morning in joans bedroom, they climbed in through joans window, i learned they were there to frame me as a pedophile, eric was posing for pictures in kayles bedroom,{ our youngest daughter,} while the INVESTIGATOR named ERICA { last name unknown to me.} was taking pictures of him while kayle slept, after words eric climbed out joans window and waited for her in her car, and a john ray climbed in and helped joan put something on our computer and then he left the way he came, joan finished getting ready for work and picked up her purse and left for work, once outside joan was talking to these INVESTIGATORS and discussing what they was going to do next, joan and eric on the ride to work was discussing what they was going to say to other employees when they get there, joan mentioned to eric {you woke her up} referring to kayle, and then they discussed breaking into shawnas apartment with ERICA, after lots of listening to that audio i learned joan eric and erica planed to rape shawna and murder her and then frame me for this! they planed to use a signed check of mine to purchase a gun in my name, remember eric looks almost like me in appearance, eric was going to use my ID and one of my checks to purchase a gun, joan was instructed to collect my sperm, eric was going to rape and murder shawna, erica was going to plant my sperm on shawnas body along with other false evidence, joan and eric met up at walmart along with vickie {joans sister} and the investigators and was waiting at the front door for someone to let them in, other employees showed up and the investigators pretended to have caught me in the act, [ referring to eric in kayles room,} and saying they got me on fotogenic, once inside the investigators proceed to put on a phony show of investigating while in the presence of walmart employees while joan and eric and vickie are trashing my name to there fellow employees turning everyone there against me, joan was even addmeting eric has been impersonating me for other crimes, after hours and hours of the investigators claiming in walmart employees presence that i was doing wrong things and joan and eric telling countless lies about me the investigators gave permission to all of them to pedifie me, joan started printing out flyers about me at walmart,{ unknown to me whether they used them or not.} i learned they had me under a illegal video survealence the hole apartment had hidden cameras and the investigators asked there supervisor to take 6;30 off of joan because john ray broke in there, when i left joan and moved in to my daughters apartment about 3 or 4 days later the FBI took over the apartment above shawna and they proceeded to spread rumors in shawnas neiborhood, and was spying on us as well with hidden cameras, they didn’t know at that time that i knew they were up there, the ceiling in shawnas apartment has no insulation so i could hear them up there talking about editing my audio and discussing ways of killing me, i knew because they are members of authorities i couldn’t get help calling 911, not to mention i was very worried for my family’s safety i was afraid to tell shawna about this at this time for her own safety so i just continued to listen to the audio trying to learn as much about this as i could but for my own safety i pretended to not understand it well, about a week and a half after i left joan on April 7th donna { joans mother who also lives at shawnas apartment complex, } asked shawna if i could go to her apartment to fix her computer she said it wouldn’t work on the Internet, i didn’t want to but shawna insisted so i went over to Donna with shawna and tried to fix her computer, donna offered me a cup of coffee and i accepted, she brought me a cup of coffee and what looked like a mayonaze lid filled with sugar, i put 2 or 3 spoonfuls in my coffee and was sipping while working on her computer, finally i told donna i cant fix it and that maybe she should get a new computer, i drank up my coffee and me and shawna left to go back to shawnas apartment which isn’t far away, by the time i got to the stairs i started not feeling well, once inside i really started feeling very sick and needed to lie down, fifteen minutes later my head felt like there was acid eating away at me from the inside, not thinking clearly i called Joanne asking if she could take me to the hospital, during the drive there joan was looking at her rear view mirror a whole hell of a lot, which gave me the suspicion we were being followed, keep in mind neither joan nor those investigators knew yet that i knew about them, once at the hospital i was so fucked up and hurting in my head that i needed a wheelchair, once i was admitted and taken back to a emergency room i waited and waited and no doctor ever came and examed me, one person came in acting like a doctor but never examed me, he only wanted to put his finger in my ass supposed for a colon test of some sort, but he never asked me what was wrong, never examed my eyes or mouth or ears, never took my vitals, never took a urine sample, i was holding my head in severe pain and all he wanted was to put his finger in my ass, once done he left, a half hour later a male nurse brought me a bottle of something to drink saying i need to drink the whole bottle and then i was going to some room to have a kind of ex ray of some sort, never once did a doctor examine me nor did a doctor come in to explain what was going on, after i drank the bottle the nurse took me to a room for this ex ray