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Quote Quiz #3: With a Theme!

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It’s time again for the Quote Quiz. This one is fun because there’s a theme. The theme should be obvious, but may help you with some of the more obscure songs.

You know the rules. 5 points for the band, 1 for the title. No Googling. Post your answers before reading any of the comments.

My favorite songs are probably #3 and #9 — but I especially like #10 in the context of this quiz. Tell me why it fits the theme and earn an extra 3 points. Tell me who “Fat Boy” is in song 3 and earn 2 points.

Hint: I am repeating a song I previously used in another quote quiz. I had to; it fit the theme.

As always, some lyrics and songs will be more obscure than others. Don’t worry — CraigC will kick your behind anyway.

Here are the lyrics:

But there’s something he never told us
It died when he went away
If only he could have been with us
No telling what he might say

Imagine a place where it all began
Gathered from across the land
To work in the secrecy of the desert sand
All of the brightest boys
To play with the biggest toys
More than they bargained for

A ball of tape and metal
Was lifted into place
And “Fat Boy” dug a hole in the ground
Big enough for the whole human race

I will leave the city’s rush
Leave the fancy and the plush
Leave the snow and leave the slush
And the crowds
I will seek the desert’s hush
Where the scenery is lush
How I long to see the mush . . .
Room clouds

When a terrible explosion
May rain down upon our land
Leaving horrible destruction
Blotting out the works of man

How can I save my little boy
From Oppenheimer’s deadly toy

Nobody rules these streets at night but me

Asia’s crowded and Europe’s too old
Africa is far too hot
And Canada’s too cold
And South America stole our name
Let’s drop the big one
There’ll be no one left to blame us

The rusty wire that holds the cork
That keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly
It’s day again

Keep smiling true just like you always do
Till the blue skies make the dark clouds fade away

30 Responses to “Quote Quiz #3: With a Theme!”

  1. I’m revealing my child-of-the-80’s status with:

    #2 – Rush, The Manhattan Project (from “Power Windows” I think?)
    #6 – Sting, The Russians (from that album with Brandford Marsalis – Dream of the Blue Turtles)
    #7 – Van Halen, Atomic Punk (wouldn’t have gotten this one without the “theme”)

    carlitos (2bcbb9)

  2. Okay,

    #1 He Knew-Kansas…that’s the repeat…
    #3 I don’t know the song, but Fatboy was the A-bomb
    [You’ll have to be more specific. — Patterico]
    #6 The Russians-Sting
    #7 Atomic Punk-Van Halen

    I assume the topic of the quiz is our plans to nuke Iran! And, I truly believe the CraigC cheats and googles all his answers!

    That’s all!


    Stacy (e5478a)

  3. 1. Kansas, “He Knew,” from Point of Know Return.
    2. Rush, “Manhattan Project,” from Power Windows.
    6. Sting, “Russians,” from The Dream of Big Gay Turtles, or something like that.
    7. Van Halen, “Atomic Punk,” from Van Halen.
    9. Pink Floyd, “Two Suns in the Sunset,” from The Final Cut.

    Extra points:

    #3 “Fat Boy” is an offhand reference to Little Joe, the not-so-little “boy” who wiped out Hiroshima.

    Xrlq (f52b4f)

  4. I can’t begin to compete here, but #8 is Randy Newman. In #3, Fat Boy must be a reference to one of the A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but I thought they were “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”.

    David Barnett (cb9d30)

  5. #4 is Tom Lehrer. The Wild West is Where I want to be, or something like that.

    ‘Neath the yuccas and the cactus
    I’ll sit back and watch them practice
    Dropping bombs over all humanity

    Steverino (6d41f5)

  6. #10 is “We’ll Meet Again”…you got that from the ending to “Dr. Strangelove”

    Steverino (6d41f5)

  7. Sorry for the multiple posts. The singer on #10 is Kate Smith, if my memory serves me…

    Steverino (6d41f5)

  8. #5 is the Louvin Brothers’ “Great Atomic Power” (also covered recently by Raul Malo).

    To keep up the theme, here’s one right back atcha:

    “Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch,

    And I don’t like anybody very much!”

    See Dubya (921613)

  9. Awww… finally one I recognize, and Steverino beat me to it! (The following lines, though, should run more like: “I’ll watch the fellas practice / droppin’ bombs through the clean desert breeze.” (This is important, ’cause breeze rhymes with BVDs.))
    See Dubya’s follower is of course “The Merry Minuet,” commonly associated with the Kingston Trio, though I don’t recall who actually wrote it.

    Eric Wilner (3936fd)

  10. #5 is the Louvin Brothers’ “Atomic Power.”

    #8 is Randy Newman’s “Political Science.”

    #9 is Pink Floyd. Title escapes me; one of those horribly dreary Roger Waters songs.

    I’m sensing a nuclear-bomb theme here. 😀 “Fat Boy” was one of the A-bombs dropped on Japan, I think.

    Bobby (df25e0)

  11. Except it was Fat Man and Little Boy. Not Fat Boy.

    [But the question is: what was “Fat Boy”? People should answer *that* question. — Patterico]

    See Dubya (921613)

  12. Oh, I love that Pink Floyd song. I actually think Final Cut is their best album.

    Hugo (5e5ab8)

  13. I may be totally off the mark here, but I believe #9 is from Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” (which to Roger Water’s chagrin wasn’t Pink Floyd’s final album despite the title). I’ll guess the title is “Daybreak.” It fits the theme since “It’s day again” is a reference to a nucular bomb (since it lets off so much light and heat).

