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Hilburn: Out (And About Time)

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Music critic Robert Hilburn is leaving the L.A. Times. I say: good riddance. Here is why I feel that way.

6 Responses to “Hilburn: Out (And About Time)”

  1. This has made my day. First, Scheer is shown the door, and now Hilburn is ankling. I don’t see anyone noticing his absence, and therefure us having to survive the high dudgeon coming from his “supporters”, like we have with Scheer.

    Change is good, and these are very welcome ones for the LAT.

    Brian (b0d240)

  2. Hilburn leaving the LA Times

    L.A. Observed reports that:
    Sacramento columnist George Skelton opted out of the L.A. Times buyout at the last minute. But a more prominent name put himself on the list: longtime Pop Music Editor/Critic Robert Hilburn. Arguably the Times’ best-…

    Independent Sources (4f7430)

  3. […] We will be sorry to see Hilburn go. We may not always agree with his musical assessments but we always read his reviews and have done so for 2+ decades. It has been enjoyable watching him discover and then embrace punk, new wave, heavy metal, 80’s pop, hip hop, grunge, electronica, etc., etc. over the years. Anyone who reads the paper has their own opinion about how their favorite bands/albums were short-sheeted by Hilburn and the Times, but that comes with the territory. It is amazing that he never burned out dealing with arrogant artists, derivative albums, and clueless record companies. […]

    Independent Sources » Blog Archive » Robert Hilburn leaving the LA Times (4f7430)

  4. Some time ago, I made myself this deal regarding Hilburn: I can read his articles, but I must stop as soon as I reach the word “stark”.

    v-man (96754e)

  5. Well, I certainly won’t miss the idolatrous “Bruuuuce” review on a yearly basis. I’m holding out for the resignation, firing or self-immolation of the utterly useless Christropher Knight.

    Pat Patterson (5b3946)

  6. I made a point of never reading a letter in the Calendar section that started with “I am appalled…”

    It cut down my reading time by 80%.

    steve miller (334f74)

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