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First Impressions Can Be Deceiving, Part Two

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Although Erwin Chemerinsky initially appears to be smarter, repeated exposure to his opinions confirms that Beavis is actually the more intelligent of the two. Discuss.

(Part One here. Latest Chemerinsky whining here.)

6 Responses to “First Impressions Can Be Deceiving, Part Two”

  1. Chemerinsky,
    rants on, in legalese, how Bush stole the election; a tedious but informative whine. In this painful text, he manages to assert, over and over, that MANY PEOPLE also agree that Bush screwed Gore.

    bureaucrat (825e78)

  2. Maybe he has been talking to Krugman?

    bureaucrat (825e78)

  3. I wonder when the last time Chemerinsky decided that someone was too liberal…not just for the Supreme Court…but for any judicial position.

    Oh yeah, that would be never.

    Many years ago I was subjected to dear Erwin’s canned lecture on Constitutional Law for a Bar Prep class. During an intermission, he expounded to a student how ridiculous it was for former CA Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird to have been impeached. Erwin, son. Any fool knows Rose Bird was a menace to society if there ever was one!

    Bird was impeached, among other reasons, (including NEVER upholding the death penalty) because she once overturned a 2nd degree murder conviction, writing that intoxication (if severe enough) could negate ANY and all criminal intent.

    But Erwin thought she was a “fine” justice.

    Erwin’s an idiot.

    pingell (d997fb)

  4. If Erwin claimed Rose Bird was impeached, he’s an even bigger moron – or, more likely, an even bigger liar – than I thought he was. Chemerinksy has always impressed me more as a prostitute than as an idiot. IIRC, he was the only law professor in the country willing to sign on to the goofy theory that Prop 209 would allow the state to begin discriminating against women.

    Xrlq (5ffe06)

  5. I’ll go with Beavis. I’ll roll out this oldie-but-a-goodie Patterico post as proof (as well as to stroke my own ego):

    Justin Levine (f341b1)

  6. Beavis knows when to shut up … mostly. SO he wins. /TJ

    TJ (5fcbaa)

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