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Hiltzik’s New Assignment?

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Nikki Finke says that, after his suspension, Michael Hiltzik will be reassigned to “sports investigations.”

Take it for what it’s worth.

12 Responses to “Hiltzik’s New Assignment?”

  1. First assignment: A crow-eating contest.

    Jim Treacher (f69e1b)

  2. Sports investigations? Will he be doing stories about conflicts of interest between minor-league baseball promotions and the local feed grain provider?

    CraigC (9fd63a)

  3. […] We look forward to Hiltzik’s next assignment so we can find out what department at the Times is lower on the totem pole than the Business section. Update: Patterico reports that Nikki Finke says it’s “Sports Investigations” — maybe this position that LA Observed reported on about six weeks ago. […]

    Independent Sources » Blog Archive » Hiltzik Saga, The Denouement: Los Angeles Times Management Gets It A Little Right, A Little Wrong (dd41d6)

  4. Hiltzik could provide a whole new meaning to “triathalon.”

    Or “tag-team.”

    He could write about a controversial trade involving “a
    sock puppet
    player to be named later.”

    Imagine the identities possibilities!

    Paul (c169e9)

  5. Sports investigations! Eagerly looking forward to Hiltzik’s new assignment. Would it involve investigating the sports person and his real life story. Lord knows or Hiltzik must be knowing it better.

    danny (aebca3)

  6. Great! Perhaps he and Mitch Albom could write columns together?

    One could write about stuff he hadn’t seen, and the other could provide sock puppet witnessing?

    Lurking Observer (ea88e8)

  7. Given the nature of Mr Hiltzik’s transgressions, would it not have been more appropriate to see him in the Style/Fashion section, wherein he could continue to report on and with made-up people ? Or would that have been too much of a cosmetic change ?

    Alasdair (0c1945)

  8. I still say the Food section. Let him eat his heart out.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  9. People, this means that Mr Hiltzik’s days are numbered — and it ain’t a big number.

    Sports investigations means, one presumes, not reporting baseball games, but looking for dirt, for the things teams and players don’t want publicized, in sports. Mr Hiltzik isn’t a sports reporter, so he has no credibility in the locker room; the players don’t know him. And you can bet that every sports agent is going to be telling his players not to talk to Mr Hiltzik: he’s a reporter out looking for dirt, on them, and talking to him could harm their careers.

    The Times has taken Mr Hiltzik completely away from the field in which he (purportedly) knows something, and is going to throw him into something where he has no knowledge, no experience, and no contacts. They have set him up to fail, and he is (probably) smart enough to know it.

    Dana (dd8e7e)

  10. I completely agree with Dana. Why Mr Hiltzik is given the different work to which he has no connection at all? Sports investigation is not an easy task as playing. Lets hope all goes in favor of Mr Hiltzik!

    joe (aebca3)

  11. […] I’m trying to wind down my posts about Michael Hiltzik. But I note that Cathy Seipp has also heard the rumor floated by Nikki Finke that Hiltzik will be reassigned to “sports investigations.” It’s still a rumor, of course, but I find rumors to be more credible coming from Cathy than from Finke. […]

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