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Jill Stewart on the Worthlessness of a Nobel Nomination

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Jill Stewart has an op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle on the worthlessness of a Nobel nomination. Yours truly is mentioned.

3 Responses to “Jill Stewart on the Worthlessness of a Nobel Nomination”

  1. The great number of potential Nobel nominators begs the question: how do they nominate? Just send a letter? Is there an actual form?

    And, given some of the past Nobel Peace Prize nominees (and even a few of the winners), I’d say that Tookie Williams is in fine company.

    Dana (a071ac)

  2. Hey,

    Patterico’s nomination for Black Jack’s Skull and Crossbones Award is at least as worthless as any old Nobel nomination, arguably more so, and the op-ed proves it. So, lets keep our eye on the ball here, and keep things in proper perspective, huh?

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  3. Remember that our former idiot president JIMMY CARTER got the peace prize when there were plenty of others who realy deserved it more then this peanut brained moron

    krazy kagu (4455b0)

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