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Bush Nominates Roberts to Replace Rehnquist as Chief Justice

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The story is here. Just call me Karnak.

UPDATE: Stuart Buck notes that Roberts could be both O’Connor’s replacement and Chief Justice.

UPDATE x2: Scrappleface reports that Democrats are demanding a conservative originalist to replace Rehnquist, to maintain the balance of the Court.

Riehl Dishonesty

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[More updates below]

In comments to my post yesterday on Dan Riehl, I told a commenter that I wasn’t pursuing matters any further than that post. Unfortunately, Riehl has done a new post dishonestly suggesting that I misrepresented the situation yesterday.

I’ve got better things to do than to write this. Still, I have a hard time just letting it go when someone makes a false claim that I am being dishonest. Maybe I should learn, but I haven’t yet, so here we are. The post is below. I’m hiding this behind the extended entry. Feel free to skip it, unless you’re really interested.

If you are interested, I have decided to describe things in a linear, chronological fashion, so you can see exactly what happened and when. Doing it this way makes it clear why Riehl tried to hide the post of his that I republished yesterday: he was trying to cover up its inconsistency with the story he had chosen to peddle to me and Michelle Malkin.


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