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Kavanaugh: Screwed

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Confirm Them says Brett Kavanaugh is getting screwed, no doubt thanks to Hillary.

13 Responses to “Kavanaugh: Screwed”

  1. Yes, Kavanaugh clearly deserves to be on the DC Circuit. Anyone who can write so eloquently about inserting cigars into vaginas (as if that detail was at all relevant to the matter) clearly deserves such a nomination. Kavanaugh, as far as I am concerned, should be strung up and hung by right-wing standards — after all, he dared challenge a president.

    [Bill: you made the details relevant when you lied under oath. Prosecutors must use facts to prove cases. If the facts of your case are sordid (and they are), you have only yourself to blame. — Patterico]

    Bill Clinton (64b4c1)

  2. I’m sure that Senators Frist and Specter will remember their responsibility and get Kavanaugh confirmed right after Alito. And the passage of ANWR drilling. And Social Security reform. And a bill withholding money from the UN.

    Just wait and see…

    Becker (b5235c)

  3. Re: RINO’s

    Conservatives work to elect Republicans to Congress but once in DC, they go soft in the head. It’s past time to kick some butt. I’m taking names and will use my vote to reject the likes of Specter and Frist, and it will be GOP behavior over the last 2 years will outweigh the sweet music of the campaign season. This ain’t my first time at the dance, I’m old and don’t hear so good anyway.

    Kavanaugh was Ken Star’s second banana, so Hillary puts a hold on his nomination in revenge for him for doing his job prosecuting The Big Creep. May all her chickens come home to roost, and the sooner the better. She wants to run on her record. Well so long as it’s the whole record, so be it.

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  4. Brett Kavanaugh was not nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court as many have stated. Kavanaugh was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

    The late Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media spoke to Kavanaugh by telephone in 1996 and tape recorded their conversation. The audio and transcript are available online
    Clearly Brett Kavanaugh covered up the murder of the Deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster.

    Turley (2d2c5d)

  5. Turley, if you can hear this through the tin foil flaps on your hat, “DC Circuit” is an informal reference to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  6. Turley,

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad to know of Kavanaugh’s role covering up details of Vince Foster’s death. Nothing I said above should be taken as an endorsement of Kavanaugh.

    He has quite a lot of explaining to do before his nomination moves forward. At this point, if I could, I would put a hold on it, and I’m grateful to whoever did it, for whatever reasons they did it. Absent a persuasive explanation, he shouldn’t be confirmed for dog catcher.

    If anyone thinks this puts me among the tin foil hat brigade, then I want to know why they aren’t there rubbing shoulders with me.

    Vince Foster does not rest easy in his grave, there are way too many questions unanswered, and way too many individuals interested is keeping his death quiet. And the trail of deception leads right to the Clinton White House and more specifically, directly to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  7. Jack, asking the question doesn’t put you under a tin foil hat. But drawing Turley’s conclusion — “Clearly Brett Kavanaugh covered up the murder of the Deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster” — from the information on the other end of the link might. Perhaps, as you say, Kavanaugh has some explaining to do. But Turley’s source doesn’t come close to shifting the burden to Kavanaugh.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  8. TNugent-
    Do you think federal judges David Sentelle, John Butzner, and Peter Fay also have tin-foil hats? These three judges, on the Special Division of the U.S. Court of appeals, attached an appendix to Starr’s Report on Foster’s death to insure that the Report was complete and fair. The appendix attached, over Starr’s objection, included evidence of witness intimidation by the FBI, a bullet wound in Foster’s neck, Foster’s car was not at the scene, and other evidence Foster was murdered. Starr’s Report on Foster with the appendix attached was made public by these judges on October 10, 1997.

    The evidence that Brett Kavanaugh had a role in covering up the murder of Vincent W. Foster comes from three federal judges on the second highest court in the U.S.

