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Clint Taylor: Prometheus, Deterred

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Clinton Watson Taylor has an article about the poor guy who got killed by police in the London Tube.

2 Responses to “Clint Taylor: Prometheus, Deterred”

  1. “But if we are to find some good in this tragedy, it is that the terrorists now know that Britain, despite her politically correct rhetoric, is deadly serious about defending herself.”

    Maybe having an unsecret shoot-to-kill policy would help too. And not kill a brazilian who did not jump a turnstyle and did not wear a bulky jacket.

    actus (5b2f21)

  2. Why did he run?

    The man ran from the police too soon after the terrorist attack and he got shot because of it. He made a really dumb move at the wrong time and it cost him his life. It is a sad truth, but he would be alive today if he had yielded to proper authority. I don’t fault the police. Blame the terrorists and the runner, not the peelers.

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

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