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Bloggers Have Needs

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[Posted by Xrlq]

Read more about it here (h/t: Uncly-Wuncly).


5 Responses to “Bloggers Have Needs”

  1. Well, he made it. Not sure what I think about his “needs.”

    Jeff (fccab8)

  2. This is really discouraging: I’ve worked hard on my site for over a year now, and I’ve got a whopping 18,000+ visits, per sitemeter. No, I won’t get my wife to agree to a threesome when I hit 2 mil (she’d probably say sure — with another guy! No thanks.), and I don’t have her picture on my site, but man, I sure could use more traffic!

    Dana (dd8e7e)

  3. If I was the girlfriend, I’d point out the circular nature of a bet that depends on 2,000,000 hits, and the fact that the hits were gained by publicizing the bet. Seems like dirty pool to me.

    Teri (afca91)

  4. Somehow I’m guessing that Teri wouldn’t be his girlfirend in the first place.

    Dana (71415b)

  5. The gentleman also added pages with the photos of women who uploaded their pics to his site, allegedly as volunteers for the third. While I think he ought to go with the girl with the green hair on the second page, the woman pictured at the bottom of this article would really be the right one for him/them.

    Dana (71415b)

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