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Kozinski Strikes Again

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Did I say that you shouldn’t cross Alex Kozinski? Yeah, I think I did.

Don’t try to slip anything past him either. (Read the dissent.)

How did I guess who the judge was?

Thanks to Jonathan S. Haas for the link.

2 Responses to “Kozinski Strikes Again”

  1. IMHO: Impeachable offense, based on the district judge’s own admissions and the apparently undisputed facts. This makes the Ninth Circuit (except for Kozinski), or at least its Chief and the district and circuit judges on this particular council, look awfully bad. The only thing the Council should have accepted short of a referral to the House with a recommendation for impeachment proceedings might have been a resignation plus restitution and personal apology.

    As it happens, I’ve been the complaintant in one Ninth Circuit judicial disciplinary proceeding, purely as a citizen-observer (I had no contact to the underlying case). It’s the only time in my career I’ve filed such a complaint. I pointed out certain undisputed facts that were a matter of public record and that I believed to constitute an unambiguous violation of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges. As I understand the Ninth Circuit’s rules, however, because they chose not to make the ruling on my complaint public, I’m likewise enjoined (or at least forbidden, which I take seriously even though I don’t practice regularly in the Ninth Circuit and am not a member of its bar) from discussing details of either the complaint or their action on it. I shan’t here, nor elsewhere. But I’m left wishing that Judge Kozinski had been on the Judicial Council convened for that complaint as well.

    Beldar (feb030)

  2. Federal courtrooms as Sherwood Forest

    Imagine that you’re a trustee. The trust to whom you owe fiduciary duties owns, and has rented out, a house, so you’re effectively acting as that property’s landlord on behalf of the trust. You must act prudently, lest you become liable to the trust…

    BeldarBlog (af7df9)

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