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Los Angeles Times Tries to Butter Up Patterico and Fails

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The L.A. Times will run a feature article tomorrow titled Blogging L.A. It’s a fairly innocuous piece whose main saving grace is a mention of yours truly:

Politics runs heavy too, with intense, phlegm-flecked rants from the left, the right and those who consider themselves nonpartisan, equal-opportunity bashers of governmental and societal inanities. Media-watching is big on sites such as, run by Kevin Roderick (a former Times staffer), and Patrick Frey’s Patterico’s Pontifications,, which mixes a conservative take on local media (particularly The Times, which has recently begun beefing up its blog presence) and politics at all levels.

Hmmm. Is my blog a “phlegm-flecked rant[] . . . from the right”? Or am I a simple media-watcher? It seems a little ambiguous to me. You make the call!

I am, of course, always happy to be mentioned in the same sentence as Kevin Roderick, who (though I share little of his politics) is an excellent blogger who makes an invaluable contribution to the L.A. blogging scene in general — as well as being an indispensable source for all matters relating to the L.A. Times.

Otherwise, I figure The Times is trying to butter me up by including this blog in the piece. Nice try, guys, but no sale! (Be sure to note the ironic Mickey Kaus-style exclamation point!)

P.S. WARNING: above post may be tongue-in-cheek. Interpret accordingly.

11 Responses to “Los Angeles Times Tries to Butter Up Patterico and Fails”

  1. When I rant I wear a bib.

    Chris Malott (3e6fd0)

  2. Sheer coincidence that I was cleaning my screen this morning.

    John Lederer (3a6d9c)

  3. This sucks. Yesterday I could have primly observered that _I_ for one haven’t posted a rant in months. But this morning I can’t say that…

    Doc Rampage (47be8d)

  4. I discovered your website via today’s Calendar article. I’m writing for advice. My name is Ken Levine. I’m a longtime TV writer (Cheers, Simpsons, Frasier, Mash, and lesser impressive shows) and just started my own blog.

    How do I get the word out? How long have you been doing it? What did you do to get yourself noticed? This is all new to me. Thanks for any tips and congratulations on putting together a terrific site.

    Ken Levine

    Ken Levine (eedb89)

  5. Phlegm-flecked!? The correct term is spittle-flecked. Jeez, can’t they get it right!!!???

    (multiple punctuation used to ensure proper rantiness)

    McGehee (5664e1)

  6. Blogs like this one are “like blades of grass poking up through cracks in cement.”

    Shredstar (e3dbd3)

  7. I think that if anyone should be flecked at all, it’s David Fleck of Progressive Reactionaries.

    CGHill (43e777)

  8. I’m surprised you don’t have an “I told you so” piece up on the Rolling Stone expose of The LA Times.

    kathleen (cfd823)

  9. Thanks for that! I’ve been waiting for Randall Sullivan to come out with a piece on the mistrial. I read Philips’ articles and was puzzled and annoyed, but I simply didn’t have the time to go into then, and I knew Sullivan would eventually be all over it. I was at a meeting with Sullivan’s brother yesterday and almost asked him what Randall thought about those stories. Anyway, I’ll link that in a post, and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention.

    Patterico (806687)

  10. Phlegm is where you find it Patrick.

    EH (544be1)

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