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Help the Family of an LAPD Officer Paralyzed in the Line of Duty

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As regular readers know, I generally do not actively solicit donations or hold pledge drives. But I’d like to ask you to consider making a donation today — not to me, but to the family of an LAPD officer who has been shot and paralyzed.

A colleague in my office recently circulated a memo about LAPD Officer Kristina Ripatti, who was paralyzed recently after being shot by a convicted robber and murderer. Yesterday, I asked my colleague for permission to post excerpts from that memo on my blog, and he agreed. Here they are:

As some of you are aware, on Saturday, June 3, Officer Kristina Ripatti (wife of Southeast Gang Officer Tim Pearce) of LAPD Southwest Division was shot by a robbery suspect attempting to flee. For those that don’t know, Tim is the main officer who headed the Grape Street Injunction, he regularly testifies as a Grape Street expert here at Compton Court, and just an overall class act. Kristina was shot twice, once in the arm and once through the lung and spinal cord. Tim was one of the first responding officers and watched his wife almost die in the street. (See story on the LA Times website)

After surgery to repair her lung, it appears that she is going to survive, however, she will be paralyzed from the chest down. I spoke to Tim’s partner, Dan Pearce (no relation) yesterday, and he said that at first, Tim was just focused on Kristina surviving, however, that on Monday night it hit hard to Tim and Kristina that she would be paralyzed. Tim and Kristina are very active and have a 15 month-old daughter. . . .

. . . In talking to Dan, he mentioned basic things that were going to change that I had not thought about- how are the Pearces going to use their two-story house?, do they need to buy a different type of car?, etc. Tim will be taking time off and when he returns, he will be responsible for taking care of a 15 month-old, a disabled wife, and a full time police officer job.

. . . .

. . . I have gotten to know Tim very well and he is just a great guy all around- soft-spoken, hard working, and polite. He and his family could really use our support right now, whether that be monetary or kind words on a card.

I plan to donate something, and I thought it would be great if some of my readers were to donate as well. This way, anyone with PayPal access can make a donation with the click of a mouse. I will keep an accounting of all money I receive and let you know the totals. Also, unless you specifically request to remain anonymous and/or to keep the amount of your donation secret, I will publish that information here.

I tried setting up PayPal buttons, but for some reason they don’t work. So I’ll just give you the e-mail addresses. You can donate by sending money via PayPal to:

patterico *AT* gmail *DOT* com

If you need to pay by credit [or debit] card, send the money to:

patterico *AT* cox *DOT* net

Paying by credit [or debit] card is discouraged because PayPal takes a hefty bite, and I can pass along only the net amount after PayPal takes its (large) cut. But if the only way you can donate is to use a credit card, that is certainly better than not donating at all.

If you would prefer, you can donate directly to Kristina and Tim by sending a check to an account specifically set up for that purpose. As the L.A. Times recently reported:

[T]he Kristi Ripatti Trustee Donation Account has been established at the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union. Donation checks payable to Ripatti or Pearce should be sent to LAPFCU, 16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410.

No pressure. But it would be a great way to support the police generally — and to recognize the tremendous sacrifice that one family has made on behalf of protecting the people of Los Angeles.

24 Responses to “Help the Family of an LAPD Officer Paralyzed in the Line of Duty”

  1. Glad to help… wish it wasn’t necessary.

    [Very generous of you, Steve. I’ll be writing you and others in the evening to thank you. But this is a *great* start. — Patterico]

    steve sturm (a94ec2)

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  4. Thanks for the heads up Patterico! I plan to send a check as soon as I get my checkbook balanced. (That’s not a dodge, the check will be sent!)

    I’ll spread the word as well.

    I hope for the best for this courageous woman and her family.

    Ray (be81f9)

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  6. Help needed / Help wanted…

    1. Patterico is collecting donations for an LAPD officer who was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. If you have a few bucks to spare, or a blog on which to link the post, please do so. 2. Michele Catalano and crew at Faster Than the World have com…

    protein wisdom (c0db44)

  7. I linked, but didn’t succeed in sending a trackback.

    Crank (5f5694)

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  11. I have been in a wheelchair for over 9 years, , and so have many resources the family might need, e.g. psycho-social support in their community (WYNGS), charities they can hook into, where, how and who pays for a handicapped-accessible vehicle, hand controls, etc. Please pass on my e-mail once they are not so overwhelmed. I can be a good resource for them. Best of luck to all,

    Julienne (3647d5)

  12. […] I have to admit that I was floored, literally floored when the LA Times decided to put the story of Officer Ripatti on their front page.  This is so unlike the liberal, mostly cop hating paper I have been used to.  Be that it may this is a very moving story that everyone should read.  If your not familiar with Officer Ripatti, I first blogged about her last week shortly after the shooting.  Since then a few in the blogosphere picked up on the story, even Patterico, the blogger who keeps a sharp eye on the LA Times, has started a fund drive. […]

