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The Boy Wizard Returns — And So Does Greg Packer

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The ubiquitous Greg Packer makes yet another media appearance today. The clueless publication this time around is The Epoch Times, which mentions Packer in an article titled The Boy Wizard Returns, about the release of the new Harry Potter book:

The book buyers, mostly adults, were largely local fans, like Greg Packer of Long Island, 41, who admitted he had not yet read all the previous editions.

Gee, then, why is he standing in a line of 1500 people to buy the book?

5 Responses to “The Boy Wizard Returns — And So Does Greg Packer”

  1. Because he watched (0

    Al (00c56b)

  2. Because he watched (0 < x < 4) movies and read (5-x) books?

    (Sorry about the first comment, 😉

    Al (00c56b)

  3. Al, I imagine it had little to do with the book. I imagine he was probably hoping for better than The Epoch Times, too.

    Bebeaux (b1c210)

  4. You got to put a drink alert on this shizzle.

    j.d. (0bc04d)

  5. My geology books tell me that Long Island is about 20,000 years old. Why do these guys think it’s only 41?

    Paul Zrimsek (e775aa)

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