then brought me back to my room, about a hour later a doctor came and explained that the only thing they could find wrong was there was a little bleeding in my colon and he recommended i follow up with a colanoscopie, needless to say i was totally shocked at his blatant attempt to ignore the fact that NOBODY EXAMED ME!!! i knew at this time that those investigators had somehow interfered with my medical treatment and done something to prevent a doctor from examine me! i went back to shawnas apartment still in pain in my head, it felt like acid burning in there, and to this day i am still in pain in my head over this, about a week after this i stopped pretending to know nothing about this crap with joan and the investigators and looked up at the ceiling where they were and called them a bunch of criminals and murderers and that i was completely discuss ted with them, shawna was home at this time but didn’t understand why i did that, an hour later shawna left for work and after that all hell broke loose up stairs, a whole lot of people in suits was going up there and there was some yelling and they seemed very angry, a lot of activity going on for the rest of that day in that apartment above shawnas place, at around 8 or 9 that nite several people went up there talking very loudly acting like they were looking at something and said very loudly { yep thats a pedophile alright.} and then him and a few others from that apartment ran out of there yelling at the top of there lungs through out the hole neaborhood calling me a pedophile, from this point on they was pedifieing me openly in shawnas neaborhood, just flat out calling me a pedophile to others in that neaborhood, this hole time i spent most of my time on the floor in pain from donna poisoning me, i flat out knew i could get no help calling 911 since these were people in authority doing this to me, they stopped doing this when shawna was around they didn’t want her to know about it, i told shawna about this but she didn’t believe me because she never witnessed any of it and no one at work mentioned this to her, she believed donna poisoned me but she never understood any of the other stuff, the investigators were quite until shawna left for work and was loud when she left, they would say things like { were going to FUCK you over now you son of a bitch!} i remained in the apartment for about a week after donna poisoned me unable to walk much because of the pain, around this time eric showed up downstairs talking very loudly up at the investigators, { the investigators were on the third floor on the patio and eric was on the ground talking up at them, shawnas app is in between them} and eric was loudly calling me a pedophile and giving my description to others who were out there trying to piss me off, i didn’t go out to confront him because i knew they wanted to shoot me, before he left he yelled up at the investigators telling them to make sure i drink my coffee, keep in mind they weren’t hiding any of there murder attempts from me, after all eric and joan had permission from the authorities to murder me so they just don’t give a shit, i have reason to believe the authorities pressed charges against me and gave my disscription on tv because where ever i go people seem to recognize me, people in shawnas old neaborhood would point over at me and say “there’s the guy they pedified.” ever since i have been under attack behind my back and in front of my face, i learned from that audio that they pedified me in prison so if i get arrested for anything i will likely be murdered in prison, after they poisoned me at some point they broke into shawnas app and replaced my audio with a differant version hoping i would think its the original, i didn’t fall for that,there version is nothing but a death threat against me and shawna and there demonstrating how they plan to frame my hole family and give them the blame for me being poisoned and pedofied, and at the end of it there flat out frameing me as a pedophile using my voice and kayles, although they made the mistake of admitting somewhere in the middle of the audio that there using kayles voice, on there replacement audio they threatened to pedofie shawna if i say something about this, well they already did that, what it amounts to is they tried to kill me and shawna, i caught them in the act , and then they threatened to kill us if i talk about it and then they tried to kill us again, so it does me no good to heed there threats, as far as I’m concerned they murdered me already and there in the process of murdering shawna right now, there have been too many attempts to tell them all on this, let me suffice it to say the other nite joan and a couple of her friends came here to murder me and that plan failed, but there not scared about it because they have some people in authority covering there asses, i write this on November 13th 2007 and at this very moment this apartment is under a illegal video survielence by the FBI, and they allow others over the Internet to spy on us and make fun of us, chances are there going to murder me for sending this because they made it clear there going to cover there asses, but thats why i saved the best for last.
    p.s. the address where this ocured is 8800 se causey loop n-205 clackamas OR 97086, the whole neaberhood there has heard of this and the authorities used a warrant to kick out the tenants above shawnas apartment

    terry (993069)

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