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  13. Hello all, this is my first time writing on a blog- I’m very computer illiterate, so I hope this works. I am Patterico’s colleague who wrote the blurb about Officer Kristina Ripatti’s situation. My utmost thanks goes out to Patterico and to all of you for your kind words of support and donations. I visited Kristina in her rehab hospital yesterday, and she looks so good. She asked me to thank everyone for all the support. She is so positive and is answering her cell phone, watching TV, etc. I think one of her quotes sums up her attitude the best- When asked by a doctor if she wanted to start taking anti-depressant medication, she responded by saying “No, a Guiness and the World Cup would be fine.” I saw her husband Tim at the BBQ on Wednesday at Southwest Station- he was typical Tim, quiet, smiling, talking to everyone. Just seeing the two of them has really lifted my spirits, when it should be the other way around- that’s what kind of people they are. Thank you all again for your generosity- I have the utmost respect for each of you to open your hearts to the Pearce/Ripatti family. Joe

    Joseph Porras (59bfb8)

  14. Thank you to all of you for your kind thoughts. The only way we will be able to trudge our way through this tragedy is with the loving support demonstrated by your kind thoughts as written above and prayer. When your heart is dragging, one only needs to read these type of thoughts to gain the strength necessary to take a deep breath and push forward. I only wish you knew how important you are to us. Thanks so much. Jean Pearce

    j.t. pearce (d5ee53)

  15. My name is Officer Francis Coughlin LAPD and a close friend of Katrina & Tim. The response to the request for assistance has been overwhelming but above all the appreciation for the work all officers do on a daily basis has been most gratifying. Be assured that Katrina and Tim will have the support of all officers inside and outside of LAPD as long as is necessary and thank you all for your support.

    Officer Francis Coughlin LAPD (911af9)

  16. my name is Bob and I am a disabled viet vet so I feel i need to help Katrina and TIm . So am sending checks whenever possible. I have found that some medical expenses aren’t covered even when injured in the line of duty, sooner or later you always have to pay yourself. It just is the way it is I guess.

    bob hosier (04365f)

  17. […] Please go here and donate.   [link] […]

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  18. your story brought hard core seasoned narcotics detecives to tears..we are compelled to meet kristina and tell her how we feel.

    NYPD Detective Richie Fagan (d62108)

  19. Hi There,
    I just finished watching the Extreme Home Makeover episode with Kristina and Tim. I have to say that this episode hit close to home as I am in the first stages of becoming a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer up here in Canada. This job is something I have wanted to do for a very very long time. I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasnt thinking of becoming a police officer. Kristina is definitly a roel model not to just her fellow co-workers but to all police officers. Her goals maybe different now from what they were but they are acheivable. Her story really showed the love that she has for her job but also for her family. even though we are a tond of miles apart I look at her as a role model for me. To push on through everything for something that you love and want to do. she is a remarkable women. I thank you ABC for doing this story it has I am sure effected more people then just me. We have had in the past year and a half 6 mounties killed in the line of duty. Everytime this happens it strengthens my love for the job I want to be doing. Tonight see this episode also stregthen that love. Kristina, I am not sure if you read these BUT I thank you for your love of the job and your strive to get better. You are a role model to me and I am sure other!

    Carrie (782ef5)

  20. Very nice posting, thank you very much. Cheers. Michael.

    Tavla (e78625)

  21. I’m a fan, Patterico, but before asking people to send cash, you might mention that Rapatti earns a tax free pension for the rest of her life – something at or above $10K/mo. When combined with her husband’s income, her family earns about $20K/mo. Sending cash to her doesn’t help the “LAPD family” it helps her. The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation might be a better middleman – I’m pretty sure their receipts are tax-deductable too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I AM saddened by her injury, just as I am dozens of other married LAPD officers whose funerals and bedsides I’ve visited over the years who have quietly disappeared into the shadows without similar fanfare or adulation. But if you’re going to hawk funds for her, you might mention her actual income before someone sends cash that their own family could put to better use. And if donors want her to have more than $20K/mo, no problem.

    By the way, LAPD Sergeant Edward Ortiz has been suspended without pay for seven years for no other reason than LA prosecutors and politicians being too embarassed to admit that they violated his civil rights. Even after an Orange County jury unanimously awarded him five million dollars for the gratuitous suffering your office caused him, he’s still suspended! Maybe if your peers admitted and apologized for their wrongdoing, Ortiz could continue with his career – a career you ostensibly wish Rapatti could continue.

    In LA, armed parolees aren’t the only menace cops face.

    Clark Baker (337440)

  22. I think your police term for bad people is “dirty”. The reason they don’t want Ed Ortiz back with LAPD is because he is DIRTY. He physically abused his former spouse and fails to pay child support. Don’t feel sorry for this dude. He’s been working all along and portraying himself as a victim. This guy would rather pay an attorney to fight paying child support then to pay support so his daughter can have all the things that she needs. He is corrupt and deserves to be off the force. Look at his package, ask his former police officers why they posted on the bulletin board that “Edward Ortiz has no honor.” His rights were violated? What about the rights of his child? This guy needs to start acting responsibly. Maybe its this kind of personal and professional behavior that has gotten him in his current situation. Its called KARMA.

    Former in Law (36e227)

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