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Regular readers know I am not a Michael Schiavo fan. However, this L.A. Times story says that Jeb Bush is investigating him for supposedly waiting 40-70 minutes to call 911 on the night Terri Schiavo collapsed. As far as I can tell, this request appears to be based entirely on discrepant testimony Schiavo has provided over the years regarding when he found his wife collapsed on the floor. Yet he has apparently always described the times as approximate.

If that’s really the entire basis for Jeb Bush’s request, as the story makes it sound, then that’s pathetic. And I gotta say, it looks a heckuva lot like grandstanding on the part of old Jeb.

P.S. No comments on this one. I’ve had it with comment wars over this case.

P.P.S. One more thing: let’s say that you think, like I do, that Michael Schiavo was an unreliable witness to Terri Schiavo’s wishes. Supporting nonsense like this undercuts your credibility when you make those arguments.

P.P.P.S. This is especially true given that, as I observed when the autopsy report came out, “nothing in the report suggests abuse on the part of Michael Schiavo, and plenty (including the major points I noted above) seems to contraindicate that.”

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