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Tired of Speculation

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The filibuster deal is a victory for Republicans. The filibuster deal is a disaster for Republicans. Kavanaugh will be thrown under the bus. Kavanaugh will be confirmed. The deal offers Republicans an “out.” The deal locks Republicans in.

There is too much opinion floating about concerning the capitulation. I can’t waste my time talking about speculation. I know only a few things for sure.

First, the bad news:

  • The seven turncoat Republicans have sacrificed any principled argument that they believe the filibuster is unconstitutional.
  • They have also severely limited their ability to raise a principled objection to any single particular filibuster mounted by the Democrats.
  • Now, the good news:

  • They have already shown that they don’t care about principle in the slightest.
  • So there is still hope. If the Democrats mount a filibuster of a qualified nominee — as they most assuredly will at some point during the balance of the President’s second term — constitutionalists must pressure specific turncoats to declare the deal null and void. DeWine and Graham have been identified as the two most likely to do so.

    Call them today, and keep their numbers handy. You’ll need them again soon.

    However the battle goes, the turncoats have limited Bush’s ability to nominate strong candidates — meaning that, however future nominees are treated, this is a loss, any way you slice it.

    3 Responses to “Tired of Speculation”

    1. John McCain

      “When people are in close races, I am the first Republican who is asked to come and appear for that person. I am the most sought-after of all Republicans.

      Mark in Mexico (59ce3a)

    2. Permit me to disagree, ever so slightly. There is always principle involved in everything, we just have a devil of a time figuring out what the principles are in this case. I think it is safe to assume that a few of them actually see the Senate as a Holy Place, one that cannot be disturbed in any way. All change is heresy. All change is to be stopped.

      McCain has principles, all of them having to do with his relentless ambition to be President. It is his view that he needs the MSM in order to be president. After all, the fawning bootlicking MSM was his campaign in 2000. Since he wants to be president, he does what the MSM will praise him for doing.

      The balance of the GOP traitors seem to have “getting along” as a primal principal. Avoid conflict at all costs. Risk nothing. Change is risk. Their districts will support each of them, especially because nobody but a news junkie knows what is going on. “I saved the Senate and the Republic,” will fly almost everywhere.

      To those of us stupid enough to believe what these ethical rubber bands say, the mantra is: get real.

      Howard Veit (baba22)

    3. What makes anyone think that John McCain has a realistic chance to be President? He will not win in the Republican primaries. He could go third party, but he would only succeed in electing a Democrat; which, probably in his mind (like Ross Perot did with Bush 41), wouldn’t be so bad.

      Charles D. Quarles (593219)

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