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Call me a moron if you like — you wouldn’t be the first — but I was mostly unaware of this Iowahawk guy before today. I think I remember going to his site once from Instapundit. I remember him as the guy with the goofy pipe coming out of his mouth.

But the guy is a comic genius. I stumbled upon him again as a result of this Pejmanesque post, and man! the guy is Jeff Goldstein-funny. I mean that funny.

As I said, if you already knew this, you can call me a moron and move on to the next post. But if you didn’t, go read his two most recent entries (the first of which is a recycled post from 2001):

Bush Country Faces Grim Shortages of Latte, Galleries

He or She Is The Wrong Man or Woman For The Court

Genius, I tells ya!

UPDATE 8-8-05: He has a new post today, here.

16 Responses to “Iowahawk”

  1. I had Iowahawk benchmarked before PP. Go to his archives and read all his stuff. Coffee through the nose funny.

    Lew Clark (51ea07)

  2. Mr. Iowahawk is a national treasure.
    The Special Guest Commentary By Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.
    Take the great SNL skits times the best
    Mr. Show skits to the power of the old National Lampoon
    (SNL x MS)↑(o)NL
    and you have Iowahawk.

    joeyjojo (84f0e6)

  3. Bush Country Faces Grim Shortages of Latte, Galleries had me in tears. He was doing a lot of good stuff last year also. If you enjoy a good laugh he belongs in your favorites folder.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  4. Bush country et al was good (living in Texas I can connect to much of the humor however satirical). However, my favorite is This satire and the one preceding it really put a knot in the leftists skivvies. Live long and prosper, Iowahawk!!

    docdave (850ab4)

  5. This one will make you cry:

    Caution: Drink Alert.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  6. His Dan Rather, private dick series was also great.

    jd watson (e27eeb)

  7. “Call me a moron if you like”

    Don’t worry, Patterico, no one–at least anyone with even a half-ounce of sense–would use “moron” and “Patterico” in the same sentence. 🙂

    clark smith (1e8bc6)

  8. So you’re a moron!


    Seriously, I’m stunned that someone as wired as you hasn’t previously encountered the magnificent comic genius of Iowahawk. He might just be the funniest man alive.

    jes' me (db8654)

  9. >

    this was funy

    Siska (05fc4a)

  10. No one can parody vacuousness like Iowahawk, and that one on Juan Cole is a classic.

    clarice (c49871)

  11. I knew google was good for something, dont know how I ended up here, but thanks for putting me onto Goldstein, we dont hear much of him here in the UK, but he truly is a genius, cheers

    Simon (24f038)

  12. I didn’t know him. I do know! And he’s good!

    Jerome Black (fa1e36)

  13. I am surprised someone like yourself hadn’t found Iowahawk yet…..he’s an absolute hoot….

    Watch out for the roving bands of Lutherans though…..

    (if you’re from the mid-west that will slay…)

    Old Tanker (07e196)

  14. In fairness to me, this post is almost two years old . . .

    Patterico (72aeca)

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