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Pajamas Media Announcement

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Pajamas Media has released the following announcement:

Dear Bloggers,

Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in Pajamas Media and have kept in touch as we continue setting up our new internet venture.

We have been researching and developing our strategy, and appreciate your patience during this process. As you know, we originally had several components which we hoped to do as one, but the result of our research has been a decision to create two friendly, but independent and unaffiliated businesses.

Marc Danziger has created a new venture which he will initially house in his corporation, Charmed Particles.

Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson will be leading Pajamas Media.

Each group will contact you very soon with details about their ventures. You will be able to sign up with whichever of the two businesses suits your needs best.

We all look forward to working with you as we focus on making blogs more influential and more lucrative.

Charles Johnson
Marc Danziger (
Roger L. Simon

Stay tuned for more developments.

5 Responses to “Pajamas Media Announcement”

  1. So where’s my Nike shoe contract?

    Beldar (a1e881)

  2. Glad to see it’s still going forward albeit in 2 directions.

    Buckley F. Williams (82e13a)

  3. Take a look at Simon this AM and tell me you’d pay one dime to read it. He, like many of us, is simply reprinting other MSM news. I respect Johnson, but in all honesty he is just an Israel uber alles opinion journal filled with stuff you can read at JWR. Pajamas and Charmed are examples of sludge rising to the top of the garbage heap. Al of us blogs became a utility because we were free. We have been the pamphleteers of Revolutionary France and America shooting off our mouths for free and changing the media for the better. BTW, I predict another pro-Israel blogger will appear for free in a nano-second after Johnson goes to the pay per view. Simon is nothing so nothing will replace him.

    Howard Veit (baba22)

  4. Excuse the probable ignorance of this blogger who writes about (ugh!) NASCAR, but I’m having a bit of a problem figuring out where Howard is coming from.  If you’re that cynical about blogs, and that down on their value, then why do you have one?

    Further, who’s ever said anything about either Charmed Particles or Pajamas Media being sites you’d have to pay to read?  I’ve never seen a word about this being the case.

    Sorry someone sat on your lunch, but as noted if you’re that down on the whole thing, I hear Weekly World News is looking for some new writers.  Stop blogging and give them a call.

    Diecast Dude (ee9fe2)

  5. Why all the anger?

    Rod Stanton (7b6143)

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