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Enjoy it Now

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The fabled 14 Senators who struck today’s historic capitulation are going to be the toast of the media for days to come. We’ll get the pleasure of seeing them smugly talk about pulling us back from the brink of disaster, and the mainstream media is going to go nuts.

These folks had better enjoy this attention. Because there are a lot of us out here who are as mad as hell. And when this little lovefest is over, and it’s back to politics as usual, we’ll still be here, and we’ll still be mad as hell.

So go ahead and bask in the praise, Lindsey Graham. Soak in the applause, John McCain. And all the rest of you turncoats . . .

Enjoy it now. We’re not going to forget this. Not now. Not ever.

10 Responses to “Enjoy it Now”

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Pat. Here is what is going to happen, I predict:

    The Democrats will take this as a total win and a complete endorsement of their obstructionism. Therefore, they will continue to filibuster each and every conservative nominee Bush makes.

    After about two months, it will be obvious that the deal is no deal at all, that it’s just kow-towing. At that point, I predict a couple of the quislings will be pressured to switch their votes — and the Byrd Option will be executed then, instead of now.

    And it will result in the humiliation of the Gang of Seven, who will be shown to be political imbeciles.

    I do not believe that Lindsay Graham, for example, actually supports the filibuster of all conservative nominees; I think he is stupid and inexperienced, and he mistakenly believes that the Democrats negotiate in good faith.

    Once he gets burned, he’ll flip. Same with Warner and DeWine, though of course they have less excuse since they’ve been in the Senate much longer that Graham. Warner and Graham especially will get an earful from their constituents.

    But this will delay everything for months. They are a bunch of weasely bastards, aren’t they? If nothing else, after the next elections, as the 110th Congress begins, there will be an opportunity to vote straight majority whether to accept the rules of the previous Senate or to change them… and they can make the change then.


    Dafydd (df2f54)

  2. I disagree. Here is why.

    Patterico (756436)

  3. Having just spent the last hour sending profanity-free ‘feedback’ to the Gang of Seven plus the soon-to-be former majority leader, I have still not calmed down. (I’m sure you know how difficult it was to avoid the use of profanity.) I did extend a cordial invitation to each of the Gang of Seven that they consider joining ‘Jumping’ Jim Jeffords in his little party and stop embarrassing the Republican Party.

    Michael Angier (c6ec92)

  4. Personally, I’m staying home for the next election unless of course I can vote for anyone who runs against our wonderful Senator Warner. Heck, I’ll even vote for our current Governor Mark Warner since there will be no real difference between the two, except that at least with Mark Warner I KNOW the brand of weasle I’m getting.

    You’re correct about the “mad as hell” observation.

    Harry Arthur (b318a5)

  5. It seems to me on first blush that this deal simply kicks the can down the road a bit more.

    Yes, a solid victory for the Democrats as it will clearly enervate (and animate) conservatives more so than the left. The tactic of the Democrats has been, for the most part, to stall and oppose the Republican initiatives and wait for the internal divisions to break out. That will happen here.

    But it will die down (I’m tempted to quote Eliot on lost causes) and the issue will blow up again when replacement(s) for SCOTUS are nominated.

    Sound and fury signifying a little, perhaps.


    SteveMG (822af7)

  6. “Mad as hell” doesn’t begin to describe it. The Republicans can go to hell. I will NEVER support them again. Every dime I spent, all the time and effort – it was MEANINGLESS.

    Fuck the Republican party. They’re cowards, deserving of contempt. They can go to hell.

    Sydney Carton (e2a2a4)

  7. I feel much like Sidney here–I’m in a position where supporting R’s and conservative positions can cost me advancement and hurt my career. I’ve done it anyway and I feel thoroughly betrayed by these Vichy Squishy self-important goobers.

    If they fought and lost there’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for them. But they didn’t fight.

    The blogosphere has a long memory. Let’s make sure they don’t live this down.

    See Dubya (7d4ac4)

  8. It’s amazing that a majority can capitulate like this – and that the string get’s pulled by “mavericks”. I’ve been refusing to make contributions to the RNC pending how this was handled – and it’s clear that no future contributions will be made since this issue has been so badly mishandled by Frist – and that the majority / country was betrayed by McCain, Graham, and the other RINO’s.

    Athos (bb63f8)

  9. You don’t do trackback, so I wanted to let you know that I linked to your anti-McCain ire. I don’t know whether to say I approve, but I’m definitely happy to see the ire.

    Ethical Werewolf (c3bed0)

  10. Maverick shows us all how to be a Senator. Start your own non-profit and push through a pro-incumbency law, then use that non-profit to your advantage. Then, make nice with all the other Senators so they’ll love you.

    I’m with you on seeing him gone, and have been doing my part to show him for what he is.

    Mike (3a4373)

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