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Cindy Sheehan: Terrorists Are “Freedom Fighters”

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Well, Cindy Sheehan is back in Crawford. So, whether you’re bored of her story or not, you’re going to get more of it. But the media probably won’t tell you that she has used the term “freedom fighters” to refer to the terrorists fighting American forces in Iraq.

The video is available at this link. It is Sheehan responding to a question from CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller’s question: “You know that the President says Iraq is the central front in the war on terrorism; don’t you believe that?” Here is Sheehan’s response:

Um, no, because it’s not true. You know, Iraq was no threat to the United States of America until we invaded. I mean, they’re not even a threat to the United States of America. Iraq was not involved in 9/11. Iraq was not a terrorist state.

But now that we have decimated the country, the borders are open. Uh, freedom fighters from other, um, countries are going in. And they have created more terrorism by going to an Islamic country, devastating the country and killing innocent people in that country.

The terrorism is growing. And people who never thought of being car bombers or suicide bombers are now doing it because they want the United States of America out of their, out of their country.

It takes your breath away, doesn’t it? These are the very people who killed her son, and she is calling them “freedom fighters.”

News? You be the judge. The blog post with the video was published two days ago. But Sheehan’s “freedom fighters” reference is apparently not important to the L.A. Times, which has not reported that or similar statements since the Sheehan controversy began. (The closest the paper has come was to publish my op-ed.)

Instead, the paper is running stories like today’s, titled Bush Invokes Military Mother to Defend War. Rather than searching out military mothers who support the war, the paper just sits back and waits for Bush to tell their stories, and then portrays him as exploiting them. The story mentions Cindy Sheehan in the context of drawing a parallel between Iraq and Vietnam, describing her as “[t]he most prominent of the antiwar activists.”

Oh, well. In that case, we’d better not tell readers that she is calling terrorists “freedom fighters.”

22 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan: Terrorists Are “Freedom Fighters””

  1. I think at minimum the term “Nutbag” is now fully justified – this is directly analogous to Moore’s “minutemen” comment.

    Scott (57c0cc)

  2. But notice that when Pat Robertson makes an ass of himself it gets nationwide coverage – front page in my local paper, wall to wall on CNN.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  3. “the paper just sits back and waits for Bush to tell their stories, and then portrays him as exploiting them”

    “notice that when Pat Robertson makes an ass of himself it gets nationwide coverage – front page in my local paper, wall to wall on CNN”

    Two simple observations that in tandem are devestating to the MSM’s faux objectiveness.

    Sweetie (f6fb72)

  4. The only “freedom fighters” in Iraq are OUR troops, fighting for the Iraq’s freedom, while these terrorists fight to keep them under dictatorship, or the Cleric’s controll.

    SAVET (aa4c81)

  5. You’ve got to stop pointing out things Sheehan says. She’s got a right to her opinion and by pointing out what her opinions actually are you’re infringing on that right. Besides, Bush lied and Sheehan is against Bush so it’s irrelevant what she says, if it would sound unreasonable to most people.

    Gerald A (10b9b3)

  6. Y’all are being too hard on Cindy. I mean, these people from the other countries she calls “freedom fighters” are in fact fighting freedom. What’s your problem?

    Steven (a0a9b7)

  7. At this point I can’t feel anything but sad for this woman. She is being completely manipulated by liberal groups whose only goal is to make the President look bad. The whole situation is very similar to a few years ago when the infamous democratic talking points handouts had all the Senators spouting the same lines, even when they made no sense.
    What’s worse is that she will never get over her pain this way, and that I guess is what she really wants, to be the pefect sad, grieving mother for the rest of her life.

    Denny (baf7f0)

  8. Denny-
    Your comments got me to thinking – here we have a finger pointing nutcase being used for partisan ends – when have we seen this before?

    The Salem witch trials. No I’m not tossing around a “hitlerism” in saying that – the witch trials involved a few young girls that were led to “suspected witches” by those with an ax to grind, and the girls would then experience epileptic seizures when faced with a “real” witch – it was on this basis that the women (and a few men who also were considered witches) were hung. Subsequent research has suggested these girls were motivated by a child’s desire for attention and approval (ya think?), prodded along by adults willing to do anything for an agenda, and abetted by a public credulous enough to swallow the whole act. The only difference here is that we have one adult woman instead of a few young girls, and the gallows is in this case figurative.

    Nice to see how “far” we’ve come in 200 years.

    Scott (57c0cc)

  9. The Jane Fonda of the modern age. I’m still waiting to see her photo-op with the terrorists. Of course, it might not be the photo she’d be expecting.

