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Breaking News — Republicans Cave

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Details are sketchy, but it looks like the nuclear option will not happen.

Owen, Pryor, and Rogers get a vote. Others may not.

Dems will filibuster only under “extraordinary circumstances” — i.e., if Bush nominates a conservative.

UPDATE: The next time John McCain runs for any elective office, I pledge to support his opponent. I will use my blog to encourage others to vote for his opponent.

I am singling him out because of his fascist campaign finance law, which will not stop me in any way from using this blog to oppose John McCain for the rest of his days.

That is my solemn pledge to you.

Who is with me?

UPDATE x2: Sounds like Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed are — and thanks to them for the links.

Some folks, like Pejman, are pleased with the deal. They seem to think there is some latitude to revoke it if the filibusters come hot and heavy. Well, we’ll see.

UPDATE x3 [January 8, 2008]: Well, not if his opponent is a Democrat. I’m not insane! In that case, I may just maintain a sullen silence.

83 Responses to “Breaking News — Republicans Cave”

  1. SUCKS!!!!!!!

    JATO (f45cba)

  2. Sorry, but the interpretation is wrong, it was the Dems that caved.

    Remember, the “nuclear option” is and always was a reaction to Dem overreach–never a means and end in its own.

    What you do not see is an allowance by the GOP that Dems are entitled to filibuster judicial nominees. Rather, we have an admission that Dems have overreached and that they ought not to filibuster as a matter of simple politics (their admission, not the GOP’s).

    This is a victory for Frist.

    Paul Deignan (7cc786)

  3. Sorry – CRAP!

    JATO (f45cba)

  4. the memo only mentions 5. I thought there were 10 filibustered judges.

    actus (3be069)

  5. What we now have is a word, “extraordinary” to judge things by.

    Has the GOP agreed to take the “nuclear option” off the table. Not in fact (or by appearances as the news is just breaking).

    So, we have an admission and a higher standard by the Dem’s own making.

    The nuke option remains more viable than ever should the Dems filibuster.

    Paul Deignan (7cc786)

  6. GOP Caves on Filibuster?

    Seems so.

    Captain Ed has more patience than I, but notes there will be consequences if the GOP decides to hand over majority rule to the minority.

    Michelle Malkin captures McCain stating that Judges Myer and Saad may be sacrificed.

    Kathryn Lop…

    Sierra Faith (66c9c6)

  7. Patterico,

    But Owen, Pryor and Rogers are now judged and agreed to be in the “mainstream”!

    This is a victory. Cheer up.

    Paul Deignan (7cc786)

  8. It’s an utter and complete loss.

    I haven’t been this angry in quite some time. And I plan to channel my outrage into fighting the 7 turncoats who signed onto this.

    Patterico (756436)

  9. Pfft, this isn’t a victory. In terms of the Battle for the Bench, this is Munich.

    Christopher Cross (b7ca82)

  10. It’s usually a good rule of thumb that if McCain is for it, it’s a bad idea. I’ll certainly oppose him in any attempt to get the nomination. And that was before this compromise.

    But I’ll wait further judgement until I see more of the details.

    On the surface, it sure looks good for the Democrats.


    SteveMG (822af7)

  11. The details are in my next post. It isn’t pretty.

    Patterico (756436)

  12. That’s 6 successfully filibustered appellate court nominees (Estrada, Pickering, Kuhl, Meyers, Allen, and Saad). Is there a chance in the world that when the Democratic party has the White House the Republicans will have the discipline to respond? The Republicans don’t know how to be a majority party.

    Tim Baughman (c03bf0)

  13. No “Nuclear Option”. Filibusters to Continue Apace.

    Some US Senators have reached an agreement to prevent the so-called “nuclear option” and to prevent filibusters on judicial nominations except in “extraordinary circumstances”.

    Here is the gist of the agreement. Nominees Rogers-Brown, Pryor, and…

    The Sundries Shack (0542f4)

  14. I have responded with an analysis in Patterico’s newest post.

    For the reasons I mention, the agreement is fine.

    Remeber, Bush can nominate who he pleases.

    Paul Deignan (7cc786)

  15. BTW Tim,

    Saad et al. are not filibustered successfully yet. That is to be determined.

    Paul Deignan (7cc786)

  16. Paul, wake up. They are history. They will be filibsutered and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

    John McCain’s political career is finished.

