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Irony in Action

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My brothers-in-law and their families visited over the last couple of weeks, during the recent gloom. The second one left yesterday morning. Each day the house was fogged or misted in. One of them never got to see Catalina, and probably doesn’t believe it exists. On the last night that the other brother-in-law was here, he barely saw an outline of a portion of the island’s isthmus and the land just on either side of it.

Yesterday it rained, and the rain cleared away all the clouds, mist, and fog. Last night the view was as clear as it’s been in weeks. This morning is even clearer. You can see the buildings of Avalon with the unaided eye.

They’ll never believe it.

4 Responses to “Irony in Action”

  1. On a clear day:

    Can you see the little house, a shack really, on the isthmus which was used by Union troops during the Civil War?

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  2. Patrick,

    Greetings from Boston, nice to hear it’s clear back home. Regarding the view, that seems to just be the way it always is. Whenever we have a family function or have out-of-town friends visiting, it’s always fogged in. I’ve just learned to accept it. I think it’s God’s way of keeping us humble.

    Jeff C. (e129fb)

  3. Heh. They won’t be back soon.

    Lastango (bf1429)

  4. So finally its a clear day! Free of mist,fog and clouds. Thats feel nice to see the clear morning as it happens once in a moonlight. Now thats an irony. Moonlight and morning!

    Bavi (5cee78)

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