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The Australians are Mocking Us

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Read it here.

It’s a serious reversal of fortune since the days of Crocodile Dundee, and its fault lies entirely with the Senate.

Key quotation:

When you contrast the bedlam unfolding over empty seats on the US highest court with the smooth, untroubled, barely noticed appointment last week of Susan Crennan to our own High Court, the lesson is clear. Why politicise our courts?


With no disrespect, Crennan’s appointment has already passed from newsprint to fish wrapping. And that is a very good thing. Why? Because in Australia, to the chagrin of many legal activists, most of our judges do not prance around as politicians in legal drag as they do in the US.


We Just Want the TRUTH! . . . Even if We Have to Lie to Get It

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You gotta keep a close eye on these anti-war protesters.

They’ll pretend to have children when they don’t . . . is leaving nothing to chance as it tries to make Sheehan into a national icon. It supplied demonstrators with advice on media relations. . . . “We’re also asking that you bring pictures of children,” requested, and it didn’t matter “whether or not you have a child serving in the military.”

(h/t Sachi.)

They’ll pretend to be former Republicans turned Democrat by their shame over the war . . .

(He’s actually a Democrat, and has been for years.)

. . . all as they repeatedly scream their slogan:


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