    Patterico (756436)

  17. […] ;
    6:22 pm

    Patterico has the latest.


    damnum absque injuria » Non-News of the Day: Republicans Cave (38c04c)

  18. I’m with you. I gave political money for the first time to defeat Daschle. I’ll give even more to defeat McCain.

    MM (fab06e)

  19. I’m with you.

    Extraneous (07fab9)

  20. Paul:

    look at harry Reid’s comments at real clear politics.


    Totally agree with your take on this. Since I am an old man without children, the direction of the Country will have little effect on me, but I worry about ensuing generations.

    Also advised Senator Frist, his sucessor will not get my vote nor should the Rs look for money. I just give up.

    Jim Allan (dd8c16)

  21. I already sent McCain a nastygram, as he is the not-so-esteemed senator from my pathetic state. I sent Kyl a much nicer note, but reminded him that the GOP and the RNC aren’t getting another damn nickel from me until I see some backbone in the GOP, which at this point is anywhere from next week to never.

    rokbassist (bca7be)

  22. Well, I’ve been looking for a good reason to tell the national RNC to quit calling for money. Looks like that reason just appeared on a silver platter. Is there anyway to get these sellouts to quit calling themselves Republicans, because frankly, I would rather have 52 true political enemies and be in the minority and be able to support my parties nomination against them, than 48+7 untrue political opportunists selling out the political agenda that I campaigned and voted for. I’m angry, I’m frustrated, and I’m justified, because my party has been betrayed by those who claimed solidarity with our platform.

    John (ca06c6)

  23. This deal might be better than it looks.

    The deal pledges the Dems not to Filibuster any future nominee except in “extraordinary circumstances”.

    The White House should at ONCE name a new series of very conservative but highly qualified nominees to every possible open seat that is available.

    If they can be quickly moved through the Judiciary committee then the Dems will be on the spot to let them through. If this can be done before the retirement of the chief justice then it will work. The President can call for a special session of congress to make sure the hearings take place to get them to the floor.

    I’m assuming that Lieberman will defect on the point of honor and Nelson will as well due to re-election fears. This might also play into both McCain’s AND Hegal’s hands. The former gets to declare publically that the dems have acted in bad faith and the latter keeps the right happy by not being a party to any of it. It also puts the media on the spot since if the deal is breached by the Dems and they have lionized it and McCain, if he declared it dishonorably breached what can they say?

    Of course I don’t expect the media to act honorably but the country might notice.

    P. Ingemi (e8eca7)

  24. It is a total cave. McCain is again the defacto head of the MSM party, with Graham his VP.
    Frist should call for a vote for on these three tomorrow. Then he should immediately move on to Meyer and Saad. Let’s see if these “centrist” democrats will allow a vote on these two fine jurors. Force the filibuster and break thus terrible deal.

    motionview (467607)

  25. I just mailed my Rnc beg request back with a letter telling them to go to hell. Not a dime for the Rnc, because not a dime for these 7 traitors. I don’t blame Frist, he hasn’t the votes now. I don’t blame Bush (see above). I blame Mccain, Dewine, Snowe, Warner, Graham, Chaffee and Collins. The Idiot 8.

    Scott (2bd326)

  26. I have already taken your pledge, only I did it in an e-mail to Sens. McCain, Graham, Snowe, & Frist. I will get to all of them soon. Mary

    Mary Evans (1b19ef)

  27. I feel like I’ve just been ass-raped by John McCain and his Democratic brothers. Then I tossed them my car keys. I am sick.

    D. Lunde (9f9dea)

  28. I could spit fire. I am perfectly willing to stay home in 2006. I am willing to bet I am not alone. And as far as money, not a dime. Not just for Senatorial candidates, the entire party. I am pissed!

    Regarding McCain, I grew up on Naval Air Stations where he was always seen as a hero and I grew up thinking of him that way. However, he may have just gone too far this time. Certainly I will never vote for him should he run for President.

    The Opinionator (dbfea2)

  29. Okay, if I’m one of the conservative members of the Senate, I’m outraged. And this is what I would do: Force the Dems to wage a real, old fashioned, mind-numbingly ugly filabuster. Let Sheets Byrd bring the Senate’s business to a screeching halt and force the MSM to cover the sickening spectacle for weeks on end. The conservatives need to drop their gloves and stop letting traitors like McCain from dragging them around.

    Tom (dd5c6b)

  30. I could not agree more.

    Why does our majority party in the senate act like a minority?