    Kevin Murphy (9982dd)

  10. As a Vietnam Vet I say we give her the same treatment given to me,,,, “Cindy you are a dispicable piece of PUKE.”

    SAVET (aa4c81)

  11. That’s a bit much.

    Patterico (756436)

  12. I think it’s time to stop calling C. Sheehan a “victim” of liberal manipulation. The linked story has her set to start a whirlwind bus tour to continue her harangue.

    Every time we call her a victim, we contribute to her ephemeral “moral authority.”

    She’s not getting dragged behind the bumper, she’s firmly at the wheel. She is accepting the attention of liberal groups because it furthers HER agenda, as much as anything to the converse.

    Here comments are premeditated and intentional. Don’t give her a pass on being accountable for her statements and actions because she’s “just misunderstood” or some hapless victim of a liberal media machine.

    Take her at face value.

    Partisan Pundit (263854)

  13. Technical Correction: Casey Sheehan (a true hero in every sense of the word) was killed by members of Sadr’s militia. So, no the “freedom fighters” infiltrating from other countries for Sunni Jihad were not among those who killed Casey Sheehan. Those folks are now fighting once again with Sistani’s militia, and have begged for a cease fire after getting their ass kicked.

    On other fronts, STORMFRONT, the Neo-Nazi group, is traveling to Crawford to support Cindy Sheehan’s very own jihad against “the Jews” and such, including “the War to protect Israel.” You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Expect the media to drop the Sheehan story completely lest Fox or someone like them put the Stormfront guys in the public consciousness.

    Jim Rockford (e09923)

  14. Jim,

    Are you certain that Sadr’s militia contains no foreigners? I seem to recall reading a story of foreign militants loyal to Sadr holed up in a Najaf mosque.

    In any event, I don’t make fine distinctions between the homegrown Iraqi terrorists and the ones who have swarmed in from neighboring countries. Judging from her quote, Cindy Sheehan doesn’t either.

    Patterico (756436)

  15. I think Steven has the right idea. Who said you had to fight for freedom to be a freedom fighter? Crime fighters don’t fight for crime, after all.

    And yes, I do think the phrase piss-poor should mean “lacking sufficient quantities of urine.”

    Xrlq (ca1ad5)

  16. Jim Rockford,

    I hope you can answer that question without charging your customary $200 per day. Plus expenses.

    Patterico (756436)

  17. […] Cindy Sheehan: Terrorists Are “Freedom Fighters” […]

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  18. Cindy Sheehan – Media Ho

    Just another spontaneous display of bereavement that Al Sharpton and a couple dozen camera crews happened to be on hand to witness.

    Scott (57c0cc)

  19. If any one was to invade America for what ever reason what would be everyones reaction? Would you welcome the invading “liberator”?

    Why did you have to fight the Japanese, the Germans and the British? They all indeed came to free you at different points in time …. but you were right to fight them because true freedom is the opportunity to mind your own business in your own way. What is true to America is also true to Iraq or anybody else in the world.

    Let the fight to free Iraq continue untill the invading force is defeated and go out.

    Well, I don’t believe the invading force will be defeated with the freedom fighters of Iraq. Power balance dictates the way of the world than justice; what the freedom fighters in Iraq do is help amplify the injustice commited by the Americans and hence help the contradiction madness of global imperialism and Zionism grow and rote to the point it will produce its own destroyer (some one like Hitler: Hitler was the product of the Britsh imperialism. What he basically did is to try to deconstruct the Britsh impire and reconstruct is as Arian impire. He succeded in the first one and set the path for the American impire. Thanks to Hitler we have the present world power configuration ..including the state of Israel with its inhumane treatement of Palistinians).

    But who can change the course of history? Who can stop the dialectical change? No one. So wait for the “truly historical liberator” that is conceived within the womb of global imperialism and born of it who is mariginalised by the system (as Adolf Hitler was) and would try to deconstruct and reconstruct the same global impire with him/her at the top and set the path for a global change, a better world despite his/her will for some time to come provided the world is not destroyed in the process.

    Meanwhile, you fat heads enjoy the blood money, the blood gas that you sucker from the childrens of Iraq and the middle east while the children of Afrcan and far east clean your shit…moral and material shit. And your grand children will pay for what you did as the generation of WW II had to pay for what their parents and grand parents did.

    The likes of Cindy are the lone voices in the wilderness, like the biblical prophets, trying to tell the truth. They will not succeed, no one will listen to them, as prophet Isiah said, “Who has listened to the truth we have spoken”; for that is contrary to the dialectical path of history.

    For the silent observer of wold history, it is an interesting play to watch. THE GRAND PLAY.

    simple (e684b8)

  20. Here are some interesting comments concerning the nature of these “freedom fighters” and the tactics they employ in their struggle:

    These ain’t no Minutemen, regardless of what Michael Moore thinks.

    tommy (21e7ec)

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