    Brett Kavanaugh authored Starr’s Report on Foster’s death. Nearly every single page of the 114 pages Kavanaugh submitted to the three judge panel contains something contradicted by the underlying official documents.

    The taped conversations of assistant U.S. attorney Miquel Rodriguez, Associate Independent counsel Brett Kavanaugh, and grand jury witness Patrick Knowlton are supported by the evidence attached by three judges to fraudulant report submitted to the court by Kavanaugh.

    The murder of Vincent W. Foster was covered-up by Brett Kavanaugh.

    Turley (2d2c5d)

  9. Ok, Turley, I apologize for the tin-foil hat crack. But it’s not “clear” that Kavanaugh is guilty of the cover-up, as you said. Worth further investigation? Sure. But clear? No.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  10. Vince Foster is surely dead, and clearly the actual circumstances of his death have been covered up. Obviously, more than one someone did the covering. And clearly, Brett Kavanaugh is involved up to his chinny chin chin.

    Kavanaugh was the guy willing to sign his name to the cover up report. Unless he can explain that, it disqualifies him to be a judge, in my opinion.

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  11. TNugent-
    When Miquel Rodriguez resigned from Starr’s Office of Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh replaced him and Kavanaugh was in charge of the Foster death investigation. He had access to all of the investigative records, FBI interview reports, autopsy, crime scene photographs, etc. He also had subpoena power and was in charge of the grand jury investigation. Brett Kavanaugh along with John Bates had full knowledge of the intimidation of witnesses especially the intimidation of Patrick Knowlton because they both had a hand in the intimidation of Patrick.

    John Bates has already been rewarded with a seat on the bench of the Federal Court in D.C.

    Here is an excerpt of Patrick Knowlton describing what happened:

    Then, John Bates who was seated behind me leaned forward and passed a note to Brett Kavanaugh, from which Kavanaugh read the following questions, He said, “Mr. Knowlton did the man in the park talk to you?” And I replied, “no.” He asked me, “Did the man in the park pass you a note?” And I replied, “no.” He said, “Did the man approach you?” And I replied, “no.” “Did the man in the park point a gun at you?” I replied, “no.” And lastly Kavanaugh asked me, “Did the man in the park touch your genitals?”

    Turley (2d2c5d)

  12. Brett Kavanaugh was not the only person who was willing to go along to get ahead.
    Miquel Rodriguez said,

    “The games are being played with people, you know, like, like Tuohey and, and – the young aspiring people, you know, who I used to work with back in that office – who will, will say and do what they have to, to move up the ladder.

    “It’s not just Tuohey, there’s a lot of people that are, are very interested in controlling the result here. I wrote that to Starr back in January of, of this year and in December of this year it was squelched by, by Tuohey because he could yell louder than I could – he was a team player and, you know, I know, my office was searched by him, you know, um, I know what he is capable of doing. That includes throwing a tantrum and throwing chairs.

    “I was unable to call witnesses and issue subpoenas and, under control of the Democrat Mark Tuohey, and compromised. You know – it’s in many Republican’s interest to not rock the boat, because – what we’re talking about is ultimate power.”

    In addtion to Kavanaugh going to the White House and John Bates becoming a federal judge, Julie Myers, part of the Little Rock phase of the Foster death investigation for Starr, has been appointed to head the second largest investigative agency in the USA, the Dept of Immigration & Customs. Mark Touhey is now part of the D.C. Sports Commission and closely associated with the new major league baseball team, the Washington Nationals. Michael Chertoff who was the counsel for the U.S. Senate and questioned witnesses under oath about Foster’s death is now head of the Dept of Homeland Security. Glen Ivey, who deposed all of the rescue workers and park police, became Maryland states attorney for Prince George’s County and is a rising political star. Starr went to Pepperdine. They have all done very well.

    The one career that did not advance was the guy who refused to go along the murder, Miquel Rodriguez. He returned to California and his old job as assistant U.S. attorney.

    Turley (2d2c5d)

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