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Did you feel it? Here in Marina del Rey it was pretty mild and lasted about 5-10 seconds.

UPDATE: Kevin Murphy provides a link to details: it was a 5.6 centered near Anza, CA, at 8:41:46 a.m.

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  1. And it’s covered at the Daily News site – but NOT (as of yet) at the… LA Times site…

    Brady Westwater (72f6df)

  2. Actually, it is now up at the LAT’s site, but only after everyone else had posted all the details.

    Brady Westwater (72f6df)

  3. Earthquake in Southern California

    About three hours ago: A moderate earthquake occurred at 15:41:46 (UTC) on Sunday, June 12, 2005.

    Speed of Thought (59ce3a)

  4. […] 2:24 pm

    I was a lot closer to the epicenter than him, him, her or him, but I didn’t feel squat. Oh well.


    damnum absque injuria » What Earthquake? (38c04c)

  5. I felt the somewhat strong Earthquake in San Diego, and I immediately turned on some dumb KFI640-LA radio show and hopped to looking for information. Many seconds later (7?), the host interrupted himself saying, “Oh my, we’re having an earthquake now”. I figure, “Damn, this thing must be way down in Guatemala and super humongous for LA to feel it so much later than SD getting it pretty strong.” I think that was the 7 second delay, because it was just south of Palm Springs, of course.

    Ladainian (91b3b2)

  6. Feel it? I hadn’t even heard about until I saw Smash’s blog entry. (And don’t think that that’s because I’m from Illinois; I’ve been here at Stanford this weekend, for the Commencement events.) I’ll be here, in the SF and LA area, for some more days; do you think that I have anything to worry about?

    Aakash (39876b)

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