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Disastrous Oral Arguments

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The Volokh Conspiracy has a couple of posts on disastrous oral arguments, here and here. The best part is this audio file of a disastrous oral argument (found here, at the Seventh Circuit web site). My favorite passage:

My words are probably not being heard by very many people, but I feel it necessary that some people need to listen.

Well, more people are listening now, sir. And we’re laughing.

P.S. Since we were discussing the virtues of brevity here a while back, it’s appropriate to note the Assistant U.S. Attorney’s excellent (and brief) performance in this argument.

2 Responses to “Disastrous Oral Arguments”

  1. If you can’t be interesting, be brief.
    — Jim Lampley’s Grandmother

    Shredstar (91b3b2)

  2. A friend of mine made an oral argument, his first, in front of the Court of Appeals. He was sweating buckets, nervous as all get out, just speaking without even hearing himself. When the opinion came down it said something about “the outrageous statement by (his name)…” He honestly could not figure out what it was, LOL! Haunted him for years…

    Patricia (133563)

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