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L.A. Times Runs Two Corrections

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There are two corrections worth noting in the L.A. Times today.

First, the paper has printed its correction regarding the erroneous statement that began Saturday’s editorial regarding Justice O’Connor. In the print edition, the correction appears on the editorial page, which is the best place for it, as it increases the likelihood that editorial readers will actually see it.

The correction reads as follows:

Retiring justice — An editorial Saturday on Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said the Supreme Court in its last session had 13 5-4 decisions and that O’Connor had been in the majority on all of them. The number of 5-4 decisions during the court’s 2004-2005 session exceeded 13 (the number is up to 24, counting 5-3 decisions with Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist not voting, and other vagaries). O’Connor sided with the minority in a number of these 5-4 splits.

To read her dissenting opinions in two such cases, involving eminent domain and the constitutionality of executing minors, go to

The link is to the original editorial, the online version of which now appends the correction at the beginning. According to an e-mail I received from the Readers’ Representative yesterday, the correction took an extra day because the editors were struggling with the issue of the total number of 5-4 decisions last term. (This is an issue that I mentioned in UPDATE x5 to the original post in response to a comment at Oh, That Liberal Media, and regarding which I had sent a follow-up e-mail to the Readers’ Representative.)

The Times also has this correction:

Deputy’s medal — A June 25 article in Section A about the killing of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Ortiz, in explaining that Ortiz won the department’s Medal of Honor last year after he fatally shot a carjacker who drew a gun on him and his partner, incorrectly identified the partner as Det. Colin Orpe. The partner was Deputy Timothy Brennan.

I first told you about that error in this post. The story had also incorrectly said that Dep. Orpe was a co-recipient of the medal; Deputy Brennan was in fact the co-recipient.

Still waiting for a correction on that mistake about the Three Strikes Law. It would have been fun to have inspired three corrections in one day, but I guess they’re still chasing that one down . . .

6 Responses to “L.A. Times Runs Two Corrections”

  1. Go Pat! Maybe you are getting to the cement hears.

    Rod Stanton (7b6143)

  2. And, of course, they buried the big correction – how the editorial page screwed up – at the very bottom of the long list.

    Brady Westwater (72f6df)

  3. Patterico, I have to commend you. I’ve watched you for some time and marveled at your perspicacity and persistence when it comes to correcting errors at the LA Times.

    I thought for some time that you were a modern day Don Quixote. Now I think you may well be Superman. 🙂

    antimedia (9448aa)

  4. Patterico wins again.

    Today (7/9/05) LAT ran the final correction, making a hat-trick for Pat. Ran it in the lowest-circ issue of the week, on a story that is now two weeks old.

    GonzalesFan (82e40c)

  5. And the correction itself is wrong . . .


    I’ll explain in a new post.

    Patterico (756436)

  6. By the way, the L.A. Times (among others in the MSM) was also wrong about the looting of the Baghdad museums. Did they ever correct those stories?

    For a good investigative blog on this story, go here:

    George (2e865d)

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