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Give Patterico a Media Credential

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Who among you is involved with a media organization and would like to give Patterico a media credential? It could be for a radio station, an alternative newspaper, a high school newsletter . . . I don’t care. I just want to be able to call someone and say: “I’m working on behalf of [your organization here].” But I don’t want to, you know, go to journalism school and be a real journalist, and all that jazz. I just want the credential.

I have a specific reason for making this request. If it works, you’ll know.

No, I’m not trying to avoid FEC regulations. To hell with those people. It’s a secret why I want to do this, for now. But if you have a media credential to offer, and you want to know why, e-mail me at patterico AT patterico DOT com and we’ll discuss it.

UPDATE: Kevin Roderick says:

Patterico is seeking a media “credential” (whatever that is) for some secret purpose.

It’s funny he should put it that way. I wrote somebody about this on Saturday and said almost exactly the same thing: “Does [your organization] have any way of obtaining or distributing media credentials? (Whatever those are.)”

The closest I can figure, as I say in the post, is that I want to be able to call people and legitimately say that I’m representing a particular media organization. Whether I would need some medal pinned on my chest, of the kind that might be handed out by the Wizard of Oz, I have no idea . . . being rather unsophistimicated in such matters. Roderick continues:

Let’s assume it will involve a conservative lesson about journalists or the media.

Well, that’s not a bad guess, since it’s a request for a media credential, and I’m a conservative. It’s a bit snarky, but it’s not a bad guess. But there’s much more to it than just that.

9 Responses to “Give Patterico a Media Credential”

  1. I think you should apply for one from the L A Times. 🙂

    Dana R. Pico (8d0335)

  2. Actaully, in all seriousness, have you considered writing an “Eye on the Times” column for, say, the LA Weekly?

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  3. Get ordained by the Universal Life Church, then order a Press Pass.


    Ben Cooper (3e41ac)

  4. (Psst) Here is a secret: there is no formal definition of “the Press” or a “journalist”.

    “Patterico’s Pontifications” is a perfecly fine press. Might want to create a subsidiary called something more formal like “Penultimate Press” for the credential — a desktoip publishing program will do fine for a nice press pass.

    John Lederer (3a6d9c)

  5. For what I want to do, I want to be able to say to the individuals involved something more than “I am Patterico, random blogger.”

    Let me try to make it sound as impressive as I can so far:

    I run a web site called Patterico’s Pontifications, and have published two op-ed pieces in the L.A. Times. I am a founding member of the Media Bloggers Association and have been interviewed on KABC, WRKO, and KZSU radio stations.

    I guess that sounds better than “I am some Yahoo with a web site,” but I am looking to be able to say something like: “I am working in association with KZSU radio (or Pajamas Media, or Your Organization Here) on a piece on ____ . . . ” etc.

    Sorry this is all so vague, but I don’t want anyone to steal my idea, which is mine.

    Patterico (806687)

  6. Write to the Seattle Weekly.

    They’re clearly too close to our Lenin statue, but they are a pretty equal opportunity loose cannon. They don’t care whose ox gets gored, they report the news. They appear to have lots of ‘stringers’, which seems to be what you’re aiming for.

    Actually any second tier paper should do, no?

    Al (2e2489)

  7. You’re pathetic.

    Art (897a61)

  8. A well-reasoned and bold argument.

    Patterico (806687)

  9. You’ve got plenty of choices from the conservative media: The Weekly Standard, National Review, Investors Business Daily, Fox News, etc. But you don’t want a “media credential” (whatever that is). What you apparently want is permission from a media outlet, preferably one with some name recognition, to use its name in your secret project, along with the name of someone from the organization who will vouch for you. If you need something in writing, you can also print up some business cards for the purpose.

    Bradley (cf6984)

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