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AP: Tookie Didn’t Commit Murders

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The AP reports as fact that Tookie was innocent:

Williams was convicted in connection with four killings during a pair of armed robberies in 1979. But he never wavered from his claim of innocence and refused to confess to crimes he did not commit, even if doing so would save his life.

Well, at least we know how the AP feels about it.

Okay, I’ll grant you this: it’s probably just sloppy editing. But it’s sloppy editing that a pro-death-penalty editor would have caught — that is, if the AP employed such a person.

(Via Xrlq.)

2 Responses to “AP: Tookie Didn’t Commit Murders”

  1. Terrible Journalism

    Judging by Miss Gera’s article, the Europeans seem to believe, uniformly, that Mr. Williams had reformed, something for which there is precious little evidence. I don’t know if that speaks to the gullibility of the democratic Europeans or…

    Common Sense Political Thought (819604)

  2. “even if doing so would save his life”

    Also reported as fact

    Amphipolis (fdbc48)

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