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Some Information on L.A. Times Advertisers

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Many commenters have said that they would like to boycott L.A. Times advertisers. These commenters seek a list of advertisers to whom they can write and express their displeasure at the paper’s irresponsible publication of details of a classified anti-terror program.

I haven’t found a comprehensive list of the paper’s advertisers. Some of the major ones are listed here, along with their contact information. (I can’t guarantee that all contact information is up to date.)

In addition, I have performed the following public service: I went through Section A of the one of the last paper I had saved (from June 22) and listed all of the advertisers, excluding a couple of obvious one-time advertisers. I list some contact information below. I have provided, when possible: a phone number; a street address; and a link to the company’s web site. You’ll have to follow the link to get an e-mail address; I have limited time to do this.

[UPDATE: The paper has other advertisers, but the ones from June 22 are symbolic, as that is the day the paper’s disclosure of the Swift program occurred.]

If anyone has other information on the paper’s advertisers and whom to contact, leave it in the comments.

Here is the information:

Banana Republic

Barney’s New York
9570 Wilshire Boulevard

Beverly Hills Jewelers
259 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

Best Buy

California Closets

9016 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069

370 N. Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills


Cole Haan

De Beers
401 N. Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills

Decorator’s Rug Warehouse
2130 E. Del Amo Blvd.
Rancho Dominguez, CA

Erica Courtney
117 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Geary’s Beverly Hills

351 No. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills

Expo Design Center

General Motors

Home Depot




Mikimoto (jewelry)

Mount Sinai
Memorial Parks and Mortuaries

Office Depot

Robinson’s May

Saks Fifth Avenue
Beverly Hills

Samy’s Camera
431 S. Fairfax Ave.

Silvio’s Photoworks
22409 Hawthorne Boulevard

Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Volvo Dealers


Tiffany & Co.


World Savings

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, a boycott will probably be less effective than contacting the businesses in question and encouraging them not to advertise in the L.A. Times.

11 Responses to “Some Information on L.A. Times Advertisers”

  1. Be sure and tell Dennis Prager he has to stop endorsements, testimonials and remotes for Samy’s Camera.

    Drop a line to Salem Communications:
    4880 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 300
    Camarillo, CA US 93012

    steve (db6ba8)

  2. Or, you could tell Samy’s Camera that they should take the advertising dollars spent at the L.A. Times, and spend them on Prager’s show instead.

    Samy’s Camera
    431 S. Fairfax Ave.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  3. Because everyone knows that more photographers listen to Dennis Prager than read the Los Angeles Times.

    Jesus Christ, Miracle Caterer (7fc940)

  4. Brilliant analysis.

    Because everyone knows that LAT ads and Prager ads cost the same.

    Jesus Christ.

    Miracle Caterer.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  5. They want the advertising venue that’s going to give them the maximum amount of exposure relative to cost – doubtful that they’d get as much exposure on a three-hour morning drive show on the 29th-rated station in Los Angeles over a newspaper with over a million in circulation.

    [Doubtful it’s the same cost, too. But you go on looking at only half the equation if it makes you feel better. — P]

    Additionally, the Los Angeles Times had this to say about Mr. Prager: “Dennis Prager is an amazingly gifted man and moralist whose mission in life has been crystallized: to get people obsessed with what’s right and wrong.” But, I know how much you hate the Times, so obviously they must be wrong.

    By the way, I subscribed as soon as I’d heard you picked up your toys and ran home. I’ll line the litter box in your memory!

    Jesus Christ, Miracle Caterer (7fc940)

  6. I wish I could cancel my subscription. But I already did years ago because I couldn’t stand reading slanted “news.” Each article really should be in the op-ed section.

    Maybe I should call and tell ’em “I cancel you twice!”

    Robert (08b7d1)

  7. Idea for Times Advertisers
    Some blogs have lists of Times advertisers, with the implied suggested to contact them to register their displeasure with the times.
    Most advertisers probably have long term contracts with the times and if they don’t advertise they probably forfeit the money.
    There is no incentive for them not to advertise.
    How about a suggestion that the advertisers donate or publish every 5th, 3th, or 2nd advertisement as a positive ads in support of the USA?
    Maybe even ads written by some of the groups the bloggers know about.
    Maybe advertisers could also donate their ad copy writers
    How about donating an ad celebrating some of the solders that have received heroism awards.
    Everyone wins except the Times, advertisers get positive attention, groups get their word out and the poor Times just has to grin and bear it.

    dave (9d5dc6)

  8. For big companies, ad placement decisions are made by the ad agency, not the advertiser.

    So, unless you know which agencies Robinsons/May or Banana Republic are using, you waste your time writing to those company’s corporate HQ’s. And the agencies are just looking for eyeballs in a certain age/income demographic. As Michael Corleone said, “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s business.”

    Trust me, they get tons of mail from people out to save the whales, save the rain forests, boycot this or that. Your message will end up in the same bin.

    Certain advertisers must advertise in the Times because the Times provides the eyeballs they need at the right price. Advertiser boycots are inherently unfair because you attact someone who has nothing to do with the issue you are angry about.

    Dennis Mosher (47031d)

  9. Boycotting them all at once would not work because it would spread the effort too thinly. It probably would not be noticed. Selective boycotts, however, might do the trick. Pick a couple of financially-weak advertisers and boycott them. Noisy, in-your-face activities aimed specifically at such targets stand a better chance. If those targets buckle, move on to the next. A demonstration of such influence surely would get the attention of other advertisers.

    Bleepless (9c45ff)

  10. write the advertiser but dont threaten a boycott, advise them that you are cancelling your subscription to the Times and that their advertisements in that paper wont reach you. i also think people should start writing their local public library encouraging them to cancel their subscriptions to both LAT and NYT.

    chas (f534b8)

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