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It’s All Greek Dutch to Me

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WebWereld has an article titled LA Times columnist weg na blog-onthulling:

Zaterdag 22 april 2006, 10:43 – De Amerikaanse krant LA Times heeft een blog van een van zijn columnisten offline gehaald. De auteur reageerde en verdedigde zijn schrijven in de commentaren van zijn blog.

Hierbij bediende de columnist zich van meerdere bijnamen. Wat de implicaties zijn voor de toekomst van de auteur, Michael Hiltzik, is nog onbekend. Het reageergedrag van Hilztik, die in 1999 nog de Pullitzer Prize won, is aan het licht gebracht door blogger Patrick Frey. De blogger werd online aangevallen door enkele personen. Frey ging op onderzoek uit en kwam tot de ontdekking dat Hiltzik achter de schuilnamen zat, zo meldt CNet.

Bloggers liggen vaker in de clinch met de traditionele media. Zij vinden dergelijke media vaak arrogant en bevooroordeeld. Eerder deed Hiltzik de beschuldigingen van Frey nog af met de term ‘vermakelijk’.

I’m not exactly sure what any of that means, except that I strongly suspect that “vermakelijk” means “sock-puppet.”

UPDATE: Commenters say my suspicion is wrong. It means “amusing” or “entertaining.”

10 Responses to “It’s All Greek Dutch to Me”

  1. Vermakelijk means entertaining.

    Foobar (98c9d6)

  2. The translator at gives a very amusing translation. I especially like the reference to Hiltzik being “behind the pseudonyms drunkenly”

    Here is the full translation:

    Hereby clerk the columnist self of several nicknames. What the implications its for the future of the author, Michael Hiltzik, is yet strange. The reageergedrag of Hilztik, that in 1999 yet the Pullitzer Prize won, is at the light brought by blogger Patrick Frey. The blogger was attacked online by single persons. Frey went on investigation from and came till the discovery that Hiltzik behind the pseudonyms drunkenly, as reports CNet.

    Bloggers lie often in the clinch with the traditional media. They find such media often arrogant and bevooroordeeld. Before Hiltzik did the accusations of Frey yet off with the term ‘amusing’.

    Fritz (7eeaf6)

  3. Actual translation (from someone who lived over there seven years, namely myself:)

    The American Newspaper LA Times has pulled a columnist’s blog offline. The author reacted and defended his writings in the comments of his blog.

    The author made use of multiple nicknames. What the implications for the future of the author, Michael Hiltzik are unknown. The behavior of Hilztik [sic] was brought to light by blogger Patric Frey. The blogger was attacked online by certain people. Frey investigated and came to the discuovery that Hiltzik was behind the pseudonyms, according to CNet.

    Bloggers are often in the clinch with the traditional media. They find this media frequently arrogant and predjudiced. Earlier, Hiltzik dismissed the accusations by Frey with the term “laughable.”

    Webloggers have been directly responsible in the past for the departure of journalists. The Bush-inclined journalist Jeff Cannon resigned when it was made known that he used a false name and managed homosexual websites.

    In September 2004 weblogs discovered that the TV program ’60 Minutes’ presented forged documents regarding the military service of Bush. Dan Rather, presenter of the program, was under pressure (rough translation of the idiom – ed). Eventually he retired. The TV-network CBS fired four employees after the affair.

    It is not the first time that a columnist has used diverse nicknames to plug his own work. In The Netherlands, columnist Leon Hillen from the investment site used eight other aliases besides his own nickname Onno. He responded under false names and gossiped for his own company. This incident was brought to light after an investigation by the lead editor of the site.

    Arch Radish (90604f)

  4. Argh. Second paragraph should read:

    What the implications are for the future of the author, Michael Hiltzik are unknown.

    And change the spelling to “Patrick”.

    I should stop translating at 6 in the morning.

    Arch Radish (90604f)

  5. What it really means is that if you have the time to go surfing for references to yourself in languages you don’t understand, you have a little bit too much time on your hands! 🙂

    [Bad assumption. It just showed up repeatedly in the SiteMeter referrals. — Patterico]

    Dana (9f37aa)

  6. This just keeps being very Vermakelijk.

    I like the first translation where it refers to Hiltzik drunk.

    I mean, it would explain a lot.

    Rightwingsparkle (934a68)

  7. Patterico,

    To answer you question from a previous thread. I am in Houston. But I lived in Fort Worth for 11 years. I loved Fort Worth!

    This week I start blogging for the online Houston Chronicle ( as TexasSparkle. As you may know that paper is also known for it’s lefty tendencies. I am their first conservative blogger.

    (I’ll still be Rightwingsparkle though!)

    Rightwingsparkle (934a68)

  8. “De blogger werd online aangevallen door enkele personen.”

    I just like how that looks in the original.

    Don (b6906b)

  9. ‘Sparkle:

    Awesome. I’ll definitely link your first post.

    Patterico (156eed)

  10. Way to go, Sparklie.

    Still monitoring your logs, eh, Pat? I expect the idjits will be IPshy a while still. 😛

    Dan S (4f3e88)

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