    Spineless bunch of politicos.

    Jeff Crump (4c3c19)

  31. It’s disappointing to say the least. John McCain will never get my support for anything. It’s disgusting that seven Republicans stand with Robert Byrd to avert a disaster. What disaster? To continue the senate tradition of over 200 years of up or down majority votes on the President’s judicial nominees? Disgusting.

    While seven Republicans defected, 48 stood firm. I fail to see how this is a Republican buckle. Call it the revolt of the Senate moderates. Those 14 forced Senator Frist and Reid’s hand. That means there are only 48 votes to stop the filibuster – all Republican. The real losers on this fight are the Democrats and their ability to block “extreme” nominees like Priscilla Owens, Janice Rogers-Brown and William Pryor. They didn’t want any of them. We get three more top quality jurists and the Democrats lose their ability to stop nominees that are mainstream conservative. Senator Frist did a great job and deserves our respect. But you can’t lead when you have Senators like John McCain deciding they should run the Senate.

    Stephen Rogers (2a65fa)

  32. I’m not supporting McCain under any circumstances, regardless. He lost me forever when he defended Kerry’s actions during and after Vietnam. I respect his POW status and his service so maybe I’ll buy him a drink one day. But support him politically? I’ld sooner vote for a Democrat.

    mikem (fd2aad)

  33. I’m in — I’m taking the Patterico Pledge!

    Rhymes With Right (cfdf25)

  34. I’m with you. If Warner, McCain, DeWine, Collins, Chafee, Snowe, and Graham want to support the Dem’s let them get money from Dem’s for their next campaign.

    LargeBill (657d3b)

  35. Opinionator, et al, I plan to mow the lawn on election day 2006 (yes my lawn still needs mowing in early November here in No VA). May not vote in the state election either unless of course John Warner is up for reelection then I might actually get more interested – in voting for whomever runs against him. Let’s see how that grabs them.

    If they can’t connect the dots then I’ll stay home again in 2008 even if it means Hillary moves back into the White House.

    Forget any contribution and I’ll NEVER vote for John McCain. After the 2000 election and the ridiculous campaign finance bill I was close but this is the last straw!

    Harry Arthur (b318a5)

  36. It’s very simple: McCain is an enemy of freedom. His fascist campaign finance law is designed to give him permanent incumbency. His selling out on judges happened because he is the darling of the media and will do whatever it takes to look good in the eyes of the New York Times.

    And you people haven’t seen the ramifications of this either. Threatening to withhold money? Please. It doesn’t matter. The Judges are the ones who rule this country now. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU VOTE. Any hope at regining in Supremacist Judges was just shot to hell today. They WIN. WE LOSE. Voting doesn’t matter when they can just legislate from the bench.

    Sydney Carton (e2a2a4)

  37. I intend to contribute money to whomever opposes the seven Republicans who signe this “agreement”–including Democrates. These 7 Senators are not Republicans. Their states should have Democrats if not real Republicans.

    Britt (acb279)

  38. It’s a victory for the Dems only if you think the Republicans will always be the majority and the Dems a perpetual minority.

    If you think that control of the Senate is at stake in every election, it’s a mild victory for the R-team, because the filibuster is still out there for when an R-minority may need it when the D’s noiminate an unethical, left-wing extremist to the bench (which is bound to happen, some day).

    Put Chaffee, Snowe and Collins in a different category because they are R’s in deep blue states that we need to form a majority. Collins, especially, is a team player, but we can’t afford to sacrifice her electability. As for Warner, DeWine and the increasingly craven Lindsey Graham, horse of a different color. As for McCain, he’s been absolutely indispensable on any issue outside the national borders, but as for inside the country: an unmitigated disaster. Arizona can send better.

    As a Catholic, I’m glad to see Pryor get through, since much D opposition to him was based solely on his Catholic religion. So I’m happy. Not ecstatic. Not delirious. But mildly, very mildly, happy with an outcome that’s 60-percent victory without needing to face the risk of McCain or John Warner (or Chuck Hagel, for that matter) going wacky on us. We could’ve survived defections (based on political survivability) from the Republican New Englanders, but not that threesome.

    retrofuturistic (9075bf)

  39. Okay, we’re all pissed and we’re not going to give McCain any money…is that it? Can we agree to let this play out for a moment, then get to the business of getting him voted out of office? What will it take? His assault on the 1st Amendment went off without a hitch…can he be defeated?

    scott (263be0)

  40. I live in AZ and will oppose McCain in everything he does. He’s ruined any chance of being the nominee of the Republican Party, which is a good thing. He stands by himself as a Leiberman, the man who had some manner of moderation until he was nominated to run with Gore and then his principles were gone replaced by bald political ambition. McCain has 6 more years to screw up the Republicn agenda… then he’s gone. It’ll be interesting to see if John really thinks he can run as a consensus builder and ignore the Republican base.

