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Who is Juan Non-Volokh?

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Over at Volokh, pseudonymous poster Juan Non-Volokh is about to unmask himself, and Eugene Volokh is goading commenters to guess who he really is. The overwhelming consensus: Jonathan Adler.

6 Responses to “Who is Juan Non-Volokh?”

  1. I’ve read his stuff, and I doubt he will turn out to be Ovaltine. But I’ve been wrong before.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  2. I am.

    Angry Clam (fa7fff)

  3. Michael Hiltzik?

    corvan (ab8eaf)

  4. whoever he/she is, its one of the most clever and culturally aware nom du blog out there.

    The Conspiracy is required reading.

    spwb (500ab8)

  5. Somebody who uses toothpaste.

    McGehee (5664e1)

  6. It’s ironic that a clear demonstration of how badly the LA Times is misunderstanding (or should the word be “misrepresenting” and “mishandling”?) the core problem with Hiltzik’s shennanigans appears in this post.

    The Times says Hiltzik’s offense was in his “… employing pseudonyms[,which] constitutes deception and violates a central tenet of our ethics guidelines: We do not misrepresent ourselves and we do not conceal our affiliation with The Times.”

    But “over at Volokh pseudonymous poster Juan Non-Volokh is about to unmask himself,” and nobody is arguing that Juan has been deceptive or unethical. It’s all just enlightening, serious fun.

    Contrary to the LA Times’ wilfully misleading broadside, an author’s mere use of a pseudonym is not deceptive or unethical – and is often beneficial for readers and author alike. Juan Non-Volokh has been a non-deceptive kick. Hiltzik’s problem lies in the purposes and intents to which he put his pseudonyms.

    But the Times explicitly identifying and investigating the real problem would have properly led to an investigation comparing Hiltzik’s methods with how other Times reporters and columnists advance their agendas in the paper. That (unattempted) investigation would have become very uncomfortable for the Times very quickly. Easier to just kick Hiltzik out for getting caught.

    At the Los Angeles Times, a new broom reshuffles the dust!

    Kenneth McKenna (cb5ec8)

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