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Time for a Laugh

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Here’s an example of why I wish See Dubya were writing here: a post about Larry “Your mother killed herself because she hated you” Johnson titled If You Disagree with Larry Johnson, You’re Gay. Apparently Johnson suggested another blogger was gay when said blogger criticized recent outrageous statements by Johnson about Karl Rove. Dubya imagines Johnson confronting members of the Clinton Administration during high-level talks about combating terror. A taste:

JOHNSON: So, Mr. President, while I can’t advise policy decisions, we may never get an opportunity to reach Osama bin Laden like this again…

PRESIDENT CLINTON: (strokes chin, bites lip) This is truly an important opportunity. But what about collateral damage?

JOHNSON: With all due respect, sir, this is no time to be such a mincing nancy-boy.

(ALL) What?

JOHNSON: Look, I’m Larry Johnson, people. If you disagree with me, it’s obviously because you’re a little light in the wingtips for this terrorist, and this is no time to go all friend-o’-Dorothy on me.

Hilarious. Read it all.

3 Responses to “Time for a Laugh”

  1. And not a bad critique of the Clinton administration’s lackadaisical responses to the first WTC and embassy bombings, either. Bravo, See Dubya. Two birds with one stone.

    nk (35ba30)

  2. Ah, you got that slightly wrong. Johnson said I had a latent homosexual man crush for George Bush during the course of an e-mail debate I had with him, one which he was rapidly losing. It didn’t have anything to do with his recent Rove gaffe, but was just an example of Johnson’s ability to say messed up things.

    Seixon (3237b2)

  3. was just an example of Johnson’s ability to say messed up things

    FWIW Seixon I read your post last night and I disagree. Based on the convo you documented it is perfectly clear to me Johnson is a homophobe (in the absolute sense, rather than the current fad usage sense) and expects that you share his…er…obsession.

    He is afraid of homosexuals, or more likely afraid he IS one, and is clearly projecting that onto you.

    Johnson is really something. I’m not sure what exactly though. His prominence is an interesting symptom, of lefty Dem thinking, of media behavior, of many things.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

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