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More Poor Writing from Harriet Miers

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I’ve said it before, and the evidence just keeps piling up to support my position: Harriet Miers can’t write. (Via Professor Bainbridge.)

As the poster notes, everyone makes mistakes. But honest to God, I think I read over my blog posts more thoroughly than she read over her answers to this questionnaire. And my blog posts are, after all, only blog posts — not my answers to a questionnaire about my qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice. Wouldn’t you want to give a document like that a quick little glance before submitting it?

P.S. In a recent comment, Beldar asked me if I had read this 1995 letter from Miers to Bush. Answer: yes, I have — and I think it sucks. I’ll quote the last sentence as one simple example of why I say this:

Additionally, I feel confident it will never work and those involved in its promulgation will be smeared with legitimate criticism for a blatant attempt to shield, protect and curry favor with interests that have brought shame on this state, badly hurt our economic development efforts directed at creating jobs and continue to this day to cause our state to be held in disrepute for “justice for sale.”

There are plenty more passages in the letter that are just as bad or worse.

8 Responses to “More Poor Writing from Harriet Miers”

  1. I thought some parts of her response to the panel were good, but I was bothered by a few places (towards beginning) where she seemed to brush the question off with Micheal Mann type responses. It looked like she had cribbed from the excellent Roberts document (some similarities in language/logic), but not come up to his level. Becuase she is NOT OF his level.

    Down with the Chimperor!

    TCO (3c2924)

  2. LAW: The Writing Sample

    Beldar offers up, as a sample of Harriet Miers’ persuasive writing, a letter she wrote to George W. Bush (when he was governor of Texas) urging him to veto legislation that would prevent the newly Republican-controlled courts from regulating attorneys…

    Baseball Crank (88d88f)

  3. Smear with legitimate criticism?

    Christopher Cross (093ea4)

  4. I sometimes write a sentence like that as a joke. Do you think she meant to be funny?

    Doc Rampage (b7bb1a)

  5. Give her credit–she exercised extreme self-control in not using “great” even once in your example.

    Levans (b13763)

  6. Hmmm.

    Isn’t one of the oft-repeated positives about Miers is that she is very deliberative? That she has attention to detail and focus?

    ed (c39eb0)

  7. Miers Questionnaire, Take II

    In a lengthy post early this morning, I argued that, although I still think Harriet Miers unqualified for the Supreme Court, the flap over her answers to the Senate questionnaire was “silly.”

    Now that I have seen the questionnaire (in PD…

    Outside The Beltway (8bc707)

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