    Bob Roof (e8776d)

  41. This is nothing short of a complete failure of leadership by the GOP. Some would say the gentlemanly way out. I say cowardice pure and simple. Im with you I will do everything within my power to hound these seven turncoats that pushed a majority into a minority status. This is the equivalent of counting when your child misbehaves and then never following through. the Democrats will be emboldened by this. Im furious.

    Lance Redstate (120543)

  42. Well, it may be bedtime for democracy, but while I’m still a voter in a semi-functioning republic there’s still one thing to do: put my money with my vote to show Mike Dewine(r) the door come his next campaign.

    He’s my senator, so it’s not something we Ohioans can rent out.

    Steven Cornett (2e10cd)

  43. Filibuster cave-in

    The Republican leadership will be as victimized by this as the rest of us are.

    The Cassandra Page (59ce3a)

  44. Cowards, Quislings, Losers, Liars

    McCain just dug his grave. He will never be President now.

    McCain’s glee in the conference is reminiscent of nothing less than Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” capitulation over Czechoslovokia. “The Senate won and the country won.” No, John, …

    Obviously Right (59ce3a)

  45. I’m with you.

    It’s just too bad he is not up until 2010. I told my wife that if by some chance he gets the GOP nod in 08 and is running agains Hillary, I will vote for her…

    Miller's Time (cd238f)

  46. I’m on board. I’ve already notified Lindsey Graham that I will contribute to any and all Republican challengers and will contribute to his Democratic opponent if he survives the primary. I’ve sent a simiilar notice to the Republican Senate Campaign Committee about all of the Contemptible Seven.

    Stan Francisco (9c2cfc)

  47. Definitely onboard with you– already wrote emails pledging lack of support unless these worms grow a spine, except for McCain, who I will never forgive for this. The rest of the Congress (and Senate) Republicans need to make amends by repealing or severely amending McCain-Feingold before I will send any money. Even though most of the Republicans who engineered this were worms, McCain is a proverbial snake-in-the-grass.

    Keaukina (93cb59)

  48. […] ns as a minority, than they did when they were in the majority. So what do others say? Patterico’s title is “Breaking News — Republicans Cave.&#8 […]

    CrosSwords » Blog Archive » Party of the Spelunkers (25cd3e)

  49. I’m with you Patterico. McCain must be defeated and driven into exile.


    Buzz Brockway (2e966b)

  50. Hmmm.

    I’m in.

    ed (79238a)

  51. This ‘compromise’ settled almost nothing, just put off the fight. We had the votes in hand, so giving them more time is our loss.

    Here we work our butts off to get these Senators elected, and once elected they just piss away our victory. What the hell’s the use!

    We are such suckers and fools I can hardly believe it! I’m with you in keeping folks who can’t play as a team off the team in 2008. And finding a leader of the Senate who can deliver the goods as needed.

    Pete (4fd808)

  52. […] ith that pledge as well. Michelle Malkin: Related: – Breaking: Filibuster compromise – Patterico makes a pledge – Round-ups: Joe Gandelman, Pardon My English, Cons […]

    FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog » THE FILIBUSTER DEAL (d00f28)

  53. Point Five takes the pledge

    A Point Five special note of thanks to our seven brave Republican Senators who dared to rise to cowardice in the face of certain victory. “The Democrats wouldn’t dare to violate Belgian Neutrality!”

    Point Five (59ce3a)

  54. I’m in. Where do we start?

    “Internet Brownshirts” unite! Viva la Revolucion! Squishy Republicans delenda est!

    Drew (14d559)

  55. Commentators on Fox & MSNBC seemed to think the Republicans gave up something but came out on top. Be that as it may, I’m already on the anti-McCain bandwagon. May his presidential hopes be nuked!

    Sissy Willis (f94e37)

  56. I have, for years now, voted for, gave money to and campaigned for Repuplication. Finally we are the majority and this is what we get for that effort? My next effort will be to help make toast out of these turncoats. I am p*ssed off as h*ll at my own party right now.

