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Bear Flag League Conference

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[7-15-05 UPDATE: I am bumping this post to near the top of the blog this evening because of the link from Hugh Hewitt. There is a special deal available for his listeners in this post that I don’t want you to miss.]

This is a reminder that the Bear Flag League Conference will be on July 17 at the Avery House at Caltech in Pasadena.

$50 [but see below] gets you lunch, the chance to hear Dan Weintraub, Bob Hertzberg, Ted Costa, and others — and the chance to meet some of your favorite Southern California bloggers, including Gerard Vanderleun of American Digest, Xrlq, Baldilocks, Gay Patriot, BoiFromTroy, members of Local Liberty Blog, Little Miss Attila, and others. Including me.

And the invitation is open to anyone! You don’t have to be a blogger.

If you are a Hugh Hewitt listener, I can get you in for $40. Just write me at this link and tell me that you’re a Hugh Hewitt listener, and I’ll make the arrangements for you.

I hope to see you there.

UPDATE: Offer extended to readers of Captain’s Quarters (though I believe there is substantial overlap between his audience and Hugh’s). Thanks to Dafydd for mentioning this. To start the process, just leave a comment with a contact e-mail.

UPDATE x2: Dafydd ab Hugh and his lovely wife Sachi will also be attending.

UPDATE x3 (7-5-05): I just learned that Kevin Drum will be attending. I respect Kevin (who is wrong about almost everything) a lot, and love his blog. I am very much looking forward to meeting him.

13 Responses to “Bear Flag League Conference”

  1. Bear Flag League Summer Conference: Patterico has a DEAL

    The Bear Flag League Summer Conference is coming up soon!
    Patterico has a DEAL for all of you Hugh Hewitt fans.
    Now, get over there and take him up on it!

    FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog (d00f28)

  2. Feh! “His wife” has a name, you know… how about “and his wife, Sachi?”



    Dafydd (f8a7be)

  3. How about “and his lovely wife Sachi”? I’ll correct.

    No offense to your lovely wife Sachi, but her guest-blogging contribution her has been rather sparse . . . so people would know her mainly as your wife. No offense!

    Patterico (756436)

  4. We have his wife’s name and not his name?

    Justene (0b7bbb)

  5. Huh? Whaddya mean, Justene?

    Patterico (756436)

  6. Sorry. Thought Dafydd was his handle. I used to think Patterico was your real name. I live in a world of my own.

    Justene (1ea29d)

  7. Justene, my name is Dafydd ab Hugh. I’m mostly a science-fiction and fantasy author, but now I’m getting into blogging.

    My site has been under construction for 248 years, but I think I’m begging to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The war is within measurable distance of ending. When it debuts, I will have a bio that will be a minimum of 60% true and accurate.

    Sachi writes a lot on a Yahoo bulletin board, but it’s in Japanese. She’ll be writing a Japanese blog (with Sachi’s English translations) on the same site as mine — which site will also include articles, fiction, movie reviews, ongoing literary projects, and so forth by me and my occasional collaborator, Brad Linaweaver (he’s the lit guy, I’m the math guy).


    Dafydd (f8a7be)

  8. Justene must have gotten thrown for a loop when she learned that Xrlq is my real name – sort of.

    Xrlq (158f18)

  9. Dang it. I’m from Caltech. Lived in Avery House for a couple of years. But I’m in another country right now. Aaaaaaaargh.

    Vanshalar (dbd74e)

  10. When Xrlq calls on the phone and says this is Jeff, I have to think about it.

    Justene (4935f2)

  11. Yet again, NorCal just doesn’t get any respect!

    Joel B. (c3cbe6)

  12. Joel, I need someone in NorCal who can help with logistics.

    Justene (1cf5e3)

  13. What do you mean/need Justene?

    Joel B. (c3cbe6)

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