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LAT: Activist Against Immigration Reform is “Ambivalent” on Immigration Reform

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I’m just now catching up with this story of L.A. Times sloppiness. Michelle Malkin’s readers noted that someone the paper described as “ambivalent” on immigration reform (and whose pro-illegal comments therefore should be given more credibility) is really an activist against the Sensenbrenner bill.

Once again, the blogosphere reveals what Big Media does not. Because the paper does not provide its full content to mobile phone users using the standard Treo browser, I don’t know whether the paper’s editors have issued a correction/clarification. But they sure owe one to their readers.

2 Responses to “LAT: Activist Against Immigration Reform is “Ambivalent” on Immigration Reform”

  1. […] I’ve been wondering when we’re going to get a correction to that story about the activist against the Sensenbrenner bill whom the L.A. Times described as “ambivalent on immigration reform.” After four days of watching the story go uncorrected, I couldn’t help myself. So I wrote the Readers’ Representative, Jamie Gold, to ask what’s up: To: […]

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  2. […] The L.A. Times won’t be issuing any correction or clarification regarding the story of Cyndi Smallwood, the allegedly “ambivalent on immigration reform” entrepreneur who is actually an activist against the Sensenbrenner bill. Recall that, this morning, I wrote Readers’ Representative Jamie Gold about this issue, quoting extensively from sites that had uncovered the extent of Smallwood’s activism. The Readers’ Rep has replied to my e-mail as follows: Thanks for sending me links to websites that include others’ interpretations of the Times article from last week. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » L.A. Times Will Not Correct or Clarify the Story About the “Ambivalent” Activist (421107)

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