    Fat Boy is the nickname of the first nuclear bomb to be used as a weapon. (Not to be confused with Frat Boy, which is a completely different proper noun.)

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  14. Hugo, if you like The Final Cut, then you probably would like more of Roger Waters music since, from what I’ve heard and read about it, Waters controlled every aspect of the album’s recording. I have to agree with Bobby about Water’s propensity to be “dreary.” Even though The Floyd’s my ultimate band, I like David Gilmore’s musical influence much better.

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  15. No. 6 is from Sting’s extraordinarily tendentious Dream of the Blue Turtles (which I remember reviewing for my high school newspaper). Don’t remember the actual track, though.

    Toby Petzold (ef611c)

  16. For some reason I thought we got points for naming the album, too.

    #1 is “Portrait” (He Knew) by Kansas. BTW, thanks for giving me a revelation, Patterico. I never really dug into the lyrics, I always assumed it was about Jesus, but now I see that it must be about Einstein, given the theme.

    #2 is “Manhattan Project” by Rush.

    I don’t know #3, but I guess he’s referring to one of the bombs dropped on Japan, but if I’m not mistaken, it was “Fat Man” and “Little Boy.”

    #6 is by Sting, and I think the title is “The Russians Love Their Children, Too.”

    #7 is “Atomic Punk,” by Van Halen.

    #8 is “Let’s Drop the Big One,” by Randy Newman. Boom goes London, boom Pah-ree….

    #10 is “We’ll Meet Again,” by many people. Bonus: Kubrick used it over the blossoming mushroom clouds at the end of “Dr. Strangelove.” Good ol’ Slim Pickens.

    CraigC (8e5f52)

  17. For an extra bonus, what was the recall code? 🙂

    CraigC (8e5f52)

  18. CraigC:

    For an extra bonus, what was the recall code?

    I think it was OPE, but if not, it was POE.

    The only ones I got were the Sting song and of course We’ll Meet Again; I don’t know who wrote the latter, but it’s most associated with British singer, Dame Vera Lynn.

    [Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember how she said that we would meet again, some sunny day? — Patterico]

    (Oh, it’s written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles. I just looked it up.)


    Dafydd (6e94cd)

  19. Patterico:

    Hah. There’s also a Pink Floyd reference here.


    Dafydd (6e94cd)

  20. Sh*t!! “Political Science.” I knew that.

    CraigC (8e5f52)

  21. The recall code was “PBF.” Precious bodily fluids. Good trivia note here: Everyone refers to the Sterling Hayden character as “Gen. Jack D. Ripper,” but they never actually said that in the movie. He was just “Gen. Jack Ripper.”

    CraigC (8e5f52)

  22. CraigC:

    The recall code was “PBF.”

    No, I believe that is incorrect. Mandrake (Peter Sellers) finds a piece of paper in which Gen. Ripper has written “PURITY OF ESSENCE” and “PEACE ON EARTH” in a sort of acrostic or “crossword puzzle” way; the recall code is some permutation of E, O, and P — and I believe it’s OPE.

    That’s the code I recall being on the “discriminator,” and that’s the code Mandrake calls in to SAC headquarters (after Keenan Wynn shoots the Coke machine for enough “loose change” to make the call)… though it doesn’t help Major Kong’s (Slim Pickens’) bomber, because the self-destruct mechanism self-destructed, taking the radio with it.

    I believe there is a sign visible in some shot that says “Gen. John D. Ripper commanding,” or some such. It’s clear his full name is John (thus “Jack”) D. Ripper.

    I will have to watch it again, which is certainly no hardship.

    The names are all great: besides those mentioned (and the eponymous Dr. Strangelove), we have Col. “Bat” Guano (“if that really is your name”), President Merkin Muffley, Major T.J. “King” Kong, and Gen. “Buck” Turgidson.


    Dafydd (6e94cd)

  23. I’m pretty sure the recall code was OPE, but it could have been POE.

    Dr. Strangelove has probably my favorite, single line from just about any movie:

    You can’t fight in here. This is the war room!

    Veeshir (5f9b87)

  24. This is the “funnest” bomb song:

    The king called up his jet fighters
    He said you better earn your pay
    Drop your bombs between the minarets
    Down the Casbah way

    I wonder if there are any covers of it.

    [Are you making “fun” of me for using “fun” as an adjective? — Patterico]

    nk (35ba30)

  25. Yup, you’re right, Dafydd. It was some combination of OPE.

    CraigC (28872d)

  26. Patterico, re my comment 24.

    No. That’s the way I talk too. What’s wrong with “fun” as an adjective? This is one heckuva fun blog. To quote a cigar-smoking, Nazi-ass-kicking, one-bottle-of-whiskey-a day-drinker: “This is the kind of errant pedantry up with which I shall not put”.

    nk (bfc26a)

  27. NK:

    I think you forgot to add “Shaw-quoting.”


    Dafydd (6e94cd)

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  29. The book it was based on (not ‘Fail Safe’, but a similar one) the code was ‘OEP’, or ‘On Earth, Peace’

    MrJimm (d750e7)

  30. I’m not sure whether I’m proud or slightly embarrassed that I knew more than half of these!

    Mad Cacti Blog (47683a)

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