    Tom Ault (4bf103)

  57. Now we have the Vichey Republicans. To what use is it to work hard for a majority if when a majority is achieved these Vichey’s jump ship? Got a winnable Senate race coming up here Maryland with LG Steele. What’s the use?

    David McGraw (354fa2)

  58. I will commit to opposing McVain, Graham, and each of the faithless Republican “moderates” involved in this mutiny. If any of them has a primary challenger, I will send money to that challenger and extol their virtues (assuming they have any).

    Glenn (5bedaa)

  59. One Supreme Court thought: Since the 7 Democrats passed on Owen, Brown and Pryor, When opening comes, are these 3 the first 3 in line?

    That’s the way I would play it if I was the President. Maybe in that order or Brown first.

    Just a thought.

    David McGraw (354fa2)

  60. Bloggers React to Filibuster ‘Compromise’

    Last night, “maverick” John McCain and 13 other Senators announced a compromise on the judicial nominees, which will prevent a show down on the “nuclear option” – at least for now. The reactions from both leading and long tail…

    Myopic Zeal (739a0c)

  61. A republic, Madam, if you can keep it

    The split between Red Koolaid drinkers and sober Republicans is widening. From a brief survey of reactions, it appears that Frist is the Koolaid drinkers’ Dobson-anointed candidate (in the Biblical sense!), while McCain is the sober moderate candidate…

    Catfish 'n Cod v.2.0 (6bce7e)

  62. Here We Go Again

    Sure, it’s not all Frist’s fault, but when you’re supposed to be providing the leadership, you better be prepared to take the heat.

    Six Meat Buffet (59ce3a)

  63. I am with you!

    Pierce (13efe9)

  64. This is a bad deal all around. While it is true we are going to get a few nominees through for the time being, who should have had an up or down vote all along anyway, it sets a bad precedent.

    First it demonstrates that if the Angry Left and the Democrats whine long enough and loudly enough, Republicans will cave on their principles. And the principle here is that the Constitution has now been changed to allow a supermajority on judges to the Appellate and Supreme court levels whenever the Democrats don’t like the nominee. With this deal the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to change the constitutional requirements for appointees to the higher level courts.

    It also demonstrates that the Republican leadership is weak because it cannot hold its members in line to vote, even when they have an overwhelming majority and the backing of the party base. The Republicans have majorities in both houses, yet cannot get nominees of the President through. This is an admission of a deep weakness.

    It will embolden the Democrats and The Elite Media Monoculture in the coming debate over the next Supreme Court nominee, probably this summer or fall. The Democrats will have no incentive whatsoever to be reasonable because now they know the Republicans will bend over and take what they are given. The Democrats now have an unearned veto over any nominee that they don’t like. That’s what that “extraordinary” terminology means.

    And finally it is demoralizing to the Republican base that once again sees that no matter how many elections we win, the leadership fumbles when it really counts.

    The solution to this is to stop giving money and support to the RNC and any RINO Republicans and to let them know exactly why. None of my money will go to these people until such time as they can find their spines and learn how to use them to defend the Constitution, which is what they pledged when they took office.

    RedMoonJournal (a0fc5e)

  65. Sh!t

    Senators Avert Showdown Over Filibusters I cannot explain the depths of my disappointment and my utter lack of surprise at the ball-lessness demonstrated by the Reps here. Now, instead of getting the MSM’s voluminous recriminations about pulling the t…

    The Art of the Blog (5b01e0)

  66. Get McCain

    (photo from IMAO) Patterico pledges to support John McCain’s opponent in the next election no matter who they are. UPDATE: The next time John McCain runs for any elective office, I pledge to support his opponent. I will use…

    The Art of the Blog (5b01e0)

  67. Count me in! In fact one, Lindsey Graham, is from my home state of South Carolina. You can bet I’ll devote tons of time to supporting his next opponent and will do so openly on The Palmetto Pundit. I will not let the citizens of my state forget about this sellout! Hopefully my readership will grow enough by that time to make a difference.

    Palmetto Pundit (db08b3)

  68. Well, for Me…

    pledging along with Patterico to oppose John McCain for election to pretty much anything, would be like pledging to breathe. But, what the hey. I'm in.

