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First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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Although Butthead initially appears to be smarter, repeated viewings confirm that Beavis is actually the more intelligent of the two. Discuss.

UPDATE FROM THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL: Sentiment seems to be running against me. But answer me this: who has the imagination to be Cornholio?

16 Responses to “First Impressions Can Be Deceiving”

  1. Beavis: heh heh m heh heh
    Butthead: huh huh

    Beavis is definitely the smart one.

    caltechgirl (cbfa61)

  2. ………….I have never actually watched an episode of Beavis and Butthead…………

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  3. Tough call. They are both morons, but my money would still be on Butthead.

    Great show. What a blast from the past

    Recovering Democrat (c1d0b8)

  4. Butthead was a tad smarter, but that isn’t saying much. That is still one of all time favorite shows and I was bummed that it went off the air. Thank god for MTV 2.

    Powder Blue Report

    Allan Bartlett (a9b07e)

  5. Well Howard is younger and hasn’t distroyed as many brain cells with alcohol, but Ted has senority. But it’s a tough call based on quotes by each.
    Oh the other Beavis and Butthead! Never mind.

    Lew Clark (f252e9)

  6. I’ve got dibs on Buttheads IQ being at least 5 points higher. That means he’s somewhere in the 40’s.

    Nick @ HBR (731b94)

  7. Aren’t the creators of B&B doing King of the Hill on FOX?

    bureaucrat (825e78)

  8. I would have to say that Butt-head appears to be marginally smarter than Beavis most of the time. Not 100% of the time, but enough to give him the IQ crown between the two of them.

    bureaucrat: Yes, Mike Judge, creator of B&B, is also one of the creators of King of the Hill, and voices the main character.

    Joshua (317111)

  9. It was a trick question. They are both geniuses.

    Insider (8feb2b)

  10. Patterico, it was just a joke, a 1960s intelligence test: you’re not really supposed to smoke those banana peels!


    Dafydd (f8a7be)

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    Mensa Barbie is all the buzz. Don Surber hatches a conspiracy theory. Conservative Cat has the answer for escaping all the news about Cindy Sheehan. Patterico has gone off the deep end. Sigmund, Carl and Alfred fill their tank. If…

    Cafe Oregano (ad1416)

  12. ButtHead is smarter; albeit clueless.
    Beavis is downright hopeless.

    I thought everyone knew that??

    TJ (5fcbaa)

  13. PS – it isn’t imagination that make Beavis Cornholio, just caffeine. /TJ

    TJ (5fcbaa)

  14. Sugar, I think — but there still has to be a basic intelligence under there to make Cornholio work right.

    Patterico (756436)

  15. uhh what the hell is this. uhh wheres beavis? uh huh huh huh, he owes me 10 dollars zat dillwang.

    uhhh Butthead (743f2e)

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