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Bolton Filibuster

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Wasn’t that whole flibuster compromise with Democrats supposed to be about re-establishing trust? For example, just after the deal was announced, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Chris Matthews that he thought it would help with the Bolton confirmaton:

MATTHEWS: Do you think you have a better shot at getting John Bolton approved now for U.N. ambassador?


GRAHAM: I think he‘s going to be the ambassador of the U.N. And before, if we blew up the Senate…

Now, Democrats have apparently filibustered Bolton — though they have denied that they are doing so. Is the trust still there? Graham, for one, seems to think not:

“This is what is disappointing,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and another one of the Gang of 14. “The spirit of the deal was that we can do better if we all try.”

And you believed that, Sen. Graham. Sucker.

P.S. Then again, Fox News is reporting tonight that Sen. Graham and Sen. DeWine signed on to the deal at the explicit request of the White House, which wasn’t sure that Arlen Specter would vote for the nuclear option if push came to shove. Apparently Sens. Graham and DeWine were asked to join the group and get the best deal they could get — which wasn’t very good.

If this is true, it is yet another miscalculation by the Bush Administration. The GOP should have forced Specter to vote. Had he voted the wrong way, that would have been his last day as Judiciary Committee Chairman. He wouldn’t dare.

4 Responses to “Bolton Filibuster”

  1. If Graham was inserted to get a better deal – how the hell did a lawyer accept wording in the agreement. What sort of a lawyer is he.

    Davod (51e146)

  2. A Pact Does Not Mean Peace

    And it is now up to the White House to resolve the matter. Give Bolton a recess appointment. It will give him through 2006 to start cleaning house at the UN, and also show the Senate that he is not going to back down to a minority of Dems.

    Don Singleton (59ce3a)

  3. […] he blogosphere isn’t picking up on it: Acting on a tip from alert reader Hank K., I told you last night: “Fox News is reporting tonight that Sen. Graham and Sen. DeWin […]

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  4. More obstructionism and legal hoop-jumping for a well qualified candidate, all the rationalizations laden with legal technicalites and mumbo jumbo dublespeak. I hope Bolton gets his recess appointment.

    Jonathan (82378f)

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