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I’m here to help…

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The American Spectator’s Prowler (hat tip to the Brothers Judd) talks to some White House sources about Jimmy Carter’s failed bid to get to represent the US at the Pope’s funeral:

Carter’s representatives, apparently from the former president’s Carter Center, reached out to the White House over the weekend and offered to lead the U.S. delegation should the President or other senior Bush administration officials not be able to attend.

That’s awfully generous of him. The Prowler points out that because of his mushy, commie-coddling pro-liberation-theology politics, however, Carter wasn’t exactly the Pope’s favorite US President, and neither was he Bush’s:

“The other thing that people forget is that Carter has treated President Bush very badly. He has openly criticized the President in a manner that President Clinton has not,” says a Bush administration source. “He has traveled around the world bad-mouthing this president and this country’s policies. I would be surprised if a single person gave a thought to including him in the delegation.

Due to my special extrasensory George Felos-like clairvoyant powers, I am able to reveal that Jimmy Carter actually communicated a few other requests to the White House that the Prowler missed:

–> Carter offered to “Travel around on Air Force One when [Bush] wasn’t using it,” in order to “keep the crew’s reflexes sharp.”

–> Carter pointed out that he could handle making a lot of America’s foreign policy decisions, “since face it, George, you’re having some trouble with this whole concept of subordination of national policy to international law. Not that you’re like an idiot or anything.”

–>Since nominating attorneys and promoting judges to fill a small number of federal judiciary posts can “create a lot of hard feelings”, Carter had some picks in mind. “Ramsey [Clark]’s really grown and matured”, he added.

–>If President Bush was determined go to the Vatican without him, Carter offered to keep the First Lady company, take her to a movie, show her a good time, you know, so she didn’t get lonely. He also offered to tuck in President Bush’s daughters at night, because “that’s just the kind of friend” he is.

7 Responses to “I’m here to help…”

  1. ” The Prowler points out that because of his mushy, commie-coddling pro-liberation-theology politics”

    Thats one good thing that might come with a new pope, is the actual liberation of liberation theology.

    actus (f9abe0)

  2. Here’s hoping the new Pontiff picks up the staff where JPII left it.

    Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (23eb22)

  3. Carter didn’t attend the two papal funerals conducted during his presidency. Why should he be interested now?

    Dave Schuler (8ad256)

  4. Couldn’t Carter simply go on his own? Why does he need to tag along with the “official” U.S. delegation? Maybe Jacques Chirac or one of his other buddies has an extra seat for him? I’m sure that where there’s a will, there’s a way…

    Ann (2c4188)

  5. No doubt JC wants to see what happens to the late Pope since he has not been embalmed, the acid test for sainthood. (Sacred flesh is supposed to be inviolate.)

    Ruth (f63f9a)

  6. Good news for the former president — if it’s true. Rumor has it that Fidel Castro said Carter is welcome to accompany him to Rome!

    Ann (f53370)

  7. Why of all persons is it jimmy carter? he was by far our nations worse president until clinton why cant it be someone else? its like sending JERRY FALWEL to a gay pride event

    night heron (5fe65a)

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