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Because It’s All About Me

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I love the rotating batch of testimonials that Jeff Goldstein has at the top left of his site. I am thinking of doing the same thing, and I’m collecting testimonials towards that end. In the course of my research, I have seen some very nice quotes about me, and some that are less than complimentary. For some reason, I thought it would be amusing to publish some of the comments from the less enthused in this post.

Just listen to what they’re saying:

“. . . stupid . . . idiotic . . . [d]umb, dumb, dumb . . . mentally incontinent whining . . . mindless crap . . . incomprehensible gibbering . . . dolt . . . numbnuts . . . Pattynumbnuts . . . idiot wingnut . . . unbridled prevaricator . . . damned liar” — Our friend Alex

“. . . just another run-of-the-mill right-wing blogger . . .” — Frank Ferrone of El Cajon

“. . . generic warblogger[] . . .” — Ted Rall

“. . . SpongeBob-Dobson-smackdown enthusiast[]” — Josh Marshall

“Feel free to stop reading TalkLeft any time now.” — Jeralyn Merritt

“Nitpicker.” — Bill from INDC Journal

“Patterico’s whining is just another example of Conservatives playing the Victim Card.” — David Ehrenstein

“. . . sometimes makes gratuitous sneers . . .” — Commenter Bradley

I admit that I Dowdified that last one a bit — Bradley also said some nice things, but it’s not as funny if I include those.

I have a feeling this list will grow in the coming days, as letters to the editor about my recent L.A. Times op-ed start to roll in.

Anyway, if you have said something nice about me — or even something not so nice — that you think might be appropriate for the testimonials, remind me of it in the comments. I may add it to the list.

24 Responses to “Because It’s All About Me”

  1. You, or Alex? Alex has called me that dozens of times. But he gets only one quote.

    Patterico (756436)

  2. We mention you a lot at Double Toothpicks, but now I’m struck by how pedestrian our characterizations of you are.

    (“RELENTLESS watchdog of the LA Times and all-around good guy.” “(B)ane of the Los Angeles Dog Trainer.” Boring!)

    Maybe fire-breathing cuddle-dad is more descriptive. Maybe.

    Bebeaux (b1c210)

  3. “Gratuitous sneers?”

    Your sneers are anything but gratuitous.

    Insider (8feb2b)

  4. I’ve called you that once or twice myself, but Sunshine was who I had in mind, not me or the dumb alex.

    Xrlq (5ffe06)

  5. Pattynumbnuts?


    Christopher Cross (8c14f3)

  6. For those on the left coast, “teechy” would translate to “well-caffeinated”, or for the right coast, “from New Jersey”.

    In Texan, “Teechy”, is just a notch to the left of “Onry” and to the right of “Skittish”. (The PC version is “Brash“)

    Paul Deignan (ff8a33)

  7. Patterico: Next to the Marines, your best friend and worst enemy…
    -By “Non-existent Blog”

    A Poem: “Non-existent Blog”

    I’m much too busy to run a blog,
    to Patterico, I look, for intelligent dialogue.

    It’s said the textbook was written by Hewitt.
    But like I said, I don’t have a “round tuit”.

    Terrible at lyrical expression you see,
    But Patterico still will put up with me.

    MD in Philly (b3202e)

  8. “Always spellchecks”?

    nk (b57bfb)

  9. An excellent substitute for a flexible, Phillips-head screwdriver!


    Dafydd (f8a7be)

  10. I never spellcheck. I used to, months back, when I used IE, but I haven’t found a plug-in that works with Firefox.

    I just read it over before I post. Sometimes more carefully than others.

    Patterico (34a8e7)

  11. Btw, I already had a Double Toothpicks encomium. But I’ll have to check out those as well.

    So far, I have the most quotes from Captain Ed, who has been very free with the praise these past 2+ years.

    Patterico (34a8e7)

  12. You irritate Rall, Marshall, Merrit, Ehrenstein! I’d suggest publicizing this to some of the bigger blogs. It should certainly bring a link-lanche, and comments like these from commenters like them will probably give you a good long term readership boost–even frequent visitors like myself will have greater respect than ever for you. The only danger is that your post may seem like bragging (is it?), make other bloggers jealous, and start a name-dropper war.

    Levans (7a2512)

  13. I can surely come up with a better one than that

    Bill from INDC (1cd503)

  14. TRB Stock Up After Patterico Column Appears in LAT

    Tribune total valuation surged by over $3.5 million within 24 hours of Patrick Frey’s column appearing on the editorial page of the Sunday Los Angeles Times…..

    It’s a fact!

    Rick Ballard (550665)

  15. With apologies to H.L. Mencken, Patterico compares favorably to the rising of the sun and the aurora borealis.

    D. Carter (9477da)

  16. Patterico: “I never spellcheck.” I think you’ve found your top quote, and it’s from yourself.

    Anyone under 35 who can write w/o resorting to a spellchecker is a rarity.

    I found two posts on my blog mentioning you, but neither produced anything worthwhile.

    So how’s this: That Patterico, he sure knows classical music.

    Pigilito (6cc896)

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  18. I think of you as a caped crusader battling the Times in the name of truth and justice.

    Kathleen (cfd823)

  19. “Snappy dresser. Looks good in plaid.” (?)

    Partisan Pundit (263854)

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