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Having Christian Kids Act Like Muslims

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Jeff Goldstein has an interesting post on a recent Ninth Circuit decision allowing a school to encourage Christian students to act like Muslims, and the contrast between that and the Pledge of Allegiance decision.

I haven’t read the more recent case, but I am intrigued by the suggestion in the post (made by Jay at Stop the ACLU) concerning whether the teacher’s actions might be viewed differently if she were encouraging Muslim students to act like Christians.

15 Responses to “Having Christian Kids Act Like Muslims”

  1. I think teh difference that he is missing is that saying ‘under god’ is not being done for pretend and pedagogical purposes, but for actually pledging something under god. Whereas the kids acting like muslims are doing it as a role-play.

    actus (c9e62e)

  2. Fine actus.

    But it isn’t establishment to have the students, by word, dress, and deed, conform to the expectations of a Court recognized religion – Atheism?

    Al (00c56b)

  3. “But it isn’t establishment to have the students, by word, dress, and deed, conform to the expectations of a Court recognized religion – Atheism? ”

    I don’t know what a court recognized atheism looks like. Or how it differs from plain old non-sectarianism. Or is everything a religion?

    actus (c9e62e)

  4. I’m sure the parents will rebel when it comes time for the field trip to Mecca.

    zhombre (21bcea)

  5. I think a court based atheism is a rejection of even the incidental spillovers of a faith based life. It so, it is an intrusion into the lives of faith based people. The court seems to require that we tailor our lives to the courts variable dictates, rather than that we dictate the courts fixed boundaries.

    Congratulations, actus.

    RJN (c3a4a3)

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    grandpa stole bets (89ea12)

  7. starts off with Guns, Germs and Steel, ends with Larouche.

    Angry Clam (a7c6b1)

  8. Its the time span between role playing as Muslims for a short period of the lesson plan period versus the year round issue of the pledge.

    But if one role plays Muslim, shouldn’t there be role play Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc?

    The fundamentalist of each religion might take issue with role playing for another religion, on religious sensitivities and there is need for opt out, as there apparently is…

    Yi Ling (e01760)

  9. “But if one role plays Muslim, shouldn’t there be role play Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc? ”

    In third grade we learned about ghana. Spent about a few weeks on it. Why ghana and not butan or every other country in the world? Who knows.

    actus (c9e62e)

  10. I wouldn’t have any problem with my 7th grader pretending that she was Muslim for 3 weeks and adopting a Muslim name and giving up Candy or something in the name of fasting. What I would have a problem with is reciting one line of a prayer. There is separation of Church and state in the US, and I would think that reciting one line, even one word of a religious prayer violates this.

    J.Doe (8e4cd6)

  11. I’d like to reiterate my point that political correctness will kill us all.

    Nick @ HBR (ba4fb8)

  12. Turnabout is fair play:

    How about giving Dems a chance to see how the other half lives, they could all pretend to be Republicans for a few weeks, say around election day.

    That would sure give the meatheads on the 9th Circuit something to chew on, besides their usual Lefty cant.

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  13. Is grandpa serious?

    If so, he should start taking the Haldol I recommended to Murtha.

    Anyway, I send my kids to a private christian academy. It offers excellent academics and people actually pray and study the Bible. Also, if you violate school rules (drinking, smoking, drugs, etc)even when your out of school or summer break, you can be expelled. I love the place. The students are generally great kids and serious about their studies.

    I sent my first daughter to the public school, here in metro Minneapolis, and by the first month of 1st grade, I realized a bunch of witches ran the place. My daughter, thus her parents, were acused of racism because she would’nt sit next to a black boy who had hit her in the clock room. They tried to diagnose her with attention- deficit, and had all sorts of pro -gay family and anti- christian cartoon books for her to read. The math and reading were dumbed down and they strongly believed in “group homework”
    They also bragged that sex- ed was started in 5th grade.
    It amazes me that parents care so much about day care or pre school programs but won’t take the time to look at what’s in the kid’s library..etc. I quickly learned that since I live in liberal village, I could not change the I left the fire. It feels so good to not worry about” what indoctrination do they have planned today “? Oh yes, they said a pledge to mother earth and said the pledge of allegiance was fascist. You should see the Howard Dean bumper stickers in the parking lot!
    Latin is mandatory .

    alexandra morris (8d0335)

  14. What I would have a problem with is reciting one line of a prayer.

    Sometimes we read aloud parts of history or geography book, so why not parts of a religious prayer? What’s in reading?

    I think this is ideology or truth as perceived by each tenet’s adherents and thus the sensitivity against even reciting 1 line.

    Why is fasting not sensitive? Because it is common to many tenets, just at different rules and different food rules.

    Hindus and Buddhists try not take life and extends to insects , so do not swipe insects for a week 🙂

    Yi Ling (f2e237)

  15. Related post:

    Now That Schools Can Teach Islam, They Can Teach Christianity Too

    Here are excerpts:

    “Great news! The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just approved teaching Christianity in public schools.

    “Actually, the Ninth Circuit didn’t intend to approve teaching Christianity. The Ninth Circuit intended to approve teaching Islam in school (as long as the Islam lessons are not an “overtly religious exercise.”)

    “Whatever it intended, the Ninth Circuit’s ruling must apply with equal force to Christianity.”

    “Reportedly, the attorney representing the children and their parents who challenged the course in Islam, Edward White of the Thomas More Law Center, has said that he will ask the full appeals court for a rehearing.

    “My reaction to that news: STOP!!!!!!!!!!

    “We are now winning! This ruling is a gift!

    “As an old litigation attorney told me when I was just starting out: When you are winning, shut up!

    “Of course, Mr. White is to be commended for having filed the Eklund case. It is his prerogative to pursue this case to the full Ninth Circuit and to the U.S. Supreme Court if he wishes. But I believe that this Ninth Circuit ruling, thin gruel though it may be as an unpublished memorandum ruling, is nonetheless a gift.”

    Read more . . .

    Gina Cobb (41ce95)

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