    Yippee-Ki-Yay! (2fb2f0)

  69. Republicans Are Weenies

    [By the way – that’s the only time you’ll see THAT title on this blog. 😉 ]

    Patterico says he refuses to support Sen. John “Cave-man” McCain in his next election.

    The next time John McCain runs for any elective office, I pledge to support his…

    E u p h o r i c R e a l i t y (20aa0c)

  70. So, if John McCain runs against Hillary for a major office, where will your vote go?

    Slithy Tove (bfdca9)

  71. Slithy–

    Since both Patterico and I are in California, Yippee is in Georgia, etc, the answer is that we’ll help crush him in each and every Republican Presidential primary that doesn’t allow Democrats to vote. So the Hillary v McCain contest won’t come up.

    Note that McCain got crushed in 2000 and he’s not endeared himself to any more Republicans since.

    Lastly, if it did come to Hillary v McCain, I’d probably vote for Hillary: I’d favor the upfront Democrat over the lying bastard Democrat posing as a Republican.

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  72. […] der: General — Tom Hanna @ 7:31 pm

    No big surprise here, but I’ll take Patterico’s Pledge: The next time John McCain runs for any elective […]

    Tom Rants » Count me in (9dae33)

  73. You are correct. McCain is a POS, and I am just sooo sick of his crap (lot of fecal references here).

    I hope SOMEBODY runs against him for Senate, because he has got to know he hasn’t a chance in hell of getting the Republican nomination for POTUS.

    DennyK (f34022)

  74. He is not from my state but count me in too. I think the old boy is a couple sandwiches shy of a picnic, a gold plated opportunist, and should have been put out to pasture many years ago…but then I am getting cranky as I get older…and suffer fools like him less and less with each passing day.

    Guy S (944c4b)

  75. Sultan of the Black Forest

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … It’s Wictory Wednesday (And Riley cut her first tooth yesterday!)

    NIF (59ce3a)

  76. I am singling him out because of his fascist campaign finance law, which will not stop me in any way from using this blog to oppose John McCain for the rest of his days.

    That is my solemn pledge to you.

    Who is with me?

    I’m with you.
    The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance “Reform” act needs to be repealed.
    McCain has repeatedly supported abortion and has proven to not be trustworthy when it comes to defending the right to life.

    Eaglet (50c625)

  77. Bloggers Backlash

    … and they should.

    Several Senate Republicans have ceded their rightful Constitutional power to vote. They gave away the opportunity for the Senate to approve of 7 of 10 of President Bush’s judicial appointees.
    Led astray by Senator John McCain…

    Adam's Thoughts (50c625)

  78. Sen. John McCain – NO!

    I haven’t written anything about Sen. John McCain in a while.

    Mover Mike (fa8fba)

  79. ‘rico:

    Not only did McCain cave on this one, but he caved at the Hanoi Hilton too. Why do you he think he ended up making nice with Kerry after his traitorous actions of the early 70s? Documents in the possession of the Vietnamese government tell the story, and when relations thawed between the two countries, word leaked out that McCain’s long-burnished story of heroism resisting the VC might get a little tarnished if the VC revealed the ugly truth. So, in the great tradition of the Senate, a deal was struck, with both men appearing magnanimous to their respective constituencies.

    (It’s also interesting that as a Senator, McCain’s developed a reputation of being a soft touch for any kind of military decoration he’s approached to help out with.)

    Hats off to you for your fine work exposing McCain’s true colors. They’re a little less fixed in the fabric than one might first suppose.

    dont_feed_the_liberals (1fb755)

  80. No rational person has ever cast doubt on McCain’s war record.

    I suspect that “dont feed the liberals” is actually a liberal plant, coming here and saying stupid things with the intent of “exposing” conservatives.

    I encourage commenters to treat him as a troll, and ignore him.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  81. why do you think \”dont_feed\” is a plant?

    Red_Man (b38c72)

  82. …he caved at the Hanoi Hilton too…

    I guess it all goes to show you what you can accomplish if you torture someone long enough and with enough enthusiasm.

    Shame, shame, shame on you “dont feed …” This is truly one of those instances that unless you’ve “walked in McCain’s shoes” you have no legitimate right to comment. If you’d bothered to read his book addressing the subject you’d know he is very candid about his own perception of his “failures”.

    Though I disagree with John McCain politically often enough, he is a true American hero in every sense of the word, “dont feed’s” craven, sniveling bovine droppings notwithstanding.

    Harry Arthur (b318a5)

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