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Ramirez Out

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The other day I passed along news that Robert Scheer was leaving the L.A. Times and wondered whether things might be improving there.

It looks like the answer is: probably not. Because they’re not just booting out Scheer — they’re also getting rid of Michael Ramirez.

Bad move.

P.S. Scheer blames his ouster on his amazing personal courage in exposing President Bush’s alleged lies. Xrlq hears the world’s smallest violin playing.

8 Responses to “Ramirez Out”

  1. They’re picking up Jonah Goldberg as a columnist though, so it certainly isn’t all bad. Dumping a Marxist columnist and picking up a conservative one is a big move.

    The loss of Ramirez is not good though.

    The Editors, American Federalist Journal (e9efb8)

  2. The Prize:

    Perhaps Scheer will qualify for the Mary Mapes Prize for Amazing Courage in Contemporary Revisionist Journalism. Although the field is wide open and nominations are coming in fast, recent effoets to include Democrat politians have so far been unsuccessful.

    “Who could compete with John Kerry” one nominee asked, “The flip-flopper would bury us. Now, we were all for the war before we were against it, but Kerry owns the flipper tag. Who could compete with him?”

    One WaPo reporter opined, “Let the big mouths in DC have their own awards, the ACCRJ is ours, and if Kerry wants in then he can just go ask the Swift Boat Vets to nominate him.”

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  3. Too bad about Mike Ramirez: though sometimes too acid, he was a great counterpoint to the editorial page’s leftie bias. And I’m also sorry to see Gerlenter dropped. Robert Scheer, on the other hand, should go write for the Worker’s World Daily, where he belongs.

    Oh, wait, he already writes for the SF Chronicle.

    Anthony (Los Angeles) (58ac98)

  4. Scheer sucks. And I say that as a liberal.

    Geek, Esq. (5dd2be)

  5. The L.A times has made a tremendous mistake with the ouster of Michael Ramirez. Our Paper, “The Commercial Appeal”, has been gasping for air struggling to keep its head above water since Ramirez’s departed Memphis for L.A..
    Our present editorial cartoonist, I’m sorry to say because I respct the aesthetics involved, couldn’t shine Ramirez’s shoes.

    The L.A. Times will suffer

    Rivera (54c794)

  6. Mike Ramirez is the best,cleverest,&most imaginative Editorial Cartoonist,in the U.S.A.!
    Mike is also the most Talented Caricaturist,as well as a Talented Artist&Conservative!
    Mike,can you come work,in Houston,Texas??

    Pete Perez (bc9210)

  7. the l.a. times is well known for its thinly disguised agenda of masquerading as journalism by providing misleading information through its sophomoric editorials advocating irrational and subversive formats that cater to the uninformed, to the intellectually disenfranchised. michael ramirez provided the only voice of reason; literally overwhelming the rhetoric of the opinion section. by releasing ramiriz the times has completed its rise to mediocrity.

    stan bent (557115)

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